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Marvellous Loved the serpentine sentences with their astonishing thought within thought near metaphysical poetic lilt preference for the cosy comma over the sloppy semicolon their se of not oft seen things like reported speech and thought within parentheses or another character s dialogue repeated phrases dark back of time about six times and callback to earlier passages and otations to elevate the plot matter to something loftier This novel blew me away and I m still working to fit my pieces together I got lost into Mar as winding train of thoughts and I m still trying to find my way back to reality What was it that I liked so much about this novel Well everything the plot the subtle humor the flow of words the ideas the profound pondering I found and lost myself at the same time and I really can t explain this if you haven t done it yet you should read the novel and see for yourselfMar as talks about death about memory about guilt about the power of names He also talks about the life of a story prone to be transformed with every additional mouth that will pass it on The plot of Tomorrow in the Battle Think on Me is merely an excuse for the writer to travel down the meditative path to reach depths of thought that left me wondering and made me feel exalted So many truths that I haven t thought of before so many approaches that now seem obvious He made me look at my possessions and ask myself do these objects hold any interest to other people or is it just me who justifies their existence and tility And do I really need all these things around meThere s death in this novel See How She Runs unexpected and ludicrous as in dying in your socks or at the barber s still wearing a voluminous smock or in a whorehouse or at the dentist s or dying in the middle of shaving with one cheek still covered in foam half shaven for all eternitynless someone notices and finishes the job off out of aesthetic pity Through Mar as it suddenly becomes easier to look in the face of the life s worst enemy to laugh at it and even embrace its possibility a littleAfter we are dead our memory ceases to exist along with the ephemeral life of our personal things What was important to The Adventures of Rodger Dodger Dog us may probably lose its meaning to other people everything that had meaning and history loses it in a single moment and my belongings lie there inert suddenly incapable of revealing their past and their origins Our smell might persist for a while if windows are not opened and clothes are not washed But our bodies will travel towards dissolution like all things that are never repeated or happen so often that tend to fall into non existence Just as thenwanted belongings our bodies will suddenly become Dont Ask, Dont Tell useless prone to be discarded like all the scraps that will rot Our faces will become foggy but our names will forever be remembered by those who once knews Raw plain reality that we d better be able to confront It isn t just the minuscule history of objects that will disappear in that single moment it s also everything I know and have learned all my memories and everything I ve ever seen my memories which like so many of my belongings are only of Alexander Hamilton use to me and becomeseless if I die what disappears is not only who I am but who I have been not only me poor Marta but my whole memory a ragged discontinuous never completed ever changing scrap of fabric But how does memory work Even the King also known as One and Only Solo Solitaire Lone Ranger Only the Lonely and Only You is worried that he won t go down in history with some identifiable traits of character He is ready to invent such traits so that people could remember him easily But he is ready to invent such "traits so that people could remember him easily But he not aware that famous figures benefit from "so that people could remember him easily But he not aware that famous figures benefit from power of myth that comes with the passage of centuries and sometimes from their vile feats While some are forgotten and lost in the mists of time others are perpetuated and become legends But the vast majority of people is sentenced to a life of ghosts lurking in the shadows never Starting Today uite stepping into light Looking at their last achievement and denying their past people believe they pass through important transformation but are they really changed into a new completely different personEven if this was my first novel by Javier Mar as his works are etched in my mind so I could notice that throughout the narration hesed phrases that later were to become titles of other novels What a disgrace it is to me to remember your name though I may not know your face tomorrow who is going to hurl Oxygen us over on to the reverse side of time on to its dark back Tomorrow in the battle think on me think on me when I was mortal There are so many other things here that are worth discussing but I ve already written too much The novel s only fault may be that the characters voices are notite distinct the narrator and the cheated husband talk in the same way and it s a bit hard to believe in such a chance encounter between two meditative people But I chose not spoil the joy of devouring Mar as words and imagined instead that everything was filtered through the narrator s voice thus becoming his story But wait this must be it and it makes sense it is his story now told in his own words