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crosses her path with a Arsen whose yes changes colours something inside her just shakes very hard as if sth inside her is being challenged Soon she s admitted into a private school where she again gets ye contact with the same boy same thing happens again She gets dragged by the boy to just to find out she isn t a normal girl she is also a Lupinekind of werewolf she must keep it a secret Although she is irritated with the guy s behaviour too much of secrets she needs to find out about her father grandfather also it s hard to main distance fro the guy as he s really charmingThe book overall was really a good read Just that I xpected it to be a high fantasy but it was of a light read fantasy with teenager romance Also I loved some new concepts introduced with creatures unlike just copy pasting The Theories From Old Books This Ends On A Soft theories from old books This nds on a soft So I am about to start the seuel as I uite njoyed the first bookUnfortunately the romance was uninspiring But there was lots of other things I liked about the storyLouvette is a 17 year old girl raised by her single mother Sarah They have spent the last 17 years moving from town to town across the southern US until Louvette learns that she is the heir to a grandfather she never knew and he was murderedSo they travel to a small town in Montana where her grandfather was a town founder along with a 3 other families Once there Louvette discovers that she isn t as human as she thoughtLouvette s a bit of a special snowflake but she s also practical and level headed I loved her relationship with her mother Her relationship with the boy and her girlfriend didn t ring as true I liked the world building which was a little different from other shifter stories The story is full of mysteries like who murdered her grandfather and what happened to her fatherThere s also a suggestion of political maneuvering to come And plenty of shady characters To be honest it s pretty obvious what happened to her father about halfway in. Er attack landed Her momentary satisfaction was thrown off along with her balance as the girls fell to the ground A large arm separated them apart as the coach finally arrived to do his job They continued to kick at ach other looking like barrel monkeys hanging off a barrel “Break it up Lynskey and Mallory report to the principal’s office immediately” snapped Coach No Clue No clue what his name was because she hadn’t been in his class or let alone the whole school of Farwell long nough to learn it She was dragged down the hallway toward the principal’s office than reported to it The ueen B otherwise known as Tiffany.
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Summary Winters Wolf (The Cursed, #1)

Winter s Wolf is the first book in The Cursed series I wasn t sure what to xpect when I got this book but it turned out to be pretty good The story concept is interesting and I njoyed the characters The author does a good job of building suspense so it keeps you reading There are a few places where the story breaks down a bit but I think this series has promise One of the things that caught me in this book are bit but I think this series has promise One of the things that caught me in this book are names of the characters I don t know why it stood out but the names really fit this book wellOverall a good read Winter s Wolf is a YA paranormal and I was surprised at how much I Black Heart, Red Ruby enjoyed it I was pulled in from the beginning and was uickly turning the pages to find out what was going to happen next I really liked the main character Louvette my only issue is that she is too uick to be okay withverything that is happening I don t know about you but if a person I didn t know dug their claws into my arm giving me cuts so deep that I should have had stitches I would their claws into my arm giving me cuts so deep that I should have had stitches I would be OK It s been awhile since I ve read a werewolf book and overall it was good full of action suspense mystery and young love I m really looking forward to book 2 Moving from one school to other wasn t something new for Louvette Lynske all thanks to her high temper Her mother Sarah Lynske is seriously disappointed knowing her daughter records that she ll face hard time to get up into any school Being a single mother with no other support feels like failing to herLouvette never got any chance to have a glimpse of her father or other family members ver in her life until One A Family Lawyer Introducing Himself As Close Friend To a family lawyer introducing himself as close friend to father announces that her grandfather was murdered few weeks ago had left a good amount of inheritance for her as few days prior her birth her father went missing was never foundReaching to her real hometown had been a completely different xperience as this town was kind of small and snow fall happens to be here for real which she loves Her family house was so big that her own room was bigger than the flats she d lived in which all The impact of the sucker punch sent Louvette to the ground hard Pain flared across her cheek as it split The New Plant Parent: Learn the Ways of Plant Parenthood effects of her adrenaline paused as her mother’s words of warning replayed in her mind Make this school last until graduation She knew this would break her mother’s heartA shout that did not come from her mother took her back to present reality She hadn’t started this fight but she knew she wasn’t going to let her butt get stompedither She jumped up Her fist balled as a blonde pixie of a girl came at her Louvette dodged her this time and swung her fist straight into the girl’s nose A solid crunch sounded as .
But the author intended that and it will be interesting how it plays out in the next bookIt s a safe story and pg for now view spoilerArsen yes that s HIS NAME DON T WORRY IT name don t worry it be xplained and Louvette only kiss a few times No idea if he s a virgin Louvette is but has been kissed before She moved around too much to have any relationships There s an OW wannabe Emily that Arsen has apparently been avoiding for years So she s No Competition But She May competition but she may to be vindictive in the next book hide spoiler 35 HOWLING STARS This is the story of Louvette who s been very troublesome and as a result she s getting kicked out of several schools One day a lawyer shows up and tells them that she s in the will of her absent grandfather who left them his house and verything lse so they move out and go to this small town A small town where she can have a new start a chance to change her life but what happens when secrets come to the surface and some xtraordinary things start to occur My thoughts about this book are very mixed On one hand I really ЯED enjoyed the plot I thought that it was uniue and refreshing and I loved all the new information and how it went against the normal werewolf things we know and added some newlements I really liked the world building that this author created It reminded me of Teen Wolf but with a heroine instead and with uniue powers These were my favorite parts of the story What I didn t njoy as much was the writing because it seemed immature to me The dialogues were all over the place and sometimes things were passed so fast and like nothing big happened when it was a crucial moment for our heroine Maybe if I had read this book when I was younger I would have njoyed it much but at the time being I could tell that this was a debut and that the author didn t have much xperience But that s totally normal and we grow and I m sure that the next books will be much better and I can t wait to read the next books in the Cursed series Thank you to the author and MMB tours for the copy and the chance to read and review this on. Mallory began to beg immediately spawning an eye roll from Louvette She was a whiny beggar Just one of many B words that could describe her roll from Louvette She was a whiny beggar Just one of many B words that could describe her a T but it was the nicest one that Louvette could think of Her pleading stopped as they arrived at the door of the principal’s office They locked yes for a second hatred flaring toward ach other “I’m first I’m on my third offense and I’m not waiting all day for you to get a slap on the wrist” Louvette said to Tiffany as she darted past her into the office The only thing that stopped her from slamming the door in the B’s face was the creature on the other side of the door. Winters Wolf (The Cursed, #1)