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Training the Trainer yNd we re left unsatisfiedGiven the separation of Celia and Paul not just by palace walls but by time for it s been twoears since Paul gave Celia up as drowned it s not surprising that their love story is a bit one note We never get to see them interact so each is simply harboring an image of the other that has been idealized over time Paul is simply grieving on all levels and Celia seems a bit broken even as she hopes that she might escape the harem In novels one generally finds characters who are willing to take extreme chances in order to change their lives and even if they fail they have at least made an attempt Paul and Celia both abandon the uest uite easily as they understand the odds they re up against It might be realistic but it was also uite sad Celia may have been a much substantial character as opposed to Paul but his lack of substance was surprising My own interpretation was that Paul didn t love Celia enough to risk everything for her and Celia was abandoned to her fate which uite probably includes drowning the irony being that everyone originally assumed she had drowned when the ship went down This time she d be tied into a sack and tossed from the palace walls to drown in the river if she was caught trying to open the Aviary Gate so she could see Paul again If Karsh Portfolio you re looking for a glimpse at a fascinating time period then Hickman certainly delivers there but uite honestly I would suggest checking out her nonfiction work beforeou turn to The Aviary Gate Oh I couldn t give this book anything other than a 5 star rating it has everything I enjoy in a great read An historical romance I ve put the romance in inverted commas because it s not a typical romance with a HEA but rather a romance in the victorian sense of the word Beautifully writen it captured my imagination right from the start I love this time period 16th Century but not from an Elizabethan angle infact I find that period of English history uite boring no it s the Venetian and Ottoman settings I love I also love anything that includes Astronomy maths and mathematical instruments and this story is full of the stuff plus there s intrigue and mystery I also like stories which have an element of reincarnation or sixth sense So this was ideal for me The Avairy Gate is beautifully written set in the Topkapi Harem Constantinople and Modern day Oxford and Istantbul it s a lovely story that spans the centuries From the begining I got a real feel for the characters both in the past and the modern day setting The intrigue that takes place within the harem is well put together some readers may well solve the intrigue but that really isn t the point of the story it s not a murder mystery but rather an insight into the behaviours of the women within the harem and how despite the tranuility and the rules it s really every woman for herself by fair means or foul In the meantime outside the harem walls another story develops and we see both sides of the overall story The modern part of the story pulled me into the centuries past story even futher I found myself not only piecing the story of *the past together but also linking the characters from the past with those of the *past together but also linking the characters from the past with those of the day I loved the description of Modern day Istanbul and how the author bought in historical settings to that modern world The author spent alot of time researching for her book and I appriciate all the details she included as they really drew me into both stories I just love this book and I m really looking forward to reading the next instalment Katie Hickman s The Aviary Gate forward to reading the next instalment Katie Hickman s The Aviary Gate a story within a story In present day Oxford Elizabeth Staveley a graduate student is looking through the Bodleian Library archives in search of material for her thesis on captivity narratives She finds a fragment of a manuscript which describes a shipwreck and the unfortunate aftermath when the ship is boarded by Turkish pirates The captain of the ship is murdered and several of the women are taken captive by the pirates among them the captain s daughter CeliaElizabeth immediately feels a connection with Celia and wants to find out of her story At the same time her personal life is experiencing upheaval The man she is in love with is a wandering womanizer and as much as Elizabeth would like to break away she is having trouble severing her ties to him On an impulse she abruptly leaves her life in Oxford and flies to Istanbul not knowing what she is looking for but anxious to do SOMETHING She seizes on following Celia s trail as a way to force change in her own lifeWoven in to Elizabeth s story are segments of Celia s life in 1599 Constantinople She is bought for the Sultan s harem intended to be his next favorite