PDF/EPUB Writing Culture The Poetics and Politics of Ethnography A School of American Research Advanced Seminar

Writing Culture The Poetics and Politics of Ethnography A School of American Research Advanced Seminar

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Clifford James George E Marcus editors WRITING CULTURE The Poetics and Politics of Ethnography Berkeley University of California Press 1986 Between the introduction by James Clifford and the afterword piece by George E Marcus Writing Culture is an impressive undertaking by seven authorities in various fields of academic endeavor The essays produced were a esult of intensive discussions held at the School of American Research in Sante Fe New Mexico in 1984 The essays are evised versions *of papers presented at the Sante Fe seminar The general *working papers presented at the Sante Fe seminar The general of seminar was to focus on the making of ethnography texts Of the nine contributors seven have background in anthropology one in history and one in literary studies By attempting textual and literary analyses the essays seek to examine the #past of cultural anthropology and thereby project the future of experimental workClifford #of cultural anthropology and thereby project the future of experimental workClifford in his introduction a pivotal uote from Roland Barthes Jeunes Chercheurs The last sentence in this uote states that Interdisciplinarity consists in creating a new object that belongs to no one 1 Conceivably the uestion might be asked what is ethnography If not a new object then it is certainly looked at in new ways Ethnography is changing and diverse Clifford states it best when he says that ethnography is actively situated between powerful systems of meaning It poses its uestions at the boundaries of civilizations cultures classes aces and genders Ethnography decodes and The Widow's Lawman recodes telling the grounds of collective order and diversity inclusion and exclusion It describes processes of innovation and structuration and is itself part of the processes 2 3 Because this is a complex interdisciplinary area the essays take on various tenets Each essay takes intenseea. In these new essays a group of experienced ethnographers a literary critic and a historian of anthropology all known for advanced analytic work on ethnographic writing place ethnography at the center of a new intersection of social history interpretive anthropology travel writing discourse theory and textual criticismThe authors analyze classic examples of cultural description from Goet. Ding and eflection with some getting across their point better than others
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found the by Stephen A Tyler of much interest because his presentation flows gracefully from one idea to the other Tyler believes there is the possible world of common sense and the impossible world of science and politics He compares ethics ethos to sayinghearing science eidos as seeingshowing and politics pathos as doingcting These are great allegories that espectively create the discourses of value *representation and work The uestion is then asked is ethnography ethics *and work The uestion is then asked is ethnography ethics makes the bold claim that ethnography is a superordinate discourse to which all other discourses are elativized and in which they find their meaning and justification Ethnography s superordination is the conseuence of its imperfection Neither self perfecting in the manner of scientific discourse nor Totalizing In The Manner Of Political Discourse It Is Defined in the manner of political discourse it is defined by a flexive attention to its own ules nor by the performative instrumentality of those God Gave Me a Mulligan: A Journalist's Life in War and Peace rules Defined neither by form nor byelation to an external object it produces no idealizations of form and performance no fictionalized Elephant Slaves and Pampered Parrots: Exotic Animals in Eighteenth-Century Paris realities orealities fictionalized Its transcendence is not that of a meta language of a language superior by means of its greater form nor that of a unity created by synthesis and sublation nor of praxis and practical application Transcendent then neither by theory nor by practice nor by their synthesis it describes no knowledge and produces no action It transcends instead by evoking what cannot be known discursively or performed perfectly though all know it as if discursively and perform it as if perfectly 123 The key then to understanding how ethnography is written is by how and what it evokes Evok. He and Catlin to Malinowski Evans Pritchard and Le Roy Ladurie showing the persistence of allegorial patterns and The American Academic Profession: Transformation in Contemporary Higher Education rhetorical tropes They assessecent experimental trends and explore the functions of orality ethnicity and power in ethnographic composition Writing Culture argues that ethnography is in the midst of a political and epistemological crisis Western writers no longer portray ,
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Ing in the The Arena: An Offering to Contemporary Monasticism reader of ethnography uestions than are answers is likely the veryeason the author writes as he writes Tyler declares that because post modern ethnography privileges discourse over text it foregrounds dialogue as opposed to monologue and emphasizes the cooperative and collaborative nature of the ethnographic situation in contrast to the ideology of the transcendental observer 126Tyler s essay goes further and gives us an excellent history of ethnography He describes the different periods and the stance that ethnography held during that period to contrast with what post modern ethnography is To Tyler post modern ethnography is an occult document it is enigmatic paradoxical and esoteric conjunction of Jewish Thought, Utopia, and Revolution reality and fantasy that evokes the constructed simultaneity we know as naiveealism is a A Kangaroo's Life return to the idea of aesthetic integration as therapy once captured in the sense of Proto Indo European ar way of being orderly and harmonious arrangement as parts of a whole an object of meditation that provokes aupture with the commonsense world and evokes an aesthetic integration whose therapeutic effect is wo Easily the worst book I have ever had to suffer through Half baked pretentious nonsense My copy is full of penciled in anger in the margins Post mods eally do have it out for feminist Liked it but not in a couldn t put it down sort of way If you like post modernism in anthropology this is *The Book For You *book for you is in a way
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started a in ethnographic writing and there are some very useful comments ideas and good critiue on ethnographic in there However there are many gaps in the way authors present their arguments and the authors seem to eject all ideas exept their own and I find it often to arrogant An ok book I think. On Western peoples with unchallenged authority; the process of cultural Filosofía e inmanencia representation is now inescapably contingent historical and contestable The essays in this volume help us imagine a fully dialectical ethnography acting powerfully in the postmodern world system They challenge all writers in the humanities and social sciences toethink the poetics and politics of cultural invention. ,