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Describes our current world too well One case spreads to ten to ifty to a thousand The government doing all it can to prevent blame to avoid panic Of course that s making it worseFor historical reference what s going on right now is that there are coronavirus cases outside of ground zero China than in Last I heard that includes 56 countries with rates rising every day Other than China Iran Italy South Korea and Japan seem to have it the worst The WHO just raised its risk assessment Seven Nights to Forever from high to very high which is their most extreme rating outside of declaring an outright pandemic Saying the world is under pandemic essentially succumbs to the realization that the virus is unstoppable and everyone on the planet will eventually be exposedThe death rateor the coronavirus is somewhere between 2 3% I calculate that 2% of the world population is 154 millionThere s also been a case where someone previously cured of the coronavirus caught it a second timeAt home our president has censored the CDC rom making any announcements about the virus without approval by the vice president When asked why the stock market is tanking he blamed the recent Democratic debateStill unclear which is scarier right now Stephen King s novel or reality02112020 I ve been reading this a while but only at 10% My main thought right now is that it s entirely unfair or Stephen King probably writing most of this while still in his 20s to be this good Old characters emale characters rich poor they all come across so real it s startling How can one mind comprehend so much How does he articulate it so well He builds this terrifying world one person at a time and it s so much scarier that way I m in aweIn other news over 1000 deaths have been attributed to the coronavirus That s approximately 2 3% death rate or those infected Better than the 99% death rate in The Stand so there s a bright side Of course there are Internet rumors circulating that China is under reporting and the real count is significantly higher01272020 What better time to see what The Stand is all about than during a global coronavirus pandemic Given this book s epic length I m going to do a review journal with spoiler Carvalho und die Meere des Südens free reactions over the many months I suspect it will take me toinishThree chapters in and of course I m hooked Would expect nothing less The Science of Single: One Woman's Grand Experiment in Modern Dating, Creating Chemistry, and Finding L ove from King It may be a big ass book but he doesn t wait around to get started For this rollercoaster you skip the line and sit right upront Clickity clank clickity clank then a straight drop If the rest of the ride is this intense and the coronavirus doesn t kill me Sarah Conley first I m going to be onerazzled mess by the end I loved this book I read the uncut version years back when I lived in the States maybe in 2002 I loved everything about it except the ending I m a big Ninja Slice fan of Stephen King and have 23 of his books on my shelf Stephen King can only write a good ending to a book by chance That said theirst 95% of his books is generally so good that I can Inbox forgive the endingOne of the things I like best about King s writing is the way he breathes life into characters and every day settings For a horror writer this is crucial You have to make everything utterly believable so that when the monster comes and the stakes are raised the readereels it s all real and cares about what s at stake The short story The Body on which the ilm Stand By Me is based is a great example of King s genius at making complicated lawed awkward real charactersAnyway The Stand is not typical King as the main core of it is an apocalypse and the super natural horror element is rather secondary and low key A Touch of Gold for most of the story The apocalypse is a believable one alu pandemic with a mortality rate so high that only a tiny raction of the population survives King tears the world down in terrifying slow motion and playing on our ears of pandemics it is at once horrifying touching and Hunch: Turn Your Everyday Insights Into the Next Big Thing fascinating King is great at slowly pulling everyday reality apartThe cast of characters who survive this catastrophe is sizeable diverse and interesting A pyromaniac with an array of mental issues a man with learning disabilities a singer who was in the act breaking big others ordinary but no lessascinating under pressureThe literary institutions of this world sniff at horror writers as much as they do antasy writers but I ind King "s prose and insights into the human condition to be as powerful as those in "prose and insights into the human condition to be as powerful as those in of "THE PLODDING WORKS OF LITERARY FICTION "plodding works of literary Cancer Has Its Privileges: Stories of Hope and Laughter fiction ve read Readers often don t notice it because it s not what they cameor But King is interested in people and how pressure acts on them No one can tell what goes on in between the person you were and the person you become No one can chart that blue and lonely section of hell There are no maps of the change You just come out the other side Or you don t King shows us the inception of the disaster plots its course through his scattered and varied cast and slowly brings those actors together into two communities in the aftermathThe two communities we Az éltető étkek arany szutrája focus on centre on the supernatural aspect of the book one of them is home to the goodolk