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Ard and I am too old and too feeble and too hopeless The stud Holgrave however gives her words of encouragement Oh believe me Miss Hepzibah these feelings will not trouble you any longer after you believe me Miss Hepzibah these feelings will not trouble you any longer after once fairly in the midst of your enterprise they are unavoidable midst of your enterprise They are this moment standing as you do on the outer verge of your long seclusion and peopling the world with ugly shapes which you will soon find to be as unreal as the giants and ogres of a child s storybook I find nothing so singular in life as that everything appears to lose its substance the instant one actually grapples with it So it will be with what you think so terrible The exchange then continues But I am a woman said Hepzibah piteously I was going to say a lady but I consider that as past Well no matter if it be past answered the artist a strange gleam of half hidden sarcasm flashing through the indliness of his manner Let it go You are the better without it For Clifford the retard nothing is beautiful than Phoebe He took unfailing note of every charm that appertained to her sex and saw the ripeness of her lips and the virginal development of her bosomBut since he is such a child all he can do is to touch her flower and smell it His feeling for flowers was very exuisite and seemed not so much a taste as an emotion he was fond of sitting with one in his hand intently observing it and looking from its petals into Phoebe s face as if the garden flower were the sister of the household maiden Not merely was there a delight in the flower s perfume or pleasure in its beautiful form and the delicacy or brightness of his hueWith Phoebe by his side his little weapon comes alive now with the lesson thoroughly by heart he could with difficulty comprehend his little airy happiness Freuently there was a dim shadow of doubt in his eyes Take my hand Phoebe he would say and pinch it hard with your little fingers Give me a rose that I may press it thorns and prove myself awake by the sharp touch of pain Evidently he desired this PRICK of a trifling anguishWhat about the villain Judge Pyncheon Here he is compared with the long dead Colonel Pyncheon and the clear implication is that both were as debauch and cruel as any of Maruis de Sade s sick heroesThe Puritan Colonel Pyncheon again an autocrat in his own household had worn out three wives and merely by remorseless weight and hardness of his character in the conjugal relation had sent them one after another brokenhearted to their graves The Judge had wedded but a single wife and lost her in the third or fourth year of their marriage There was a fable however for such we choose to consider it though not impossibly typical of Judge Pynchon s marital deportment that the lady got her death blow in the honeymoon and never smiled again because her husband compelled her to serve him with coffee every morning at his bedside in token of fealty to her liege lord and masterWhat is this what is this serving him WITH coffee every morning at his bedside like he was her liege lord and master and which was so gross as to be the euivalent of a DEATH BLOW My lascivious readers your guess is absolutely correct What could be debasing than forcing your wife to give you a blowjob in the morning while she drinks her coffee This is the worst book ever written in the English language that is somehow celebrated against far superior novels from the same era somehow earning him enough respect to have his crusty face emblazoned onto the Library of CongressIf the story were to take place in modern day. Try breathes new air into mouldering lives and rooms Written shortly after The Scarlet Letter The House of the Seven Gables re addres. The House of the Seven GablesI have read and re read this many times the act of the passing generation is the germ which may and must produce good or evil fruit in a far distant time Thus speaks Hawthorne in the course of his book and to a large extent this summarises the theme and plot of the storyThe book is a natural progression from his previous work The the theme and plot of the storyThe book is a natural progression from his previous work The Letter almost an updated by 150 200 years seuel to it Hawthorne began it a mere 6 months after the publication of The Scarlet Letter Here he shows what happens as the seeds of the Salem type of puritanism germinate throughout the generations in this case through the Pyncheon family lineMy relationship with this A clueless group here in goodreadscom made this this its book of the month read under the horror genre when month read under #THE HORROR GENRE WHEN IS NO HORROR IN IT #Horror genre when is no horror in it author called it instead a Romance but there is no romance in it either except a brief declaration of love for each other of two protagonists towards the end with all its unmistakable phoniness How can you love a simple girl like me Duh all men profess to love simple girlsThis is actually a sex book written under the atmosphere of sexual repression during the mid 19th centuryThere is this big old house with seven gables of course which has a dark past that can be traced back to a hundred or so years Displayed inside is a portrait of the house s builder and original owner Colonel Pyncheon Its present occupants are a brother and a sister both Pyncheons too descendants of the Colonel both decrepit and poor The brother Clifford had apparently lost his marbles and acts at times like a childThey have a border occupying one of the house s seven gables a young good looking artist Later comes for a visit and she eventually became a occupant another Pyncheon a cousin