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Wild WingsFway through her migration will Callum be able to "SAVE THE FEMALE OSPREY OR WILL SHE DISAPEARI PICKED "the female osprey or will she disapearI picked book up because I wanted to see if the books by Gill Lewis were good and they wereI finished Sky Hawk because it was one of the best books that don t have alot fo action I ve ever readI would recommend this book to people who likes to read books that are heart warming because this one was i thought that it was really good a little unbelievable at times but very emotional This was a beautiful and touching storyThe blurb on the back made it seem vaguely fantasy ishbut that wasn t the case I may not have purchased this to read aloud to my little one had I nown so I m truly glad of my mistakeBasically it is the story of two young Scottish children discovering an endangered osprey has mad their backyard its home There is great joy in the story and also great loss My daughter would beg for one chapter after each one ended forcing herself to stay awake and listen her eyes fever bright in her tired little face And I found myself delighted to indulge her every time What did I like about this book 1 The way that love of animals often seems to bring out the best in people eg Callum and his friends 2 The settings Scotland and the osprey s trek to Africa 3 The truth that the internet can forge long distance friendships that are real some people argue worry that time spent on the internet deprives children of real friendships4 The courage of the author in illing off a uirky lead character early in the book Meningitis is a very abrupt death The author s choice to end a prominent character s role without much warning is tribute to the fact that this is a dangerous disease that strikes fast and invokes fear in the community when it occurs I happen to now a beautiful genuinely good healthy young college graduate who died suddenly overnight after falling asleep with a fever as Iona did and there is no foreshadowing possible The truth can be painful That the author chose to include this very rare occurrence in a child s life while having a fragile wounded migrating bird survive against all odds is a risky decision as an author but one that had a huge impact on Callum s character development5 The intertwining of fiction and nonfiction COMMON CORE TEACHERS TAKE NOTE in a way that fills MY own personal reading preferences I now not all people are like me and enjoy making every vacation trip an educational experience or every stroll a nature walk but this book made reading it doubly fun Enough to excuse some of the author s uneven prose My longwinded writing has no such excuse My guess is that everyone who reads this book will be or at least should be inspired to use access to online resources to enrich both their educational and life experiences Hopefully will be encouraged to form international and intercultural pen pal relationships6 The appreciation and regrets that came with the funeral This chapter could be reworked to benefit realism and shades of grey while preserving the insight about how a community of individuals often only recognizes their own complicity and expresses any regrets in social isolation prejudice and poverty in hindsight Sky Hawk is set in a small farming village in Scotland It starts with a meeting between three boys who seem at first to be uite irritating and childish especially Rob who is a bit of a show off and Iona a girl who has returned to the village to live with her grandfather who is almost an outcast in the villageCallum and Iona form a deep bond of friendship Callum has the strength of mind to stand up to his friend to defend Iona and she then shares an amazing secret with him about a wild creature that is living on his father s farm Callum and Iona become very close friends and together they will do anything to protect the beautiful creature What I loved most about Sky Hawk was the chance to read about children whose lives are very different from mine because they live in a remote place where they are free to roam together Also I especially liked the section of the book which are like are diary or log They are written in italics and are all about the Osprey The writing is very vivid like poetry and could make a lovely description writing session in English Sky hawk Is A Realy Good Book a realy good book s about this boy called Callum and this girl called Iona and Iona finds a realy rare bird thats not been seen for over 100 years and they lookafter it And a couple days later they dicide they re going to camp out but Iona didn t make it but the problem is callum dicovers Iona diesAbout a month later It s the summer and the bird flys to africa and she has a wound on her leg so it gets realy infected and some african people help her recover so she can be free Then an african girl writes to Callum saying that the birds Okay and soon she ll fly backA while later the african girl is coming to where Callum is so they want to celibrate and have a party When she gets there they have the party and the next day they climb the mountain and see the bird come backAnd that is the end. Ap of faith and the magic of e mail connects him with a girl in Gambia who can help him make good in ways than one Set against the dramatic landscapes of Scotland and West Africa this is a timeless tale of hope and friendship a heartwarming novel infused with the beauty of natu. .

