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He most inopportune times and some even come with photos attached photos that were taken mere moments before the text arrived As the trial looms nearer the girls are again thrust together trying to piece together the life that was Alison DiLaurentis In WICKED the reader gets a glimpse piece together the life that was Alison DiLaurentis In WICKED the reader gets a glimpse the past and how the five girls initially became friends The story hints at the Time Capsule and the flag pieces that bring the girls together In WICKED Ms Shepard brings the reader even deeper into the intrigue that is Rosewood Told in alternating voices by each of the girls the pieces of the puzzle slowly start to come together The wonderful thing about the PRETTY LITTLE LIARS series is that Ms Shepard is able to lead the reader down one path only to leave the ending wide open and wandering off in a different direction With the shocking ending of WICKED the reader will be waiting anxiously for the next installment KILLER due out in June 2009 ok so i LOVE these book as soon as i finish one i automatically HAVE to know what comes next it s such an obsession like i cannot stop thinking about the next book ntil i have it so of course i was very pset once i finally finished this one i can t find ANY info about the next one this one really leads into a seuel there are so many new and interesting twists like i SO did not expect ian to get killed and i am insanely curious of who A could possibly be i also am DYING to know what happens with emily and her new boyfriend he sounds like a nice fellow and i m glad he didn t mind that she s bi but something is bound to go wrong Wicked by Sara Shepard Actual Rating 455 StarsThis isn t 5 stars because I m still waiting for that PLL book that just blows me away I do believe it s coming hahahaI loved this instalment in the absolutely addicting PLL seriesThis book was full of creepiness intense moments friendships and not so much friend shipsI loved getting to see of Kate she has a great name and Hanna s relationship it was so interesting The matter going down with Aria and Xavier was also really interesting can t wait to see how that goes down in the books to come I feel like this book didn t have much of Emily in it which I enjoyed because i think she s my least fav character although the parts she was in I did still enjoySpencer was great as sual although I think this book focused a lot on Hanna than anyone which I also loved because Hanna is so complex and fun to read aboutI predicted the endingbecause of the TV show even though it didn t exactly happen the same way hahaI also loved the chapter where Hanna was running on the trail such a picturesue sceneI completely love this addicting series and I just love Sara Shepard s writing so much she definitely knows how to write a thrilling and nail biting novel Can t wait to keep reading Onto "Number 6 Now I Think Yes Order "6 now I think yes Order my fav to "least fave PLL books so far1 Wicked2 Pretty Little Liars3 Unbelievable4 Flawless5 PerfectPS "fave PLL books so far1 Wicked2 Pretty Little Liars3 Unbelievable4 Flawless5 PerfectPS really recommend reading these books in exam season they re a great relief when you need it and don t reuire a lot of thought xxHappy reading guys Somehow it continues There s another A We still don t know who killed Alison It s almost as though the previous four books were a total waste of time And Cycle Two beginsIn the flashback prologue we are re introduced to every single Rosewood Day student whose name has ever bee. Family's secrets Emily can't stop thinking about her new boyfriend And Aria approves a little too strongly of her mom's taste in men Now that Ali's killer is. ,
Ok so everything we ve read in the first 4 books has been alive and what we thought we knew is all wrong Ali s killer is still out there A is not who everyone thought it was And Emily isn t gay kindamaybeWelcome to Rosewood where everything is a lieSigh These girls man Honestly they bring all of it on themselves Also is there any other memory of Ali these girls have For being such good friends these books only seem to talk about the sleepover where she disappeared and this stupid find the flag game at their school And we get this stupid game description every single book multiple times from multiple POV "S And For Multiple Pages "and for multiple pages ONE CARES ANYMORE Again why were these girls friends with this horrible childAnyway the girls Spencer dealing with the fall out of having cheated on her English paper and also the bombshell that she "may be adopted Her parents instead of talking to her about this " be adopted Her parents instead of talking to her about this revelation just choose to ignore her Solid parenting right there Melissa is still a conniving brat of a sister so not much has changed there And Spencer still makes stupid decisions when it comes to IanAria Umm goes from living with dad to living with mom to living with dad again Also the author seems to think it s okay for 16 year old girls to have relationships with men in their 30 s because once again Aria is after an older man Solutions Manual for Introduction to Systems Biology until she realizes he s dating her mom But then when he assaults her she doesn t tell her mom what a skeeze this guy is but just leaves so that everyone can be happy SighEmily The mostseless character of this series Still whiny still in love with Ali And also now not so gay Even has a boyfriendHanna Still a bitch who only cares about being popular Had a boyfriend who treated her