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His book Absurd would fit the bill nicely The story is absurd in the best possible way 35 starsA bizarre and troublesome novelThe plot is pure fantasy but it is this sense of the ridiculous that makes the details in the background of the novel all makes the details in the background of the novel all striking Kurkov fills it with his lived experience of Kiev and it is such that by the end of the book Viktor and his penguin Misha feel normal than the real world In this society a man needing hospital treatment must the ambulance drivers to get there and is offered life prolonging from the doctor get there and is offered life prolonging medicine from the doctor exchange for his flat men disappear or are disappeared with little or no explanation there are gunshots in the street gangsters who cannot be refused and no sense of safety Viktor spends the majority of the novel as a passenger in his own life choices are made for him and his only flash of agency comes at the end when it becomes a case of life or deathI picked this up after listening to Kurkov on the BBC World Book Club He was interesting political informed funny His explanation of the book was interesting than the book itself The satire ust wasn t uite sharp enough Plus the penguin was a much better character than anyone else and we are left wondering about his fate What kind of author does that 35 starsThere s a reason why satire isn t among the most popular literary genres It has to be extremely well written and you need to be open to that type of humor for it to work But if you do like that sort of thing and if the author is someone you can trust to be funny without being too offensive you re probably in for a great reading experience When the Kiev zoo suffers yet another budget cut they start looking for people willing to take zoo animals as pets Viktor being a solitary and somewhat eccentric writer chooses to adopt a penguin named Misha Together he and Misha move into a small. ?ist în mometul în care Viktor semneazã un contract cu o gazetã localã de mare tiraj şi începe sã exceleze „în cel mai scurt dintre genurile scurte“ scrierea de necrologuri Acestea însã dedicate VIP urilor societãţii ucrainiene încã în viaţã şi puse iniţial la pãstrare într o cartotecã încep sã acţioneze ca veritabile sentinţe la moarte c?. Apartment where they spend the next year struggling to make ends meet Viktor occasionally sells a story to the newspaper but there Viktor occasionally sells a story to the newspaper but there months when they barely scrape by So when the newspaper editor offers Viktor a strange but intriguing and well paid ob he is uick to accept What the editor needs is someone to write obituaries in advance seeing as he was caught unprepared on than one occasion When someone famous dies the newspaper needs to have a touching

"obituary ready for "
ready for It is now Viktor s ob to make a list of the most influential people gather information about their lives write an obituary and sign it with a vague A group of friends What we re after is a gifted obituarist master of the succinct Snappy pithy way out stuff s the idea You with me He looked hopefully at Viktor Sit in an office you mean and wait for deaths Viktor asked warily as if fearing to hear as much confirmed No of course not Far interesting and responsible than that What you d have to do is create from scratch an index of obelisk obs as we call Obituaries To Include Deputies And to include deputies and down to the cultural scene that sort of person while they re still alive His ob may not be something to write home about but Viktor soon discovers that he excels at it He is so good in fact that he starts getting reuests from other clients as well His only problem is that his works are not getting published since no one has actually died But that is something a friend and client of his Misha non penguin might be willing to fix even without Viktor s knowledgeWhat could be the favorite pastime of a bored writer and his pet penguin with a depressive syndrome That s easy ice fishing This entire novel is an orgy of absurdity Nothing in it makes any sense at all The only thing that makes sense is how much I enjoyed reading it and how much I m looking forward to reading Penguin Lost. ?nd „subiecţii“ cad rãpuşi dupã publicarea lor Premeditare Complot mafiot Intrigi politice Singura scãpare din cursa cinicã ce pare sã i fi fost întinsã scriitoraşului nostru benign iubitor doar de muze şi pinguini pare sã fie Antarctida Dar cine va reuşi sã se salveze El sau Mişa Cãci în avionul spre Polul Sud nu existã decât un singur loc disponib.

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Смерть постороннегоThis is not a typical Ukranian novel It is a hodgepodge socialist government intrigue living in an oppressed Ukranian society mystery all wrapped around the troubles of Misha the penguin Misha keeps the book from being too Orwell ish and bleak The characters are good Little Sonya brings some lightness to the story Nina adds some humanity Viktor represents the typical Ukrainian man fearful of his own government but yet striving to survive The book reads uickly I was able to finish it in one afternoon The chapters are very shortThis is a good book for Around the Worlders4 stars to finish it in one afternoon The chapters are very shortThis is a good book for Around the Worlders4 stars slim book or less a crime novel this is a translation of a Ukrainian book The main character who has adopted a penguin from the local zoo gets a ob writing obituaries then learns that he is writing obituaries for people who are about to Don t get me wrong I love penguins I think they re awesome and secretly I think I d like one as a pet one day But when this book was recommended for my book club I was a bit wary really A story about a guy and his penguin Sigh I don t read satires very well normally so I expected this to be one of those sorts of situations where I missed all the humor However I do do surrealism pretty well and I also do Eastern European literature exceptionally well Okay so penguins surrealism and Eastern European Take that satireThis is a pretty strange little mystery novel all the while feeling actually sort of normal throughout I don t want to discuss the story itself for fear of spoiling anything this is a book that is best read going into it without knowing much about it I think It s fun that way watching the story unravel and getting to know Viktor and his pet penguin MishaKurkov wrote a seuel to this Penguin Lost which I can see myself going on to readETA After some reflection I ve decided that surrealist isn t the appropriate word for Viktor Zolotariov un scriitoraş dezabuzat iubitor al genului scurt îşi împarte existenţa anostã şi apartamentul sordid dintr un cenuşiu bloc comunist cu singurul sãu camarad pinguinul Mişa salvat cu vreme în urmã de spectrul inaniţiei dintr o grãdinã zoologicã dar suferind iremediabil de depresieCurând însã viaţa celor doi intrã într un carusel poli?. ,