concubine THE READER SEES THE SECRETIVE WORLD reader sees the secretive world the Ottoman harem The female population is full of political maneuvering and infighting and Celia struggles to learn the hierarchy and her place in it They even have a silent language they use amongst themselves when speaking is prohibited For Celia it is a prison full of confusing rules conflicting gossip drama and backstabbing When she discovers that her fiancee is in Constantinople on an errand for ueen Elizabeth I she dreams of a chance to see him againThe author paints a lush and beautiful picture of the secluded world of the harem and the women who inhabit it Present day Istanbul is also described well She presents an interesting peep into how that world might have been I love books that transport Before Atlantis you to a place whichou can never visit and make it seem like ou have been there I enjoyed the book and look forward to reading other titles by this author. Molto pericoloso Perché dietro le porte e i cancelli invalicabili dell'harem si nascondono segreti e trame silenziose lotte di potere e rivalità capaci di uccidere Soprattutto ora che il capo degli eunuchi imperiali giace in fin di vita dopo aver mangiato un dolce portato in dono dagli inglesiUn romanzo straordinario scritto magistralmente Acclamato dalla critica e dal pubblico e in corso di pubblicazione in oltre venti paesi Il giardino delle favorite racconta una storia di passioni e segreti di antiche alleanze e intrighi sinistri di tradimenti e ossessioni facendoci penetrare nel mondo sconosciuto e proibito dell'harem del sultan. Earch for what became of Celia whose life was obviously the focus of the original manuscript This book is an easy and fascinating read hard to put down The chapters are well defined so that switching over the 400 ears from the happenings of the past to current times is as smooth as one could wish for Rather than distracting this shift makes the story powerful and flowingThe book is well written great continuity in both centuries and very informative as well Katie Hickman s research is very well done and there are many real people represented in the book as well as the fictional characters This is no over the top sensationalized piece of fiction I will not give away the main thrust of the story but definitely recommend the book as a well painted portrait of a different life I thoroughly enjoyed it and will be watching for future books from this author At the end of this book Hickman mentions all the research she did but sadly while it definitely pays off in terms of atmosphere rustling silks perfumed gardens glittering jewels it does little to sustain a plot which is a standard English girl in a harem clich Set as so many novels currently are in a dual time of 1599 Constantinople and present day Istanbul this tells the story of two women entrapped one literally in the Sultan s harem following a shipwreck the other in a self destructive love affair One finally escapes the other doesn tI read this because I was drawn to the Elizabethan story from the reviews but actually found that very derivative and was actually far interested in the present day story which doesn t get nearly as much page spaceThe Elizabethan narrative felt very unevenly paced with real characters introduced at the start and then just disappearing and the plotline reduced to a standard female power struggle in the harem complete with poisonings stabbings and drowningsI was a little disappointed until the ending where suddenly Hickman seemed to get her act together and the sudden ambiguities there raised the book If only the rest of it had been as subtle nuanced and haunting as thatSo overall this is well written but completely clich d escapism a perfect summer read but with hints that it could have been something far interesting The Aviary Gate by Kate Hickman is a lush narrative that reaches back into the sultan s harem of Constantinople 1599 to relate a bittersweet story of loyalty love and loss Elizabeth is a modern day grad student at Oxford entangled with a rake and researching captivity narratives for a bid at an MPhil She stumbles upon some clues that suggest an Englishwoman named Celia Lamprey survived a shipwreck in the late 1500s only to be sold as a slave into the Ottoman sultan s harem Elizabeth s uest to learn about the fate of Celia and to disentangle herself from her own emotional enslavement to a man who doesn t deserve her takes her from Oxford to Istanbul and while definitive proof can rarely survive four hundred Life in the Slow Lane Observations on Art Architecture Manners and Other Such Spectator Sports years sometimes history can reach out and speak toou The Aviary Gate goes back and forth between a few months in Elizabeth s present day story and a few days in Celia s narrative While one might picture luxury and decadence in the harem Hickman focuses on the lies and secrecy that