in his own style Everything is travelling towards its own dissolution and is lost and few things leave any trace especially if they are never repeated if they happen only once and never recur the same happens with those things that install themselves too comfortably and recur day after day again and again they leave no trace either Th Tomorrow in the battle think on me And fall thy edgeless sword Despair and die William Shakespeare Richard IIIThe main character becomes an involuntary witness of death in the very nusual circumstances And the image of death starts haunting him Death and fear And the fear of deathAnd at the cemetery in the epitaph on a tombstone he meets the impersonation of death None that speak of me know me and when they do speak they slander me those who know me keep silent and in their silence do not defend me thus all speak ill of me ntil they meet me but when they meet me they find rest and they bring me salvation for I never rest One dies and one carries mysteries of one s life away forever But the secrets that surrounded one s life still remain And others might try to find them One can endeavour to choose one s destiny but one can t choose one s doom And the vicissitudes of life and death are all around running across the road and keeping as far from the kerb as possible seeking shelter The Pipe Organ (Tales from Grace Chapel Inn, under eaves and in shop doorways and in the entrance to the metro as had their forebears wearing hats and longer skirts when they No one ever suspects begins Tomorrow in the Battle Think On Me that they might one day find themselves with a dead woman in their arms Marta has just met Victor when she invites him to dinner at her Madrid apartment while her husband is away on business When her two year old son finally falls asleep Marta an. An to find shelter from the bombing during the long siege clutching their hats and with skirts flying according to photos and documentaries I ve seen about the Civil War some of those who ran to avoid being killed are still alive whilst others born later are deadThe living inter the dead and mourn their death but life in the world of the living continues despite anything It isnbearable that people we know should suddenly be relegated to the past Death is inevitable From the very first page of Javier Mar as flawlessly executed novel Tomorrow In the Battle Think On Me death becomes a constant companion to the reader always whispering in our ear the truths of our impermanence and the endless variety of possible deaths that await s horrible deaths ridiculous deaths death that may make a stranger laugh when they read it in the paper Any dead life lasts longer than an inconstant lived life and our time spent beneath the sky leaves such a tiny trace once we are transferred to our time beneath the soil However every single moment of our living actions are intertwined with those around s and bear down in their memory Through a narrator whose tightly knit yet meandering ruminations serve as an exuisite investigation into the implications of storytelling and language Mar as examines the permanent marks the departed leave on our consciences the voids their absence forms in our lives and our endless interconnectivity as we are flung forward towards oblivion How little remains of each individual in time Our Martyred Lady useless as slippery snow how little trace remains of anything This chilling sentiment is often pondered by the narrator throughout this incredible novel After a potential fling with a married woman is suddenly extinguished by her sudden death our narrator must bear the burden of her memory her name and that of her young child whom he sets out a plate of food for before slipping away into the night is forever etched into his conscience What a disgrace it is for me to remember your name though I may not know your face tomorrow The lives of those lost slowly slip into the reverse side of time it s dark back their features slowly fade in our memory their belongings become redundant andseless their personal charm washed away with the fleeting spirit and slowly they dissolve from the world as we look to those alive and think on the dead less and less as time assuages the pain of their loss While Mar as often leaves the reader flailing in a vacuum facing their inevitable oblivion there is a sense of hope There is hope in the fleeting ways we leave our living on the lives of those we encounter cradled in their memories to cling to the world through them In this way Mar as presents a Madrid characterized by its ghosts The living slip through the streets with carrying the ghosts of others in their minds and hearts streets are named for famous fallen heroes parks named for bombing mishaps during the war the whole city is entrenched in its history However it is not only the dead who are faced with their dissolution and all throughout the novel we are presented with characters slowing dissolving into oblivion despite the beating of their hearts The narrator is a political ghostwriter who writes for another ghostwriter a mere ghost of a ghost a political leader that enlists his aid fears being forgotten and not leaving a mark on the memory of his people and characters shroud themselves in mystery and shadows to avoid connection to a death While it is nbearable to know another has died it is eually nbearable to dissolving while still alive Memory is the only way they can cling to the world as well such as a sullen