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Ratscalibur gets you nowhere hoping that even one in a thousand will see things your wayThe novel is also a deepest contemplation on the nature of art and history and the harmony of lifeWe can ask and ask but we can t have again what once seemed ours for ever the way things looked that church alone in the fields a bed on a belfry floor a remembered voice a loved face They veone and you can only wait for the pain to passHuman kindness is the best cure for loneliness and melancholy When we pick up a book by an author we haven t read before we have only the vaguest notion of what themes it will contain We don t know how those themes will be treated what attention to detail we will find or if the language will delight us or otherwise Before we turn over that first page it is all as blank as a whitewashed wall We may bring expectations to the blank piece of wall expectations based on the period the book is set in or from the opinions of readers we trust but any clarity on the book s contents will remain largely hidden Sometimes our expectations are rewarded right at the beginning On the first page of this book I found myself tumbling onto the platform of Oxgodby station alongside the narrator and the way in which those first words were assembled announced clearly that this was oing to be an especially rewarding read I didn t uite know how the author would manage this feat but I was confident it would turn out to be so And although it was a slow reveal within the first few pages I saw many signs of promise a little brush stroke here so that a particular character came into better focus a little sketch there so that I ained a clearer idea of the background a little foreshadowing so that I could make a stab at The Selected Poems guessing the main theme a little mystery so that I knew there remained riches yet to be discoveredAs I read on my first impressions took definite shape and I was able to admire the craft with which the story unfolded I understood why the author lingered on such and such an idea why he mentioned that particular subject than once As the pages read becamereater than the pages left to read I was able to uess at pretty much everything that remained to be told except for one or two details but I still delighted in the manner of the telling and the litt. Penguin Decades bring you the novels that helped shape modern Britain When they were published some were bestsellers some were considered scandalous and others were simply misunderstood All represent their time and hel. .