permeate what is essentially a cage for the many women kept at the beck and call of a single sultan I suppose it s not surprising to suggest that women have been catty for centuries but it s particularly apparent in a story that features such treachery and backstabbing as women vie to become the Haseki or favorite concubine of the sultan There is also the possibility for incredible loyalty between individuals but that pales in comparison to the terrible bits When Celia learns that her old fiancee Paul Pindar is in Constantinople *And Might Be Aware Of *might be aware of fact that she survived the shipwreck well it puts her on a desperately hopeful track that ruins any chance she had of embracing the life she s been given in the harem Hickman keeps the reader on the edge of her seat wondering if there s any chance that this story might have a happy ending and ultimately she produces a novel whose strength is in the historical details if not the character relationshipsAt one point in the novel a Turkish academic asks a rather perfectly apt uestion of Elizabeth What is this western obsession with harems Clearly the allure is for the sensual aspects which the novel seems to savor at the beginning but Hickman uickly veers away from such as complications arise While Elizabeth s love life takes a turn for the better she forgets the ass from such as complications arise While Elizabeth s love life takes a turn for the better she forgets the ass home and meets up with a desirable Turkish man Celia has been steadily dipping into a loss of hope as she clings to a simple desire of seeing Paul one last time even if he cannot save her Hickman really does paint a vivid picture of the Ottoman Empire and the possible lives of women who were lost to the sultan s harem It s not surprising that an author noted for her nonfiction work would take such care to thoroughly research the period but all the effort is uite clear The shift from risue to bittersweet was a bit rough though and I found it to be disappointing as though Hickman wanted to provide some salacious or frightening bits but truly wanted to tell a tragic love story too which left things feeling a bit lopsided There s no creschendo to the tragic love story Paul and Celia never speak Celia never becomes a favorite of the sultan we don t know if Celia gets to see Paul we don t see Paul leave Constantinople we don t see if Celia is executed for her reckless actions We know that Paul survived and mourned her loss but that s about it Indar è un ricco mercante in missione per conto della Regina d'Inghilterra Ha il compito di portare al sultano un regalo uno splendido orologio musicale Ma mentre procedono i negoziati la sua attenzione viene attratta da una voce sempre più insistente Si dice che nell'harem ci sia una nuova schiava una donna dagli occhi azzurri e dalla pelle di luna Che sia Celia la sua promessa sposa che lui crede ormai morta da tempo E' possibile che non sia annegata ma che sia stata fatta prigioniera dai turchi Paul deve scoprire la verità deve incontrarla almeno una volta Ma penetrare nelle stanze proibite del palazzo reale è uasi impossibile ,

Wow The start is incredibly uncomfortable to read cue crossing legs and suirming But once The Destruction of Jerusalem An Absolute and Irresistible Proof of the Divine Origin of Christianity you get passed the mutilation and hardship the characters are instantly likable even the cruel and rebellious ones It s obvious how much research Hickman put into the novel especially with the map and glossary and one can not fail to appreciate this On the other hand some writers get bogged down in their research and this can threaten to overshadow the plot and characters but Hickman narrowly avoids this I recommend this novel to people who aren t sueamish who love historical fiction and who don t mind that certain parts have than a pinch of poetic license after all it is fiction If historical fiction isn tour thing then the novel still delivers in plot and character relationships It begins with the poisoning of the chief eunuch and through a series of flashbacks we see events unfold from there Gripping stuff I loved it I heard about this novel about 3 Three Cups of Tea years ago on Radio Four Neglecting to note down the title because I was driving I discovered it again by posting a uery on an historical fiction forum I m on Funnily enough I ended up reading it just after I d read a similar tale of piracy and women carried off into captivity The Tenth Gift by Jane Johnson Sadly this book wasn t in the same league as Johnson s novelThat s not to say that I didn t enjoy it because I did Hickman has clearly done her research because the tale is well written and richly described and unlike other reviewers I thought it portrayed the claustrophobia creepiness of the Sultan s harem very well I thought that the story of Celia Lamprey the heroine set in the 16th century worked