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Ce several ozen pages past will be an etiolated projection of that which is occurring in stark etail on the current page with which the reader is occupied Yet just as we must endeavor to plumb memory for its stored images if we are to make sense of and survive within the bewildering labyrinth of existence we similarly must recall the pages we ve already perused if we re to understand the lines of type arrayed in their ordered ranks before our eyes Thus if you love books you must perforce bear some love however imperceptible it seems for life itself and by this measure Benjamin s passion for existence must have been eepMy Favorite Of Benjamin S Intellectual of Benjamin s intellectual is his brief essay on translation confounding and Pathfinder Player Companion: Alchemy Manual difficult aialectic prose puzzle but flush with profound insight and a AFRICAN AMERICAN URBAN depth of analysis that rings very true to me especially that of a good translation advancing the suitor language of necessity accessing the ur language inherent to conveyed experience and which exists on a higher level even to the original tongue By Benjamin s theory civilizations existing in isolation will conceptually lag those wherein multiple tonguesance with each other soar ever higher in an effort to transcend the barriers of iffering vowel and consonantal pairings and patterns I ll never read another translated work without giving it serious thought from what I take to be Benjamin s propositionI entered into the essay The Image of Proust with some trepidation as I ve yet to read his endlessly lauded literary paradigm and id not want To Receive Spoiling Details receive spoiling The Gnostic Religion details Benjamin avoids giving anything of importance away while spinning another measured web on the prime role recollection and forgetting played in the life and lifework of this indolent reminiscer The entire piece is a wonder wending theifficult prose reveals remarkable burnishing of Proust s image the two sided tapestry his great text wove in which story and characterization were the penumbral opposite of recollection the structural key in which Computational Molecular Biology: An Algorithmic Approach (Computational Molecular Biology) details of existence were salvaged from the slate gray interweaving of forgetting s loom The manner in which Benjamin probe s the peculiar coincidence of a bedridden life combining with Proust s fascination with French high society and envy for the innate ability of servants to inhale the entirety of the manners and s of their social betters is striking as is theiligent effort he expended towards Mocktails decoding the hidden language of the aristocracy in order to preserve its timeworn rituals and routines in his immortal search The end result is but further pressure put upon myself to make that goddamn commitment to this three thousand page siren and get in on the goods alreadyThe final entry Theses on the Philosophy of History written at a particularly grim stage of the Twentieth Century besides its arresting wordplay in contrasting Historicism with Historical Materialism offers food for thought in expounding the messianic component in the latter and the violence and barbarism ingrained in the cultural objects proudly carried along in the onrushing stream of progressivismAnd it s such gorgeous writing too Experience has fallen in value And it looks as if it is continuing to fall into bottomlessness Every glance at a newspaperemonstrates that it has reached a new low that our picture not only of the external world but of the moral world as well overnight has undergone changes which were never thought possible With the First World War a process began to become apparent which has not halted since then Was it not noticeable at the end of the war that men returned from the battlefield grown silent not richer but poorer in communicable experience What ten years later was poured out in the flood of war books was anything but experience that goes from mouth to mouth And there was nothing remarkable about that For never has experience been contradicted thoroughly than strategic experience by tactical warfare economic experience by inflation bodily experience by mechanical warfare moral experience by those in power A generation that had gone to school on a horse Clojure In Action drawn streetcar now stood under the open sky in a countryside in which nothing remained unchanged but the clouds and beneath these clouds in a field of force ofestructive torrents and explosions was the tiny fragile human body For every second of time was the strait gate through which the Messiah might enterThere are hardly enough superlatives for t A wide ranging collection of critical and aesthetic essays exploring everything from the process of literary translation across space and time to the artwork in the age of mechanical reproduction Benjamin s style at once sensitive and incisive is entrancing though much of the criticism gathered here including pieces on Kafka Baudelaire and Proust feels archaic ahead of its time but Southern African Literature: An Introduction dated and shallow toda. Ession book collecting The essay is Benjamin'somain; those collected in this now legendary volume offer the best possible access to his singular and significant achievement In a stimulating introduction Hannah Arendt reveals how Benjamin's life and work are a prism to his times and identifies him as possessing the rare ability to think poeticall. IlluminationenReading literary and aesthetic criticism with barely any context is a habit I ve picked up in these strange times with Illuminations this exercise has been fairly rewarding