like the world but oh no he s a dork so I must dump him to remain cool with these people that I honestly hate Grow Happy Halloween from the Montgomerys (With Me in Seattle, up HannaHonestly I think that s my main issue There is still no character growth in any of the girls and we are through 5 books And they re still not friends so everything is still very disjointed Maybe I should have skipped these and just stuck with the TV show Reviewed by Jaglvr for TeensReadToocomIan Thomas is in jail awaiting trial and the girls are able to relax and return to their lives Or can they Just when the reader thought that the mystery of A has been solved at the end of UNBELIEVABLE bizarre events await the girls of Rosewood Hanna Spencer Emily and Aria slowly try to settle back into their normal lives Hanna is working through the trauma of learning that her best friend tried to kill her She tries to live with her soon to be step sister Kate and buildp new friendships at school Spencer is dealing with the cold shoulder she is receiving from her family And through her grandmother s will Spencer has just learned that she might be adopted Aria has ventured to an art exhibit on her own only to learn that the guy she was maybe flirting with was the artist himself And finally Emily has met a boy A boy that sends tingles through her The four girls still meet to discuss their grief and pull themselves together for the trial that is about to begin But when Ian is released on bail to attend to his dying mother the mysterious text messages start again Each girl receives messages that are haunting than the ones before Ian was arrested Now the sender seems to be stalking them The messages are sent at In idyllic Rosewood Pennsylvania four very pretty girls just can't help but be bad Hanna will do anything to be Rosewood's Prince Henery Sinclair ueen bee Spencer's diggingp her. ,
N mentioned in the books all of Whom Are Entranced By Some Nonsensical Annual are entranced by some nonsensical annual hunttime capsule thing the magnitude of w With Mona being dead the girls thought that their A troubles were overbut a new A has shown p and they are pretty sure it is Ian who Spencer remembers seeing with Ali the night she died And while Ian admits he saw herhe denies being Alison s killer So Ian is put in jail but later gets out so he can be there for his dying mother And of course he goes missingEmily finds herself confused about her sexuality once again "as she finds herself having feelings for Isaac a boy she met "she finds herself having feelings for Isaac a boy she met churchShe tries to date him while keeping the whole girl thing nder wraps She would be mortified if he found out she likes girls But we all know A will find a way to tell him soeventually Emily tells Isaac about Maya and while he seems shocked he tells her that he accepts her just as she is Hanna still cannot believe that her best friend turned out to be A and was hurting her all along Even though she was NOT a nice person she still misses her Especially when her evil stepsister moves inHanna doesn t know which way to turnshe has been burned by Kate before and doesn t know if she can trust her Sobefore Kate does anything to her she tells everyone that Kate has herpes Aria meets a sexy guy at an art gallery and after flirting for awhile she finds out that he is actually the artist She also sets her Mom My Fairly Dangerous Godmother (My Fair Godmother, up on a dating site and fixes herp all nice for her first date and who should meet her at the door but the guy she was flirting with so much at the galleryawkwardSpencer gets the shock of her life when her grandmother dies and she is left out of the will The words natural born grandchildren stick in her head and she starts to wonder if she was adopted It would make sense as she is nothing like the rest of her family Her mother is barely speaking to her and for the first time in her life she asks Melissa for help setting p a fundraising party WHAT That was always Spencer s job At this party A starts sending texts again and leads the girls outside where they discover Ian s body But of course while they go for help the body has mysteriously disappearedcue eye roll here This series is so good The books get better every time Stay tuned for reviews 35 stars spoilers for the previous books in this seriesThis series has always created mixed feelings for me and rightly so It s a thriller but at the same time its pitched for its entertainment value and that really is its best feature I never know what to expect going into this books something simply amusing or something with a but chill factor Wicked was the first book that I can happily say that managed to cr Wicked Pretty "Little Liars 5 Sara ShepardFormer best friends Hanna Aria Spencer and Emily who lost their best friend " Liars 5 Sara ShepardFormer best friends Hanna Aria Spencer and Emily who lost their best friend leader Alison years ago when she disappeared find themselves in grave danger when they pursue the truthA new A begins making threats Ian denies being Alison s killerEmily finds herself confused about her sexuality once aga Like always this series is always entertaining and you never find yourself feeling bored Although this is only the 5th book in the series I ve read I did feel like something was missing Suspense maybe The story never felt dull but I did feel like the heart of the story got a little bit lost Can t wait to read the next book. Finally behind bars the girls think they're safe But those who forget the past are condemned to repeat it And they should know by now that I'm always watchi.