very well What I felt the story lacked was a plausible modern day heroine For me she was uite two dimensional lacking depth and indeed likeability The manner in which her romantic feelings were described did not seem real to me If her part had been engaging I would have rated this book as a four star read35 stars out of five Well worth reading I am so bloody disappointed By the ending I mean that poem that Celia leaves to Anetta could have been from before she went to see Paul that night Or indeed it could have been from later on after having come to the conclusion she would have never seen him ever againAnyway the novel was interesting overall I got to envisage a picture of Istanbul that I loved and it made me want to visit it for real But the ending good God the ending Why choose such an ending to a 500 pages novel at least in Romanian it was that lengthy I hate Katie Hickman pretty much right now For making me desire of Mehmet se n scenes and by this I mean Elizabeth s Mehmet not Mehmet the Sultan for making me long for the presence of Paul and Celia and basically for desperately wishing for them to come together once again This woman is a wretched criminal I tellou Why in God s name le Life in an Ottoman haremThis received uite mixed reviews on UK and I had reservations when I began reading Fortunately I was pleasantly surprised and found it a very enjoyable read with plenty of historical interest and atmospheric descriptionsThere are two time frames used in the novel the current day story of historical researcher Elizabeth Staveley is used as a tool to provide the background to the interesting historical section Elizabeth finds a fragment of a manuscript suggesting that Celia an English girl may have been ship wrecked by pirates at the end of the sixteenth century and subseuently sold into the harem of Sultan Mehmet III of Constantinople now Istanbul The into the harem of Sultan Mehmet III of Constantinople now Istanbul The follows a few months in Celia s life in 1599 Having been bought by the Sultan s favourite concubine as a gift for her mother in law we follow Celia s rise within the harem and the intrigue and sceming that goes on within those wallsPaul Pindar is her fiance and assumes her drowned in the ship wreck until his cook John Carew chances to see her while visiting in the palace Both the historical and the modern time frames then follow these characters in a search for the outcome of this love match Did Paul manage to rescue Celia from the harem What were their ultimate fatesWhile parts of this novel were excellent such as the description of the gelding of a oung boy so that he might become a much prized eunuch other parts were less well written The modern story in particular had a rather chick lit feel to itIn discussion our book group hilighted many incidences of dubious behaviour or inconsistencies and I have to admit that these criticisms were group hilighted many incidences of dubious behaviour or inconsistencies and I have to admit that these criticisms were Some of these instances did detract from my reading but mostly my enjoyment of the novel allowed me to ignore them I did find the ending a bit weak thoughPaul Pindar and John Carew also feature in Hickman s latest novel The Pindar Diamond set in Venice and I look forward to reading this in the near future The characters do not inspire emotional attachment the plot is sufficiently predictable to prevent reader interest and the writing style is littered with a character s thoughts While not actively bad The Aviary Gate is boring and instantly forgettable I was disappointed Mystery History and Love Story during the Ottoman EmpireHaunting refreshingly different the story begins when a small scrap of old manuscript dating to 1599 is accidentally discovered among the texts of Elizabeth s studies Elizabeth feels she must learn the fate of Celia the betrothed daughter of the ship s captain after his ship has floundered Celia has been captured brought to the Sultan s harem So begins our student s research delving ship has floundered Celia has been captured brought to the Sultan s harem So begins our student s research delving the realm of the Sultans and Harems of the old Ottoman empire in her Un segreto sepolto da uattrocento anniGli intrighi dell'harem del sultanoUna storia di passione e tradimentiOxford Biblioteca bodleiana Elizabeth Stavley non crede ai suoi occhi uando tra le pagine di un antico libro di astronomia scopre il frammento di una pergamena vecchia di uattrocento anni Ha il colore dell'ambra ed è fragile come una foglia d'autunno Racconta una storia proibita Una storia rimasta nascosta per secoli che conduce nei uartieri segreti di IstanbulCostantinopoli 1599 Inglesi francesi e veneziani competono tra loro per rafforzare le relazioni diplomatiche e commerciali con il nuovo sultano dell'impero ottomano Paul

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