and uite frustrating in eual measure I picked up this book for the famous essay on art in the age of mechanical reproduction but I uite enjoyed reading Benjamin s reflections on book collecting on Proust eating a cookie and stumbling upon lost time on Brechtian theatre on the history of storytelling told through Leskov and on Baudelaire in the crowd Despite not having read Leskov Baudelaire or Proust in any capacity or perhaps because and on Baudelaire in the Despite not having read Leskov Baudelaire or in any capacity or perhaps because it I found the essays not having read Leskov Baudelaire or Proust in any capacity or perhaps because it I found the essays their works and their thematic exploration of time and memory intriguing Benjamin s essays on Kafka on the other hand came off as rather BWWM (Interracial Romance BWWM African American Multicultural Romance) *2 (Interracial Romance BWWM African American Multicultural Romance) *2: Billionaires Secret Baby (BWWM Secret Baby Romance Contemporary Romance) dated and uite hard to get through The biggerisappointment though was The Task of the Translator which rather ironically was the one whose elouence felt tragically lost in translationWhile I probably understood less than half of this book and have retained even lesser I feel humbled by Benjamin s range and touched by the way he writes ie in near psychedelic meditations that reflect upon and illuminate some of the most important issues in modernist times be it memory art the aesthetic politics of Fascism history or the principles of social BWWM (An African American Romance) (BWWM Paranormal Scifi Romance) democracy Euallyeserving of praise is Hannah Arendt s brilliant introduction to this book and to the life and work of Walter Benjamin I particularly liked the section on posthumous fame and the parallels between Benjamin and Kafka as well as the way Arendt talks about the former s African Literature: Overview and Bibliography death It was also in this essay that I found the exceptionally and historically eerie fact of a report from Viennaated summer 1939 saying that the local gas company had stopped supplying gas to Jews The gas consumption of the jewish population involved a loss for the gas company since the biggest consumers were the ones who Aliens Rogue Aliens did not pay their bills The Jews used the gas especially for committing suicide which appeared next to a love poem in Benjamin s collection of uotations That s one amongst things I feel both guilty and amused to have learnt through this book All that aside I would recommend this book to anyone interested in theory especially those who have context to the subject matter than Iid I would also leave the task of assigning this book a star rating to such a reader or to myself in the occassion I return to this book better euipped Reading Benjamin makes me realize how 98% of the conversations I have are a waste of time His Eşti cool şi dacă vorbeşti corect depth reaches far and his reading spreads vast These essays are chiefly memorable for1 The one about thewarf that lives under the chessboard2 The one about how he has too many books but they are all his children3 The one where Kafka has a headache but everyone keeps asking him for favors4 The one where Proust eats a cookie5 The one in which they lose the aura6 The one where the gang all wear translations as baggy coats7 The one where Baudelaire gets lost in a crowd8 The one with the Hannah Arendt encomium to Walter Benjamin9 The one where he cites Lukacs on the novelThese are all voluntary memories though Please eat a cookie to access the involuntary ones I Fall for You d lie if I said that I understood than charitably fifty percent of these essays Besides for the mountains of literary references and the obliue angles from which Benjamin approaches his subjects his languid fl neur like writing makes itifficult to follow his train of thought Still the beauty of such writing and the tendency toward hyperbole so characteristic of the Frankfurt School have no Money Blues to Blue Money doubt played a great role in Benjamin s reputation as a criticThese essays selected by Hannah Arendt focus on a number of Modernist writers Proust Kafka Baudelaire Leskov whom I hadn t heard of Brecht and their approach to society As a Marxist Benjamin saw the cultural as tightly embedded in the political as he concludes the most best known essay in the book The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction Fascism seeks to make the aesthetic political glorifying war andestruction and Communism must respond by politicising the aesthetic Thus he sees the Facial Action Coding SystemInvestigator's Guide Part 16701 decline of the culture of storytelling as symptomatic of the increasingemands on our time placed by industrialisation and urbanisation Boredom the prime condition for storytelling no longer exists Reflections on the Work of Nikolai Leskov In another essay he recalls Poe s and Baudelaire s respective takes on an imagined crowd scene both regarding with growing horror the single minded intensity of the crowd and their utter alienation in the Marxist sense from each other and themselves On Some Motifs in Baudelaire Benjamin is fascinated by Proust focusing on the Bergsonian metaphysics underpinning In Search of Lost Time From what I understand of Bergson s philosophy he claims th. The literary philosophical works of Walter Benjamin 1892 1940 rank among the most uietly influential of the post war era though only since his Alchemy for Women death has Benjamin achieved the fame and critical currency outside his native Germany accorded him by a select fewuring his lifetime Now he is widely held to have possessed one of the most acute and origi. ,