speech by the political figure Solitaire aka Only the Lonely aka Only You etc where he expresses fears that the reviled the person the memorable they are Those who hold secrets inside feel so burdened by them that they must eventually bring them out into the light not because of a growing shame eating away at the soul but because they have merely been overcome or motivated by weariness and a desire to be whole It is The Bonds We Form bonds we form others that builds a sense of permanence by sharing memories or sharing our stories we pass them on so that we can forge a space in the hearts of others that will continue after our own departure Sometimes our ghosts can be a heavy burden such as the film seen by the narrator a film of Richard III in which an old King is visited by the ghosts of those who lost their lives in his name mocking him cursing him tomorrow in the battle think on me and fall thy edgeless sword Despair and die The world is but a history of ghosts seeking remembrance in the hearts of the living sometimes out of love sometimes out of malice Yet how much of another remembrance in the hearts of the living sometimes out of love sometimes out of malice Yet how much of another be imposed Understanding the Mass upons since much is of no interest to the person receiving it who is busy forging his or her own memories The real irony however is that even our sense of permanence the fragments that do find their way into the minds of others is just another form of fleeting impermanence Those who hold s in our hearts will eventually rot away as well taking our ghost to the grave with them Everything is continually travelling on everything is connected some things drag other things along with them all oblivious to each other everything is travelling slowly towards its own dissolution the moment it occurs and even while it is occurring The way our lives are connected is illuminated brilliantly through Mar as The way others are etched into our hearts like names on a tombstone only cracks the surface Mar as ses language in a niue and compelling way to tie everything together Using repetition to revisit many of the narrator s luscious meditations when they apply To A New Situation It a new situation it as if he doubles back to stich a new fold together in the narrative carefully sewing all the events and ideas together to form one large potent message on life and death iWhen we go back to a very familiar place the intervening time becomes compressed or is even erased and cancelled out for a moment as if we had never left it is that nchanging space that allows How to become a Kingdom Millionaire us to travel in time The way Mar as juggles his themes and pulls all the vast array of ideas together in the closing scene makes for one of the most impressive conclusions to any novel I have ever read It is nothing short of genius Through this connection of ideas Mar as remindss that this is a story being told to The Duchess of Vidal us a story from one perspective turning the reality around him into a cast of characters to move about a narrative to express the way he perceived it which opensp an incredible examination on language No. D Victor retreat to the bedroom Undressing she suddenly feels ill; and in his arms inexplicably she diesWhat should Victor do Remove the compromising tape from the phone machine Leave food for the child for breakfast These are just his first steps but he soon takes matters further; nable to bear the shadows. .

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Mañana en la batalla piensa en míT only is all of humanity connected but words as well Each word drags with it an assortment of connotations which he examines in detail each change from the sted to the tu and vice versa is dissected to extract a wealth of hidden meaning and every word is at once one thing and its contrary an idea that Derrida would be pleased to see put to good Du fährst zu oft nach Heidelberg und andere Erzählungen use It is our language that allowss to interact with one another beyond the purely physical and while both leave s forever altered by any interaction with another it is only through language that we are able to examine and express the ineffable impact of our collisions with the bodies and consciousness of others What a strange contact that intimate contact is what strong non existent links it instantly forges even though afterwards they fade and nravel and are forgottenbut not immediately after establishing those links for the first time then they feel as if they were burned into you when everything is fresh and your eyes still wear the face of the other person The physical contact bonds The Dummy Meets The Mummy! (Goosebumps SlappyWorld us to others and not only to those we immediately make contact with but all those with whom we are now linked to by the process of our minds acknowledging that the other has contact with people beyonds and now we are linked to them through this chain of interaction The narrator often tries to recall an old Anglo Saxon term that failed to be adopted into the languages that stemmed from it a term describing the bond between those who have shared a bed with the same person The narrator feels an Male Medusa, Caught in Coils (Otherkind Kink: Male Medusa, unbearable burden to acknowledge all the men he may be related to Anglo Saxon style and posits that the word has not survived because it isn t easy to accept the act that it describes and it s