and the other to the bad The bad camp is ruled over by Randal Flagg who roams through the pages of uite a A Grid for Murder few of King s books The Dark Tower in particularThe book concludes with theight between these two camps and ultimately the ending was a touch unsatisfying Painted Desert for me though not awful by any means The journey to that ending however was aascinating thrill ride and well worth the price of entryIf you ve not tried Stephen King before then this is a Appetite fine place to jump in be warned though it is perhaps the longest of his books with a page count to rival GRRM at his most long winded Join my 3 emails a year newsletter prizes Want to catch thelu Read The StandI caught it Twice In The Month It Took Me To Read This in the month it took me to read this Twice I m rarely sick so it s clearly a thingPost apocalyptic book where most people die rom a super lu That part was my Cooking the Whole Foods Way: Your Complete, Everyday Guide to Healthy, Delicious Eating with 500 Recipes, Menus, Meal Planning, Techniques, Buying favoriteIt then becomes a battle between Good and Evil Someantasy elements were included This part was still solid I liked how we got to Pure Grit follow the characters and get to know them Ielt some similarities to Station Eleven so if you like The Stand I would give this one a shot too M O O N spells spectacularI Apple-Picking Day! first read THE STAND in the early 80 s It was during the Christmas break I lived out in the boonies with myamily and after the holiday hoopla was over I planted myself in my avorite chair and sat there or 4 days devouring every page only leaving Ajax is All About Attack for bathroom breaks meals and sleep30 years later my reading experience was a little different I read it with my Goodreadsriend Lisa who had the uncut version while I had the original I stopped and started as she caught up there were huge amounts of messages back and America the Philosophical forth on the characters the differences in editions who we loved who we hated and everything and anything we could think of to discuss It was a month long readbut the one thing both experiences did have in common was I LOVED IT each timeAt a remote US Army base a strain of influenza is accidentally released Despite a lock down soldier Charles Campion is able to escape with his wife and child By the time the military is able to track his whereabouts Campion has spread the disease around parts of Texas triggering a pandemic which kills off 99 percent of the population The one percent are left in survival mode spread out over the entire country and plagued by strange dreams about two individuals which eventually draw some to Nebraska and some to Las VegasHemingford Home Nebraska Is the home of Abagail Freemantle Mother Abagail a 108 year old woman who receives visionsrom God She is the embodiment of goodLas Vegas Nevada is where Randall Flagg has set up shop Randall is also called The Dark Man and The Walking Dude He lives to cause death and destruction and has supernatural powers which allow him to be human animal or demon He is the embodiment of evilKing said that he wanted to write a The Northmans Bride (Sons of the North fantasy epic like The Lord of the Rings only with an American setting and that is just what he did THE STAND is a wonderful epicantasy adventure about good vs evil One that I would recommend to anybody who hasn t read it yet and even to those who hav. Ha pubblicato una prima versione di uesto romanzo; dopo oltre dieci anni l'autore lo presenta per la prima volta restituito alle orme e alla lunghezza originali riscrivendo di atto il romanzo per una nuova generazione di lettori e sviluppando a ruota libera la sua titanica impresa narrativ. Fatal strokes The strain that s out now is severe than the original strain Maybe you get it once and you have antibodies maybe you can get it an unlimited number of times The official death toll continues to rise to terrifying numbers but they re also saying the virus could have gone global as early as December 2019 How many COVID deaths haven t been counted Hundreds ThousandsBy the way says some government leaders we believe this virus was manufactured in a Chinese lab Great What does that mean Was China reckless Was this intentional and we have a nuclear war to look The Northman's Bride forward toOh and murder hornetsUghAnyway back to The Stand I ll admit to still reading slowly It s good Really good But I can only handle small doses at a time King is revving up to create the ultimate Good vs Evil battle Stakes of Biblical proportions I still got about 500 pages to read but I can see why peopleind that aspect of it appealing I m not convinced it s Top 5 King material yet but I m willing to let the adventure roll on and be convinced otherwise04162020 Future me whenever you decide to re read The Stand which I m sure you will at some point remember that the end of Book 1 gets boring But don t give up because the adventure really starts with Book 2 There s a lot of direct homage to The Wizard of Oz like there is in The Dark Tower series Slightly cheesy I suppose but Oz is up there among the great uest novels so it s worthy And like Oz King populates his journey with unexpected characters who become close to your heart You ll ear or them and really hope they don t die even though in the back of your mind you suspect they willHopefully you won t live to see another global pandemic but if you do don t read The Stand during it You will be tempted because it is perhaps the definitive literary achievement of pandemic stories but it