of the brother and sister She s young and pretty And what would a story be without a villain So we have Judge Pyncheon another cousin rich powerful and a look alike of Colonel Pyncheon in the portrait and said to be as evil as the originalEverything needed for gothic sex is here a big old gloomy housewhich in the dictionary can mean a brothel reminiscent of the castle in Maruis de Sade s 120 Days of Sodom an unattractive sex starved character the sister a spinster with a permanent scowl on her face and with a sado masochistic name Hepzibah one with an infantile taste for sex the brother named Clifford off in the head the stud the artistborder Holgrave a permanent fixture in all porn films a nubile object of delectation and ready for corruption the young lady from the country who first came for a visit and with the eually nubile name Phoebe and a villain Judge PyncheonThe first sex scene symbolically only remember this was in the 19th century when the Philippines was still firmly under Spanish rule is where Hepzibah opened up her small store to earn her upkeep like she is opening her legs for the first time in her life after she is forced to earn money by prostitution Her first customer is the studartist He asks her if he can assist her any further in her preparation When Hepzibah saw the young man s smile looking so much the brighter on a thoughtful face and heard his indly tone she broke first into a hysteric giggle and then began to sob Ah Mr Holgrave cried she as soon as she could speak I never can go through with it Never never never I wish I were dead and in the old family tomb with all my forefathers With my father and my mother and my sister Yes and with my brother who had far better find me there than here The world is too chill and The sins of one generation are visited upon another in a haunted New England mansion until the arrival of a young woman from the coun. ,

Summary The House of the Seven Gables


Atlanta it would be about some inbred old Money Steel Magnolia Losing Her steel magnolia losing her up in Buckhead and dragging her family down with her while she suanders what little remains of their inheritance on palm readers and telemarketers Throw in the distant trailer trash relative from Woodstock a bum selling Cutco nives the Gulf War Syndrome addled veteran brother and Wayne Mason Besides waiting for people to stop knives the Gulf War Syndrome addled veteran brother and Wayne Mason Besides waiting for people to stop and describing things the rest of the plot centers around walking around the house and hearing the characters complain about their lack of money and pres OHMYFREAKIN GAWDWhy the hell did I pick this up again Life s too short you say You have 200 other books on your to read shelf and this was sucking your will to read Give it up You re right all of it and my answer is my excuse being because I m freakin stubborn Its Hawthorne I mean how much New Englandy can you get I couldn t just give up I d be betraying my countryman Whatever For a few years in my younger days I worked down the street from the House of the Seven Gables and I d always get this literary stab of guilt for not having read it I d never fully look it in the eye feeling the shame wash over me Its judgmental gables peeking out at me while I d sit by the lighthouse eating lunch I want it all back All those years of remorse I could definitely put it to better use And you now what It s not such a bad story really It s got murder witchcraft a creepy house a curse a spinster and her childlike convict brother some mystery hottie and a fair maiden You throw in an organ grinder and some insolent chickens and you ve got the making of a great short story See there What I did I said short story But what Hawthorne does and what irritates the fuck out of me is draw out the narrative and then draw it out some It gets to the point where you read me throw the damn book down cursing and feeling like you ve just been scolded by your high school english teacher for not appreciating its nuances Ugh Double frickin UGHExample Do I really need 8 pages describing the gardens Or does he really feel he s being clever when He Writes 18 Pages writes 18 pages out the death of one of the characters oops spoiler my bad I get itha ha yer just full o wit there NateI will say that there was one little salacious scene that had me all a twitter and thinking that I might see some girl on old decrepit man action On Clifford s part it was the feeling of a man naturally endowed with the liveliest sensibility to feminine influence but who had never uaffed the cup of passionate love and new that it was now too late He Consumed: Food for a Finite Planet knew it with the instinctive delicacy that had survived his intellectual decay Thus his sentiment for Phoebe without being paternal was not less chaste than if she had been his daughter He was a man it is true and recognized her as a woman She was his only representative of womankind He took unfailing note of every charm that appertained to her sex and saw the ripeness of her lips and the virginal development of her bosom All her little womanly ways budding out of her like blossoms on a young fruit tree had their effect on him and sometimes cause his very heart to tingle with theeenest thrills of pleasure I think Nate was dipping into Fanny Hill hoping to uaff his own cup a bit but I was bored and of course picked up on this Maybe I ve just read too much Maybe I m just expecting too much I ve said before I grew up on Hungry Mans and the advent of the remote control Don t pussy foot around Give me what I want and give it to me now Okay. Ses the theme of human guilt in a style remarkable in both its descriptive virtuosity and its truly modern mix of fantasy and realism.