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The premise was very unconvincing To use the popular vernacular it came from left field accurately describes No Turning Back by Marcus Sakey I was completely shocked and surprised at its ingenuity style and pace It was a breath of fresh air that I honestly didn t expectI read the premise and wasn t convinced it was my kind of book Four people strangers at one time in their lives met and formed the Thursday Drinking Club it blossomed from humble beginnings into bi weekly et togethers that included met and formed the Thursday Drinking Club it blossomed from humble beginnings into bi weekly Ambition and Accommodation: How Women View Gender Relations get togethers that included brunches and Cubsames in the summer Their lives American Kinship: A Cultural Account going nowhere they were in a rut always looking for excuses to meet upEvery Thursday night the foursome met at Rossi s a bar slash restaurant where Alex worked as a bartender Ian is a trader partial to the lure of the white powder and his habit appears to be intensifying Mitch a doorman at the Continental Hotel has had his fill of ignorantuests and Jenn the last of the four is a travel agent who can t afford to travel to any of the exotic places she persuades her clients to visitTruth be told they are all at a crossroads no one is completely satisfied something has to An Ethics of Interrogation give that much is inevitable Alex is called into his boss s office he spots what appears to be an enormous amount of cash in the safe and casually suggests to his friends they steal the money. They thought it would be easy They were dead wrongAlex is failing as a father Ian keeps dangerous secrets Jenn wants adventure Mitch wants JennFour friends just scraping by finding comfort in each other and the hope that things willet better But as their twenties fad.

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No Turning BackS of suspense 5 stars I really loved the Brilliance series "from this author This story has no sci fi element it "this author This story has no sci fi element it a modern day crime thriller but really focuses on character development amongst the four friends in particular and how that plays out as they talk themselves into a fairly big mistake to try and turn their UNHAPPY LIVES AROUNDTHE STORY WRAPS UP A LITTLE ABRUPTLY lives aroundThe story wraps up a little abruptly my opinion but the journey as it Ancestral Voices: Religion and Nationalism in Ireland gets there was interesting and enjoyable The relationships fanning out from the main characters and the criminals theyet involved with are pretty compelling and as a result I found myself etting pretty compelling and as a result I found myself etting immersed in the journeyAn interesting read but I sort of hope he keeps returning to the sci fi enre which is my favourite not bad have e mailed author as i was expecting a follow up later in the book after the detective takes alex home from the hospital and asks him if one of the intruders had a black eye nada will let u know if i have a reply also asked to be subscribed to his newsletter as there was a fault on the appropriate page kind regards bev 810 20% Unusual plot well told story and didn t work out the ending Worth Reading again and trying by this author One of the best crimethriller books I ever readNo super duper action heroes Harlan Coben whats up buddy and unbelievable pilotThank you Mr Sakey. Safe victimless plan that will change their lives for everWhat could possibly o wrongMarcus Sakey is an award winning thriller writer He has also contributed to a number of short story anthologies in the thriller enre He lives in Chicago with his wife wwwmarcussakeyc. ,

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What could o wrong the plan was fool proof no one would et and their crime untraceable It was the perfect get hurt and their untraceable It was the perfect review on my blog here This is a fun story Really have you ever thought about four normal people without any criminal record deciding to o for a robbery Not just a robbery One that is safe One that can t o wrong The story evolves in many ways and leaves you turning page after page uicker and uickerRead the full review at my blog Not Sakeys best book by a long shot but it flowed well It lacked a character you hated and one it flowed well It lacked a character you hated and one loved which most of his other books have This is a crazy story about 4 friends who decide to commit robbery The story begins and we re introduced to four twentythirtysomethings who like to meet in a bar to ponder about how crap their lives have turned out I had to make an effort to accept these characters at first but once I did I enjoyed their company for the most part They end up robbing one of their bosses and think they have committed the perfect crime but it all oes down hill for them after that I read somewhere that it is like TV Sitcom Friends meets uentin Tarentino and I can see why Read it if you want light entertainment don t bother if you want something serious Man I loved this The Being after Rousseau: Philosophy and Culture in Question guys aood writer the story was a cracker Berlioz and His Century: An Introduction to the Age of Romanticism good character build lot. E in the rear view mirror none of them are turning out to be who or where they hopedAt a time when CEOs steal millions while their employees watch savings dwindle these four are tired of the honest approach They'reoing to stop waiting and start takingThey have a fail.