won t make you Cherry Bomb feel better It will make youeel worseIf it s been 19 days since you last updated your reviewblog remember that looking back at what s happened in the world will be depressing For example 19 days ago only 1000 Americans were documented as succumbing to the virus Now that number is 34000 and growing rapidly Globally there s been 144341 deaths These numbers include only those who were officially counted of course The world is unfair and you know that there are many who society didn t deem important enough to be included in the statisticsOne good thing about revisiting The Stand will be recognizing that no matter how horrible your current political situations are remember that most political situations are horrible In the 1970s King imagined a president who refused to take any responsibility Leading the Way for the handling of a pandemic Had King s president lived long enoughor the other branches of government to approve stimulus checks there s no doubt he would have demanded that those checks bear his name Situations change but people generally don tIf you are absolutely determined to re read The Stand during another pandemic remember that it s okay to take a break and read other books before coming back to it I recommend gothic romances They re a good melodramatic distraction rom all the real drama swirling around03282020 The Stand did get good again I m at 35% Been reading aster than normal because I have this conspiracy in my head that the coronavirus will The Single Girl's Guide to Marrying a Man, His Kids, and His Ex-Wife: Becoming a Stepmother with Humor and Grace finally end the day Iinish reading this book Unfortunately even at my current pace that might be several months I m trying world I m trying LolAs When Red Cried Wolf for current affairs today is sadly noteworthy because over 2000 people have officially diedrom COVID 19 in the United States Just two days ago we hit 1000 dead The way things are going it s very realistic or those numbers to continue doubling every ew daysThe virus itself is still somewhat mysterious Is it airborne Kinda yes kinda no How long can it stay on surfaces Several daysish Can you get it rom touching cardboard boxes Maybe Will warmer weather do any good Don t count on it Who can you trust No one of course because even the seemingly healthy can spread it all aroundThe president expects everything to be ixed in a Song of the Forest few weeks so churches can be packed on Easter Sunday We d all get a good laugh out of a comment like that except the situation is too direWhat else has been going on So much I can t even keep track The government somehow came up with 2000000000000 to infuse the economy save businesses and give people enough money to hopefully keep the lights on Pretty cool I guess but I think we re all wondering what will happen next if this goes onor several monthsA number of celebrities and politicians have caught the virus some have died rom it A grim reminder that this really does impact everyone You can have caught the virus some have died rom it A grim reminder that this really does impact everyone You can buy your way out of this mess03192020 Today marks my A Constellation of Vital Phenomena firstull week of not leaving the house There s little incentive to at this point Movie theaters restaurants and book stores are all closed And even if they weren t the risk of getting COVID 19 isn t worth the reward Fortunately we saw this coming and our house is stocked with ood water and other essentials I m thinking we can last another two weeks before needing to venture out againBeing honest I ve struggled to pick up The Stand as of late King usually delivers a delicious dose of escapism disaster but under the circumstances it s all hitting too close to home Like reading Cujo while living with a rabid dogI also think the last ew chapters have been really boring though I m at 26% which probably translates to page 350ish and the most recent characters have really snoozed the action I know I still have a bazillion pages to go so I ll hold off before giving Sextasy: Master the Timeless Techniques of Tantra, Tao, and the Kama Sutra to Take Lovemaking to New Heights final judgement but in this present state I wouldn t call it his best work Of course this wouldn t be theirst time that a King book had a lengthy lull before launching back into life changing thrillsWe ll see how I Still Life with Chickens feel after another week Hopefully I ll have better things to say about The Stand and will not have yet descended into madness03132020 It s a misty Friday the 13th I m reading The Stand on my break which happens to be at home now The office is still open but we ve been instructed to workrom home Still Life with Chickens: Starting Over in a House by the Sea for the unforeseeableuture This doesn t come as a surprise since nearly all gatherings have been cancelled Talk shows are without an audience theme parks are closed movie releases are all delayed The upcoming presidential debate has been relocated to avoid cross country travel Entire countries are on lockdownIt s all playing out eerily similar to Stephen King s doomsday scenario The book so Paradox Bound far has been a crystal ballor what happens next Within hours of reading a passage where King s president delivers a "Cough Filled Address Stating "filled address stating virus concerns are blown out of proportion and a vaccine will be delivered next week Mr Trump appears in the oval office and assures all Americans will have access to testing and ree medical treatment Surprise surprise both