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Um after Iona died Therefore I thought that the locket shaped heart may symbolise the importance of love For Callum I think the locket symbolised his loving friend ship with Iona The locket to Iona symbolised her cut of love with her mother the locket was there as a symbol for her to remember cherish and love her mother The book had a few patterns of pain and sadness when the bird hurt her foot when Iona got ill and passed away and when Jeneba was ill and hurt her leg Therefore I think this gives the reader an important message that life is not always happy and joyful but there can be moments of pain and sadness The reader may then understand that sometimes pain and sadness can be sorted out and resolved but sometimes it can leave people with despair For example the main characters may have felt loss of hope when the bird cut her leg they may have been worried and lost hope that the hawk would not be able to look after her eggs Can you see patterns in the language In the novel Gill Lewis has given the reader clues about what the story will be about introducing one of the main characters the girl Iona and it also introduces the dark rivers and forests This landscape is introduced to give the reader an idea of where the novel will be set The book is written in 1st person and the book bounces straight in with a mysterious phrase I saw her first a pale skinny girl lying on a flat rock below the rapids This phrase is interesting because it draws the reader and triggers their mind that that this mysterious girl may have connections to the sky hawk There is a repetitive language phrases ee ee used in the text this helps the reader to understand the noises of the hawk and how she tries to communicate with the characters Can you notice any patterns or puzzles with the storyThe book has repeated patterns of the highlands in Scotland nature rivers rapids and the hawk The are puzzles in the book are written as diary logs the logs are puzzles to the reader because the reader realises that Callum is using the puzzles to track how far the hawk travels the speed of the hawk and which locations the hawk flies over This stays as a continuous puzzle to the main character because she figures out the location the bird is flying over and this helps him to figure out how far the hawk is to her final destination Africa or Scotland How does the front cover help the reader to understand the themes of the book The front cover helps the reader to understand the themes of the book because it has a beautiful illustration of a hawk with bright yellows eyes and a black beak This therefore gives the reader an idea that the book may be based on a story about a hawk Below the picture of the bird there is a scenery of mountains and grassland and the reader may understand that the book may be based in the countryside or highlands How could the book be used in the classroom A good activity that could develop the children "S Knowledge Of The Book May Be "knowledge of the book may be ask the children to illustrate the front cover and consider the main themes that they think are important in the book The teacher could use the ideas of diary entry and letter and email writing to help the children to understand that there can eb different formats of writing The teacher could also read certain phrases with a good use of adjectives the teacher could read the adjectives to the children and then encourage them to come up with their own adjectives for the actions and looks of the hawk Dislikes and likesI enjoyed the novel sky hawk because I felt immersed in ten story and I felt as though I was in the story when the author had described the nature and scenery well The book was full of happy and sad moments this taught me that life is not always happy but it can be full of ups and downs The ending of the story captures a the beauty of the sky hawk and made me feel joyful and happy that the hawk had returned The phrase her bright sunflower eyes looked right into mine This phrase brought joy to the story and it a very beautiful ending describing the joy that the main character Callum feels when the hawk returns I loved this book Simple as that It started uite slowly with ids poaching fish in a Scottish burn lambs being fed on a farm and friends "Bickering Over The Things Which Seem Important When You Re "over the things which seem important when you re And because I was brought up somewhere a bit similar I stuck with it for a few chapters But then suddenly the gentle writing got under my skin the story heated up and I was gripped I had started reading it without preconceptions without even reading the blurb a great way to read any book if you can manage it so I m not going to say much about the plot but I will say that it s about two children in a Scottish village and two rare birds about real death and Sky Hawk by Gill Lewis is about a in a Scottish village and two rare birds about real death and Sky Hawk by Gill Lewis is about a named CallumOne day he meets Iona who tells him an incredible secretOspreys are living in the woods beside his farmOspreys are endangered and are protectedHe and Iona make a promise to eep the ospreys a secret but when Iona dies and the female osprey dissapears hal. Ve the Osprey they’ve named Isis They’re able to get the bird tagged by a preservationist but after Isis flies to Africa for the winter her signal becomes stagnant then lost Spurred by a promise to Iona who has fallen ill Callum is determined to track and save Isis and a