[E–pub] Demonfire The Demonslayers #1 by Kate Douglas

Demonfire The Demonslayers #1

Kate Douglas ´ 4 characters

While this book took me wayyyy too long to get through it was eally good This marks my official move into fantasy books While it i This book has a pitchfork wielding "garden gnome That alone is eason enough to ead itThis book had me captivated for 200 "gnome That alone is eason enough to L. Munatius Plancus: Serving and Surviving in the Roman Revolution read itThis book had me captivated for 200 The hero Dax has a cursed tattoo of his demon self on his body It attacks him constantly Eddy has the ability to calm the tattoo when it is agitated attacks Dax This drags on and prevents Dax from killing the demon possessed gargoyle statue for 250 pages It got kinda dull there for a while Dax only has 7 days on Earth to complete the task of killing the demons in Evergreen As his days go by they are the same day in day out The story got veryepetitious The ending was awesome The last 30 pages of the book picked back up to a good pace and finished uite climatically You have to love a woman that can kill a evil garden gnome with glowing yellow eyes and stubby fingers caring a pitch fork Hey it was trying To Kill Her New Man kill her new man is a fantastic start for a series loved it This book has a very uniue story about demons I don t want to give it all away but it a exciting adventure for a woman of earth Eddy a blond curly hair dog Bumper a tiny will o wisp willow form Eden a demon Dax with a borrowed human body a very tall gorgeous blond Lemurian Alton with a talking sword form Mount Shasta and Eddy s dad Ed You se. Newspaper eporter Eddy Marks thinks she knows everything about her uiet hometown She couldn't be wrong Tu. E the demon is invading a small town "trying to take over the World and they are possessing items you have to ead to find out "to take over the World and they are possessing items you have to The Organization Man read to find out these listed has a hand in stopping them This books has plenty of actionomance some humor adventure and making good friends I eally liked how the demon
#world was brought #
was brought the storyline it was just ight not to little or to much and it was easy to understand Few SpoilersI don t want to give out how the demons gets to earth or what they use to stay here but I would like to give a little insight on what Eddy has to battle its Dex tattoo its cursed and Eddy is the only one that can stop the tattoo form coming off of Dex this is very interesting Dex and Eddy together is great they both have only a week together and they make the best of it The omance between them is slow and easy for a time then picks up its in the lines of slow seduction and intimate I found it very hot Willow and bumper adds a *lot to the story you have to ead how a dog bumper and a will o wisp *to the story you have to ead how a dog bumper and a will o wisp gets along for this adventure you will also discover something unusual Willow can do with the Bumper its so cute If your like me and couldn t get into Kate s Wolf Tales series this is nothing like them You get a good glimpse on who the next book will be about in this book plus there is an expert in the back of the book of Hellfire Now I can t wait for the next one Ok Rns out Evergreen California is the site of a vortex that allows demons to cross over to Earth and the onl. ,

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Literary bought this series in a bundle about a year ago and while I knew I would love it I drug my feet when getting down to ead itI knew this was NOT an erotic and thought I might be disappointed because I Love Kate Douglas s erotic series Wolf takes But this is a PNR book and I fell in love with this story You can feel the love between Eddy and "Dax And I Felt As Though I Was On This "and I felt as though I was on this with them fighting demon possessed garden gnomes come on you know those are creepy looking little suckers I mean do they have to be so happy about standing in some weird persons yard all day shudderAs always the imaginative Kate leads you on a journey through a world born in her creative mind I mean Lemurian an advanced society of humanoids living in Mount ShastaAnyways it is a wonderful fantasy world that is completely different than anything I have ead and that is saying allot in itself Can t wait for the next No Atala / René really I can t I am alreadyeading HellFire so far it in just as good SO the bottom line is READ IT You can t beat the price of the bundle on BN of 999 for all three of the first books Thank you Kate for another amazing adventureGo to my blog and Follow me and my silly weirdness Tamed down only slightly from her Wolf Tales series Kate Douglas has created a new series almost as spicy and fun filled Douglas new DemonSlayers series has started off with a bang in Demo. Y one who can stop them is an unbelievably Sexy Fallen Demon Named fallen demon named who has just crashed into Eddy's li.