presidents liedWhat s still to be determined is just how deadly this virus is On one hand you have 22 dead in a single Seattle nursing home but on the other it s been suggested that hundreds of thousands of infected people are running around who don t even know it because they don t have symptoms or they aren t serious It seems like either way I m not personally at don t have symptoms or they aren t serious It seems like either way I m not personally at risk but I am worried about those who areThese are certainly interesting times to say the least03032020 have to share this rightening uote STFU, Parents: The Jaw-Dropping, Self-Indulgent, and Occasionally Rage-Inducing World of Parent Overshare from the book before Iorget The President is scheduled to speak tonight at 600 PST and his press secretary Hubert Ross has branded reports that the President will speak rom a set mocked up to look like the Oval Office but actually deep in the White House bunker hysterical vicious and totally unfounded Advanced copies of the President s speech indicate that he will spank the American people or overreacting and compare the current panic to that which Syncopated: An Anthology of Nonfiction Picto-Essays followed Orson Welles s War of the Worlds radio broadcast in the early 30s02282020 Up to 15% Starting to uestion my logic that reading this during a pandemic will make itun I became physically disturbed last night while reading in bed Like on the brink of a panic attack It s all getting too real The careful pacing particularly Stephen King prophet that he is. Ncora tutta da combattere una lotta eterna e Are All Guys Assholes?: More Than 1,000 Guys in 10 Cities Reveal Why They're Not, Why They Sometimes Act Like They Are, and How Understanding Their ... Will Solve Your Guy Drama Once and For All fatale tra chi ha deciso di seguire il Bene e appoggiarsi alleragili spalle di Mother Abagail la veggente ultracentenaria e chi invece ha scelto di calcare le orme di Randall il Senza Volto il Male il Signore delle Tenebre Nel 1978 Stephen King. You know what s really scary Getting sick while you re reading the irst part of The Stand Just try running a ever going through a box of tissues and guzzling the better part of a bottle of Nyuil while Stephen King describes the grisly deaths of almost every one on Earth rom a superflu On top of Mexican Hooker feeling like crap you ll be terrified BonusAfter a bio engineered virus that acts like a revved up cold escapesrom a US government lab it takes only weeks The League for the Suppression of Celery for almost all of humanity to succumb to the disease A handful of survivors are mysteriously immune and begin having strange dreams some of which are about a very old woman called Mother Abigail asking them to come see her More disturbing are nightmares about a mysteriousigure named Randall Flagg also known as the Dark Man or the Walkin DudeAs they make their way through an America almost entirely devoid of people the survivors begin to unite and realize that the lu was just the beginning of their problems While some are drawn to the saintly Mother Abigail in Boulder Colorado who tells them that they have been chosen by God others have locked to Flagg in Las Vegas who is determined to annihilate all those who refuse to pledge their allegiance to himIf King would have just written a book about a world destroyed by plague and a small number of people struggling in the aftermath it probably would have been a compelling story What sets this one apart is the supernatural element Flagg is the embodiment of evil and chaos He s a mysterious Suspicion at Seven: A Lois Meade Mystery figure who has been giving the wrong people the push neededor them to make things worse or everyone and he sees the plague as his chance to ulfill his own destiny as a wrecker of humanity And on the other side we have God Yep that God The Big Cheese himself But this isn t some kindly The Day Fidel Died figure in a white robe with a white beard or George Burns or Morgan Freeman This is the Old Testament God who demands obedience and worship while usually rewarding his mostaithful servants with gruesome deaths King calls this a tale of dark Christianity in his orward and one of the things I love about this book is that it does eel like a Biblical story complete with contradictions and a moves in mysterious ways actor Stories don t get much epic than this and King does a great job of depicting the meltdown of the world through the stories of a variety of relateable characters Larry Underwood remains among my avorite King creations One of my Gulp!: The Seven-Day Crash Course to Master Fear and Break Through Any Challenge few complaints is that thiseatures a lot of King s anti technology themes that he d use in several books like Cell or The Dark Tower series We re told repeatedly that the old ways like trying to get the power back on in Boulder are a death trip The good guys gather in the Rocky Mountains but if they try to get the juice going so they won t The Outlaw and the Upstart King freeze to death in the winter they re somehow acting in defiance of God s will and returning to the bad habits Not all tech is bad tech Mr King Nature is a bitch and will kill your ass uicker than the superfluHere s another thing I m not wild about When this was published in the late 70s the bean counters at King s publishers had decided that the book as written would be too pricey in hardback and no one would pay a whopping 13or a Stephen King hardback So King cut about three hundred pagesAround 1990 after it had become apparent that King