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A Month in the Country

J.L. Carr ´ 0 Summary

One small moment The sound of bees foraging from flower to Flower Seemed To Deepen The seemed to deepen the p42I ve experienced such moments but never seen it written soAnd a longer evocation of the land he was coming to love There was so much time that marvelous summer Day after day mist rose from the meadow as the sky lightened and hedges barns and woods took shape until at last the long curving back of the hills lifted away from the Plain It was a sort of stage magic Now you don t see indeed there is nothing to see Now look Day after day it was like that and each morning I leaned on the yard ate dragging at my first fag and I d like to think marveling at this splendid backcloth But can t have been so I m not the marveling kind can t have been so m not the marveling kind was I then But one thing is sure I had a feeling of immense content and if I thought at all it was that I d like this to My Jihad: The True Story of An American Mujahid's Amazing Journey from Usama Bin Laden's Training Camps to Counterterrorism with the FBI and CIA go on and on p 61Simply put this book hasiven me all I look for a cascade of words that ring so true and are beautifully written wonderfully realised characters even though we know them so briefly a perfect setting especially for an Anglophile who loves art and archaeology and a simple story about complex peopleI would rated this than 5 if I could Can you remember a time in your life when you were truly happy If I search my memories I find a sixteen year old The Book of Leviathan girl sitting in a canoe with a boy fishing at two o clock in the morning by the eerie light of the midnight sun on alassy lake near Whitehorse Yukon Everything is tingly and pulsing with youth I look a little and see myself choking back tears on a hospital bed with my beloved Nine Ghosts grandfather hearing him say I m still yourrandpa Robin knowing I would never see him again but feeling Las Maravillosas Obras de Dios: Historias B�blicas Para La Familia gratitude for the absolute purity of the moment I look again and watch myself a brand new mother rocking my baby during one of our midnight meetings in the stillness the newborn puzzle piece nested against my breast Unconditional love was being hatched in my heartThose moments are the jewels of lifeJL Carr s novella explores such perfect times through the character of Tom Birkin Set in the summer of 1920 but related in 1978 an older Birkin is remembering the month during which he is hired to uncover a medieval mural in a church in northern England Damaged by time served in WWI and a bad marriage Birkin arrives at Oxgodby fairly shattered and alone This time serves as a salve on his heart a reminder of the beauty of art but also of nature of simple pastoral idyls and country people As he uncovers the painting he is also uncovering the masterpiece of his self his wonder at the world and This is the sort of efficient novella that demands a short incisive review full of judiciously chosen adjectives and presumably that s what it willet if MJ ever شرح جامع مثنوى معنوى gets around to reading it In my case however it s unfortunately one of those texts that isoing to send me off on a long personal anecdote for which I offer advance apologiesWhen I was twenty one I ended up for a variety of reasons living in uito Ecuador The city in those days was a steamy melting pot of different nationalities full of Colombian exiles that had fled the violence north of the border and teeming with renegade expats from a scattering of unusual countries My closest acuaintances included an American Vietnam vet a British army deserter a Colombian street artist a badly disguised CIA agent a drug dealer for the Medell n cartel and an Italian architect who kept a Picasso hidden under his bed It was a weird time But the first person I met there was a The New Song: For the Sunday School, Societies of Christian Endeavor, and Other Religious Exercises (Classic Reprint) girl from Sweden called Lina We lived in the same building and on my first night in the city she took me out for a Mexican and weot hammered on strawberry daiuiris and the evening slowly evolved into a strange date which she orchestrated with Scandinavian directness You buy me a drink now You take me dancing now I was charmedI had come to South America to Riding Hard get over someone after an awful breakup and so I wasn t looking for anything I wanted zero complications Right Sure As I said to myself on several occasions So nothing happened that night Nothing happened the next night either or any of the nights that followed as weot involved in the strange life of uito and dealt with death threats and psychotic outbreaks and false passports and the other things affecting our circle of friends And we Arabian Challenge got to know each other uite well We went away together for a couple of weekends and talked about past relationships and most evenings in Ecuador ended with us on our balcony as the sun came up finishing a bottle of rum and sharing stories We both had a couple of flings with random people but nothing very seriousAnd then eventually after nine months or so I d run out of money and some job offer had come through in England and I found myself spending the last of my funds on a plane ticket back to London We drank a lot in my final week On the last night we just sat on our balcony for hours and Mer uncovering a huge medieval wall painting in the village church of Oxgodby Joined by another veteran employed to look for arave outside the churchyard he uncovers old secrets that bear on his experiences of confli. Le traces of humour inserted in the text like private jokes between the author and the narrator It was clear to me too that author and the narrator It was clear to me too that was no editorial interference Carr shaped this book to fit the pattern and timing of the central theme and without any thought for the dictates of the publishing world or any particular enre it might be expected to fit into He was a master of his craftThe book was a treasure that was slowly uncovered when it was fully exposed I was astounded by the beauty of the work In Its Entirety And The its entirety and the it left on my consciousness will remain with me for a long time to come JL Carr I salute you remain with me for a long time to come JL Carr I salute you were a true artist I am a seasonal reader often craving books with sizzling settings in the summer months and snowy locales in the winter Last week I saw a review for J L Carr s Man Booker winning A Month in the Country and was intrigued enough by the title to read it for myself Using stunning prose combined with well developed characters Carr s novella is perfect for a leisurely summer morning Tom Birkin had survived the Great War yet returned alienated from civilian life While in present times his feelings can be ascribed to survivor s uilt or post traumatic stress disorder in 1920 Birkin did not have an outlet for his feelings His wife Vinny had left him for another man leaving the door open for his return Disillusioned with life as a temporarily single man in London Birkin accepts a job in a small northern hamlet of Oxgodby to unearth a painting and artist from the 1340s Even though this out of the way life is not what Birkin had envisioned for himself he welcomes the opportunity to Der Verlorene Koffer: A Graded Reader for Beginning Students get out of his situation and avoid the present mess of his marriage While in Oxgodby Birkin encounters a uaint cast of characters Fellow excavator Michael Moon has come north for the same reasons as Birkin The two share war stories and their views on life ineneral as they attempt to meet their deadlines in unearthing medieval men As the two outsiders enjoy a cordial relationship Birkin also interacts with locals Kathy Ellenbeck is a precocious fourteen year old who seems to know everything about everyone I found her exchanges to be humorous Meanwhile Birkin is smitten with the vicar s wife Alice Keach A young woman of no than twenty Alice is both intuitive and beautiful yet off limits It is through his and Alice s non relationship that allows Birkin to assess his own life situation In his novella Carr employs descriptive prose that has me longing for a countryside Warm summer days are perfect for picnics budding romances and staying up late contemplating one s role in life Carr develops characters in Birkin and Moon who are non believers yet are employed by a church Most of the action occurs within the belfry where Birkin works and sleeps even the contrast as he fights an inner impulse to strike up relations with Alice For a male author I enjoyed Carr s development of his female characters and was ILLERAMMA Kathalu glad that they were simply platonic Allood things come to an end Birkin narrates this story while looking back 58 years later having never returned to Oxgodby The story moved by uickly and Birkin finished his work the church American Literature Student Text goers almost relieved when he returned to London Carr s story is indeed appropriate for a lazy summer morning A Month in the Country is a relaxing novella with strong characters for a summer day and like Birkin when I was finished reading it it was time toet on with my everyday life 4 solid stars You re happy Mr Birkin You re not on edge any Is it because the work is Cheyenne: A Sweet Historical Romance going well Of course she was right Anyway partly right Standing up there on the platform before areat work of art feeling kinship with its creator cosily knowing that I was sort of impresario conjuring and teasing back his work after four hundred years of darkness But that wasn t all of it There was this weather this landscape thick woods roadsides deep in The Battle of Maldon and Other Old English Poems grass and wild flowers And to the south and north of the Vale low hills frontiers of a mysterious countryBeautifully written poetic small story Like many Goodreads friends here I would describe this book as exuisite and touching Wonderful indeed Slow start though the story has torow on youA damaged survivor of the 1st World War Tom Birkin finds refuge in the village church of Oxgodby where he is to spend the summer uncovering a huge medieval wall painting And radually he finds himself again This will likely enter the list of my all time favorite books I found myself saying lorious several times and then stopping to thank my parents for instilling in me their love of reading That brought me so belatedly to this treasure of a bookI know that the basic story is well known the young re patriated soldier spending a month in the English countryside at a small chapel tasked to uncover a centuries old mural But the tale is so much than that because the prose is so much than that Carr captures moments in so many ways. Ped define their eneration while today each is considered a landmark work of storytelling JL Carr's A Month in the Country was first published in 1980 Tom Birkin a damaged survivor of World War One is spending the sum. ,