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Top me reading of Tim Parks s stories 45 this was the first novel by this author I ve read and I was surprised at how much I disliked it May read another to see what I think Really like his stories of life in Italy but this fiction was grim with unlikable characters Letto in una seraTerribile E splendido I got to the end of this novel but didn t think I d manage it after the first 50 pages or so The character of George seemed one dimensional and he s horrible Having finished it I thought it was ok but nothing SPECIAL A TWIST AT THE END A Twist At The End A Possible Epiphany at the end a possible epiphany it was unsatisfying Marvellous Tim Parks has a gift for skewering the dynamics of a relationship for expressing unflinchingly what we often really feel but don t say This exceptional novel deals with the fraught issue of parenting a severely handicapped child Humorous sad and ironic A story of a couple who have a severly handicapped child and how they cope or don t cope A bit odd. Except that the word 'insoluble' just isn't part of the man's vocabulary George will stop at nothing nothing to get his life back on the rails agai.

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Broken a solemn vow to someone else thus depriving her son of a new father He believes his sister "peggy unmarried and pregnant was erring in sentimentality "unmarried and pregnant was erring in sentimentality romanticism and refusing to a new father He believes his sister Peggy unmarried and pregnant was erring in sentimentality and romanticism and refusing to long and hard at future reality future practicality in happily refusing an abortion He never uite understands his wife Shirley never asks the right uestions because they might elicit the wrong answers for him and his chosen way of lifeIn the second half of the book we see George in a different light his life turned on its head with the birth of his severely disabled daughter Hilary He struggles against the hand that life has dealt him whereas his mother wife and sister just get on with things that s lifeA dislikable protagonist is not a barrier to a good book and just as Barbara Covett in What Was She Thinking Notes on a Scandal was fascinating in her dislikability so is George Crawley The ending didn t suit me but that s a personal preference and won t Ge he is secure in the belief that he is master of his own destiny Then comes the tragic blow fate presents him with an apparently insoluble problem. I would never be gratuitously Mean Or Violent But Then or violent but then would I ever put up with anybody or any situation that made life unbearable I would be honest and reasonable generous where generosity was due and I would always always choose the road that led to a happy healthy normal life So says George Crawley whose missionary father had been murdered for his faith In Tim Parks s Goodness George and his sister Peggy return home with their mother whose one thing I regret in my life is the and his sister Peggy return home with their mother whose one thing I regret in my life is the they made me Speak Before They Killed Her before they killed her narrates his story in two parts Before Hilary and Hilary In the first half he looks back on his childhood and early married life when he firmly stuck to his own moral code He is uite a dislikable character self centred and unable to empathise with others convinced he knows best and blaming his own problems on the faith based ethics of othersHe s disappointed that his mother could never marry a man who had. George Crawley has finally got his life running along satisfyingly straight lines Having made a success of his career and saved his faltering marria.

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