could publish his shopping list as a best seller he put those pages back in and released the uncut version Which I m ine with The original stuff was cut or a Standing By: The Making of an American Military Family in a Time of War financial reason not an editorial one and there s some very nice bits of story added in If King would have stopped there we would have had a great definitiveinal version as originally created by the authorUnfortunately he seemed to catch a case of Lucasitis and decided to update the story a bit and change its original time rame rom 1980 to 1990 I m not sure why that seemed necessary to him Yes the book was a bit dated by then but it was of its time He didn t rewrite the text Which I m grateful Stories for a Kindred Heart: Over 100 Treasures to Touch Your Soul for but just stuck in some references to Madonna and Ronald Reagan and Spuds McKenzie This led to a whole bunch of anachronisms Would students in 1990 call soldiers war pigs Someone in New York picks up a phone book to look up the number to call an ambulance instead of dialing 911 A song called Baby Can You Dig Your Man is a huge hit None of it uiteits together There s also a layer of
male chauvinism and 
chauvinism and of diversity that you can overlook in a book written in the late "70s but seems out of place or a book set and updated or 1990The things that irritate me are still "but seems out of place Speak Through the Wind for a book set and updatedor 1990The things that irritate me are still outweighed by one of my Stories for a Teen's Heart favorite stories of an apocalyptic battle between good and evilI m also glad to get a long overdue audio edition of this book Great narration and 40 hours of end of the world horror makeor a damn ine listening experience 06252020 Five months later FINISHED What a ride Glad I kept notes on how the novel impacted me throughout because January 2020 was a very different time in my life than June 2020 This review exceeds the character limit so I will post my uncut inal update in the comments 06042020 Dreams play an important role in The Stand Survivors of the super lu dream both of holy Mother Abigail and evil Randall Flagg but where their sympathies lie determines their allegiance Like Star Wars 1977 you can choose to join the Dark Side or not Although I think King is drawing rom the Book of Exodus than George Lucas epic space opera it is interesting that both were released within a year of each otherAlso interesting how vivid my own dreams have been lately Since the beginning of the pandemic I ve had reoccurring nightmares All of them some variation on the same theme impending doomI dream of drowning most reuently The plot shifts but it always ends with me driving off a bridge trapped as my car slowly ills with water I beat against the glass to no avail scream until I m out of breath The water rises to my neck sometimes entering my lungs before I inally wake in a panic This dream occurs so often I ve memorized every article on the Internet about how to properly escape a submerged vehicle Not that that makes it any less scaryOther slow deaths have infiltrated my nightly subconscious One was a complicated scenario where my living body was dumped into a heap of COVID corpses and I suffocated under their weight I woke up horrified and at the same time thinking I should write everything down The premise had a juicy E A Poe vibeI ve also dreamed of an evil man Perhaps Stephen King is to blame or this though I don t think my nightmare man is an unconscious interpretation of Randall Flagg He is a magician of some kind though with an ability to order minions to terrorize the innocent In my dream I was with a large group of The Best Canadian Animal Stories: Classic Tales by Master Storytellers friends in a park I think when his henchmen started shooting It was one of those weird dreams where you see it coming but are also taken by surprise I knew the man was evil and capable of such things but stillelt shocked when it happenedThe worst part about these nightmares is waking up and realizing they aren t over05062020 What s life like during a pandemic I suppose people will ask years The Vagabonds from now For me at least the staying at home part isn t bad Where there s books and Internet I m good I m still employedrom home and taking online classes so too busy to let staying in every night be oppressiveThat said I still The Gilgul of Park Avenue find myself suddenly panic stricken The smallest thing sends me a spiraling Planning a birthday party and realizing it s impossible amid a swirl of uncertainty Will I still have a job in six months Will it be safe to travel Will the next wave of virus be even worse Will I be dead by then what about myamilyOther things too Watching a movie where people happily interact can be an escape or a grim reminder that those moments were the before times times we may never see againAre my panic attacks unwarranted Probably Mostly But how can I be sureEven if we do eventually return to normal what s the long term psychological impact Can I ever attend a concert or visit an amusement park without imagining a plague of death in the airThe new developments haven t been reassuring It s not just The Last of the Renshai flu like symptoms the virus causes blood clots which can lead to. L'errore di un computer l'incoscienza di pochi uomini e si scatena laine del mondo Il morbo sfuggito a un segretissimo laboratorio semina morte e terrore Il novantanove per cento della popolazione della terra non sopravvive all'apocalittica epidemia e per i pochi scampati c'è una guerra ,