At only by ignoring our subjective experience of time and connecting to the atemporal ur e can we transcend causality and experience true freedom Thus Proust searches for his childhood memories attempting to restore his unadulterated youthful happiness through mental effort Perhaps it is not a attempting to restore his unadulterated youthful happiness through mental effort Perhaps it is not a to see Benjamin politicising this thought seeing society as undergoing a similar transformation through the overthrow of the bourgeois societal status uo and the return to the authentic state of natureThe other essays focus on some literary trends with remarkable prescience One is a eep reading of Kafka s absurdism and its relation to Jewish culture in 1940 the year of Benjamin s Nicholas Flamels First Codex death Kafka was still a little known figure at least in the English speaking world A shorter essayescribing Brecht s idea of the Epic Theatre stripped of the attempt at realism and full of meta theatrical Alien devices to confuse and startle the audience presages Tom Stoppard Samuel Beckett and countless art films The final essay consists of some rather Gnomic statements on Hegel s Philosophy of HistoryContrary to its subtitle this book is rather one of Reflections and less one of Essays in the Montaignian sense Benjamin swirls his brush into society politics and art and teases out the gossamer threads connecting artistic creation and social change In the finest spirit of Modernism heelves into the unconscious seeking to understand the changes we have wrought the ills in our society and the ephemeral presence of beauty amongst cruelty and ehumanisation Sadly he could not escape the march of that inhumanity which was close on his heels at the time that he took his own life Benjamin s writings on Proust Kafka Baudelaire and Leskov are really brilliant and engrossing I was especially taken with his history of the storyteller in relation to Leskov s stories how the verbal communication that was the initial component of storytelling issipated after the fragmenting of human experience that came along with the realities of the industrial revolution and the barbarism of World War I as if history itself killed mankind s ability to actually feel and process experience and how this sets the modern novel outside the tradition of storytelling His essay on Proust inspired me to start in on a second reading of Swann s Way and his ideas on Baudelaire in relation to Poe and the history of the flaneur have been echoed by Numerous Critics Hence Really Anyone critics hence Really anyone in the art of writing needs to give some time to this collection The introduction is also a very compelling review of Benjamin s life and thought And thankfully at least in this collection but less so in Reflections he African American Literature in Transition, 1830-1850 does not siphon his ideas on art through his sometimes annoying Marxist filter This is essential stuff SentimentalityI still talk about The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction 30 years after I first read itIon t remember it as a purely political tract even though that is how it is all À quoi rêvent les algorithmes dressed upI think Benjaminisplayed some egree of sentimentality and attachment to the original work of art Its uniueness its cult value its authenticity its ability to illuminateironically the way that we relate to illuminateIronically the way that we relate to reproduced books These are meandering thoughts on the book especially on Benjamin s Mechanical Reproduction essay If you have any thoughts insi The introductory essay by Hannah Arendt who also id Spare the Child: The Religious Roots of Punishment and the Psychological Impact of Physical Abuse duty as editor of this wonderful collection serves up her usual insight and reliablyelivered via her rather Managing Activism A Guide to Dealing with Activists and Pressure Groups dense language in categorizing Benjamin as a poetic mind who approached cultural and literary criticism in a uniue manner one that left a lasting influence upon those who followed in his wake Benjamin s opening sally a short piece on the eccentric inner workings of the book collector resonated in a warmly satisfying wayescribing idiosyncrasies and behaviors that fit me like a glove Currently approaching some six thousand titles my personal library is of comparable size to that of Herr Benjamin s back when he put pen to paper the learned author comes off as a intelligent kindred spirit to this reviewer one whose book based similarities both measure and explain the bibliomaniac s obsessions and joys with a reassuring abundance of lucidity and enthusiasm It underscores why I could never abandon the printed book for its electronic changeling I m crazy about and reuire its physical manifestation with its covers front and back and fleshy pages redolent with human imagination intelligence and spirit A book is a microcosm of life itself each page a separate Faith Into Action: Thoughts on Selected Topics day with its own uniue events thoughts conversations and actions Each page is necessary for those that follow for establishing a linear narrative for that which occurs as pages are turned and as yesterday and theay before will eventually fade and Alien Generals Chosen Brion Brides dim in memory s retreats so what took pla. Nal minds of the Central European cultureecimated by the Nazis Illuminations contains his two most celebrated essays 'The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction' and 'Theses on the Philosophy of History' as well as others on the art of translation Kafka storytelling Baudelaire Brecht's epic theatre Proust and an anatomy of his own obs.