therefor better not to name it a connection based on rivalry andnease and jealousy and drops of blood It is language that ties Leaving Loneliness us together the most language bindss with those around The Man They Wanted Me to Be us and with those throughout all of human history Having repeatedly drawn our attention to language Mar asses the entirety of his story to examine the act of storytelling I am the one who counts he tells Literacy us the one telling the story and the one who decides who will speak therein lies the pathetic superiority of the living our temporary motive for triumph It is not the victors who write history but merely those who survive the events People are interpreted by other people and it is through language that we interpret others and our surrounding events and language isltimately a fallible device Every word we نامه های عین القضات همدانی / جلد اول utter drags its weight in connotations and the debris of both the teller and the listeners perceptions further taint each word Mar as givess not only an Die Plotter unreliable narrator but a narrator openly admitting to hisnreliability while insisting The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl upon it at the same time No one does anything convinced of its injustice he remarks as well as that everything depends on the end result doesn t it and that includes everything even if it s only an instant in time one particular action varies depending on the effect it has This presents a reality in which truth and morality is subjective to an individual and the reader must be ever conscious to see through the narrative as it is delivered by a mindtterly convinced of the validity of each action What may come across as endearing could be viewed as creepy from an outside perspective which is something we must all take to heart remembering to think outside ourselves in our everyday interactions If we do act in acknowledgement of the injustice do act in acknowledgement of the injustice our actions our soul buckles Killing the Truth under the weight and visions of ghosts may haunts in our sleep We become enshrouded in shadows burdened by our desire to become whole again through the act of storytelling The most impressive idea is that once a story has left the lips of the teller it becomes the property of all those that have heard it While it may seem improbably that each speaker in the novel should be so well euipped to deliver such moving and poetic monologues as they do it must be remembered that it is the narrator s story and there words are now his property to At Any Cost use and shape as he sees fit to elaborate and polish It is in his right to forget what really happened and replace it with fiction He is by trade a ghostwriter and wouldn t it be only natural to ghostwrite the words of those he interacts with However what is most important is that this is a story being deliverednto Havens Promise (Divine Designs, us the reader to take hold in our hearts and minds finding its own sense of immortality by being passed from one to another When we seek meaning entertainment joy and solace in the words of a story it isn t the events that matter and why should it matter if they are fact or fiction because it is how the story reverberates withins that matters most It is how we internalize and reshape it to fit our ourselves so we can pass it on again Our lives are often a continuous betrayal and denial of what came before we twist and distort
"everything as time "
as time and yet we are still aware however much we deceive ourselves that we are the keepers of secrets and mysteries however trivial This novel simply blew me away It came highly recommended from an extremely trustworthy source and managed to not only reach but to jump leaps and bounds over my expectations It is one of my favorite novels now Mar as is a master of language meandering at every possible chance to cast a louacious flashlight into each crevasse of thought along the way yet keeping an incredible intensity as he builds this psychological masterpiece The text is dense and macabre yet darkly humorous and Make Your Moment uplifting at the same time His ability to tie such a wide range of ideas together is staggering from large themes and motifs to clever repeated actions such as shoelaces comingntied to emphasize the idea of a life coming Approaching the Guitar unraveled despite all attempts to hold it together I confess I had an extremely difficult time putting together this review there is too much to discuss and the only method of tying it all together into a feasible and comprehensive manner is to just read the novel Or perhaps this book took such a hold on my heart that I feel any attempt to turn it over would spoil and tarnish it with my fingerprints This novel is truly amazing and a truly amazing portrait of our struggle to find handholds in eternity while being sucked into oblivion55 When things come to an end they have a number and the world then depends on its storytellers but only for a short time and not entirely they never fully emerge from the shadows other people are neverite done and there is always someone for whom the mystery continues. And the nknowing Victor plunges into dark waters And Javier Marías Europe's master of secrets of what lies reveal and truth may conceal is on sure ground in this profound irky and marvelous novel Brilliantly imagined and hugely intricate as La Vanguardia noted it is a novel one reads with enormous pleasu.