le. This book was an interesting read highlighting many cross curricular links that can be used in a variety of Primary School subjects Integrating lots of diverse themes Sky Hawk can be utilised in many subjects such as English lessons This is because Sky Hawk generates a vast range of creative writing tasks examples being getting the children to imagine a different animal to an Osprey and visualise it making a journey this could be a pet or another wild animal They have to describe its journey from the animal s perspective portraying the people and places they encounter on the way Other ideas include "Creating A Diary Entry From "a diary entry from perspective of Iona or similarly to Callum they could write a letteremail to a pen pal in a "different countryThere is Also An Interest In an interest in in the book which can be connected to Science Activities "countryThere is also an interest in Nature in the book which can be connected to Science Activities as creating a fact file of Osprey s or getting children to explore their local environment through researching what birds they have near them could be influential in expanding their nowledge of living things and their habitats which is of significance in the Science National Curriculum There is also the opportunity for the inclusion of drama role play and art as children could create their own tree houseden like Iona s and Callum s which could be filled with drawings the pupils have created of birds from their local area Throughout the book there are also opportunities to interweave PSHE for instance discussing the treatment of wild birds in the book and why it is important to protect such rare species The book over holds strong themes of relationships family and friendship Specifically the challenges we face in relationships such as bully jealousy and loss topics which are relatable to pupils Geography can also be used as children can look at different counties the Osprey visited and can explore citizenship through investigating what is it like living in different communities Overall I throughly enjoyed reading this book felt and would encourage the use of this book in schools rating 35 the first third was too bland for this book to merit a solid 4 starsIt s taken seven years for me to stumble across this author According to the inside back cover she is a former veterinarian living in the UK This book was influenced by her passion for wildlife and the inspirational people she met during her travels as a vet In many ways her writing reminds me of books by Jean Craighead GeorgeThe focus here is on ospreys an endangered species in Scotland An aerie is discovered by 11 year old The Wisdom of Psychopaths: What Saints, Spies, and Serial Killers Can Teach Us About Success kids who are enchanted by the birds As is described in the GR summary the osprey is fit with a satellite transmitter which allows theids to follow the osprey s activities locally as well as on its wintering grounds Yes this is set in the present day complete with computers internet access digital cameras cell phones and dirt bikes As far as I now JCG never included high tech gadgets in her storiesI will watch for other books by Lewis A fantastic book This book is full of beautiful imagery describing the hawk and nature I loved the important messages that were portrayed in the book indness friendships and love How is the story told The story is told as a narrative in first person where a boy and girl called Iona Callum find a hawk The boy tracks the flight off the bird when he travels between Africa and Scotland The book has a lot italics which grips the reader into the book The paragraphs with the italics are only written when describing the actions of the bird The book is also full of a variety of speech and adjectives are used effectively to describe land scapes nature and the hawk The book also has paragraphs that are written in the format of letter and email writing and diary or log These formats describe the main event of when the main character communicates with a girl from Africa to look out for the Sky hawk and when he tracks the hawk travelling between Africa and Scotland Does the novel belong to a particular genre The novel is written as a fiction genre The book is full of continuous themes linking to nature the hawk landscapes bird nest deserts and mountains Can you see in patterns in the ideas in the book In the novel there was a continuous pattern of love and friendship Callum developed a loving and caring friendship with Iona and Jeneba There is also patterns of indness and care Callum continues to care and look after the bird and he cares for his family and friends The book has a pattern that shows up twice the important pattern is the flight of the sky hawk travelling between Scotland and Africa The pattern continues from this idea where Callum tracks the shy hawk using a diary log to see where the hawk is And to see how far she travels and the locations she travels over between Africa and Scotland Near the end of the book there is a continuous format writing letters and emails are sent continuously between Jeneba and Callum Iona s heart shaped locket appears a couple of times in the book It appeared when Iona showed Callum and when Iona s mum gave it to Call. The majestic Osprey is an endangered bird that hasn’t been seen in Scotland for years so when Iona McNair locates an Osprey nest she’s desperate to eep the bird safe from poachers She shares her secret with her classmate Callum and the two become friends as they work to sa. .