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Wow I can t write much as this would spoiler the book However it sClassic Tom PollockThe book has a slow burn to start but with the payload being closer than in his last book WRRW this was a much smoother rideI look forward to another one soon I ve read all Tom Pollock s books and I m a big fan This is his second book aimed suarely at YA It s a great story It s clever and heartfelt It took a little while to reveal itself but I thoroughly njoyed it Highly recommended This book is so unlike anything lse I ve read and keeps you guessing all along Told from the

"points of view "
of view two completely different and seemingly unrelated people it keeps you guessing right up to the nd The characters are flawed and frustrating which just adds to the fact that I was completely hooked My only complaint is that the The Color of Our Sky ending felt a little flat but I thoroughlynjoyed the ride On the day of her mother s funeral Amy is broadcasting her motions via pads attached to her head She promised she wouldn t use the Heartstring app but the lure of her social media followers was too much After upsetting her family she travels home alone in a taxi Upon ntering her house she discovers a woman in her kitchen wearing a bomb vest and she wants to talkTeenager Cat is in love with Rick from the most famous band on the planet They talkTeenager Cat is in love with Rick from the most famous band on the planet They their own fandom which is made up of mainly young girls who are fanatical about the group The pair can t tell anyone that they are dating but Cat s best friend are fanatical about the group The pair can t tell anyone that they are dating but Cat s best friend is the biggest fan of the group and also a computer whizz With footage Obsession emerging of Rick falling and a female voice yelling in the background how long before Evie works out that that voice belongs to CatHeartstream is a YA book set in the near distant future which focuses on peoples obsessionss. I just wanted to see you Before the Cabaret: A Roman Riddle end A taut psychological thriller about obsession fame and betrayal for fans of Black MirrorCat is in love Always the sensible one she can’t believe that she’s actually dating not to mention dating a star But the fandom can’t know They wouldat her alive. .

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Ies could be interwoven and was flabbergasted the plot revealed itself if like me you will revealed itself If like me you will xpect it flabbergasted when the plot itself If like me you will not xpect it it will take the book in a whole different directionThis is one amazing book that had me hooked from the beginning Both Amy and Cat were likeable characters dealing with their own issues in life and the choices that they made that nded up with them up being in the situation they are now in This is definitely a must read book for 2019Book Reviewed on Whispering Stories Book BlogI received a free copy of this book which I voluntarily reviewed Cat s dating a member of the hottest boyband aroundmaybe And Amy s the hottest streamer on Heartstream the app that lets other people literally feel your motions Both think they ve All Roads Lead Home experienced the dark side of fandom But they haven t seen anything yetWhere to start with this one First of all it does not have the tear your hair outnding that White Rabbit Red Wolf had so rest asy on that Not verything is tied up by the nd but it s noughSecond I like this view of fandom that it can be the best place The Mephisto Threat (Paul Tallis ever an amazingly supportive family who will bear you up and support youso long as you follow the rules I ve been on thedge of some of those fandoms and they can be hideous or wonderful Often both at once It s beautifully portrayed hereThird I kind of started to get an inkling about what was going on about halfway through but I had to keep adjusting my thoughts and shifting things around Tom is amazing at giving you nough information to keep you guessing but not nough to figure things out but not so little you get bored I ve no idea how he does itFourth a small amount of violence and gore be carefulFifth read it Get two copies and give one to someone lseI received an ARC and chose to review it honestly. On the day of Amy’s mother’s funeral Amy finds a strange woman in her kitchen She’s rigged herself and the house with xplosives – and she’s been waiting to talk to Amy for a long time Who is she A crazed fan What does she wantAmy and Cat are about to discover how far true obsession can  HeartstreamPecially via social media Heartstring is an online app which allows users to wear pads on their head so that they can let people feel their Just Cause emotions and comment on what they are feeling Amy had millions of fans some fanatical than others The app is like a drug to her and she gets her kicks from knowing how many people arenjoying her motional feedCat is a young girl who made the mistake of falling in love with someone famous If the groupiesfans find out that Rick has a girlfriend she will be toast This group has real fanatics who will go to any xtremes to keep the illusion of Rick and his bandmate Nick as gods that can do no wrong Cat s life is in danger if her identity is ver revealedPolly is the woman wearing the bomb vest in Amy s house she has also wired the whole house too She has been watching and waiting for this moment for a long time and now she needs Amy to listen to her She also needs to find something that Amy s mum may have hidden before she diedThe book is told from dual POV and alternative chapters from both Amy and Cat At first I was sucked into Amy s story as you could feel how scared she was with some mad woman in her house planning on blowing herself and Amy up Cat s story didn t in her house planning on blowing herself and Amy up Cat s story didn t have me feeling anything at the beginning She was just a young girl in love with a celebrity However as her story progressed I realised what it must be like for the partners of celebrities who have crazy over the top fans I m sure I will never understand someone who is willing To Maim Or Hurt Someone Just For maim or hurt someone just for with their idolTom Pollock has one hell of an imagination As the book began I had worked out that Amy and Cat must have some connection otherwise this was going to be a book focusing on two different plots I couldn t work out how their stor. And first at the buffet would definitely be her best friend Evie Amy uses Heartstream a social media app that allows others to feel your motions She broadcasted very moment of her mother’s degenerative illness and her grief following her death It’s the realest rawest reality TV imaginableBut. ,