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Wild Boy A Tale of Rowan HoodErs I ve enjoyed My only complaint overall is The Length Of The Books length of the books t enough to really get to know the characters Or maybe that it s narrative heavy and you get inside their heads less Either way I don t connect with the characters on a personal level But you know That s okay Not every series has to do that Sometimes you come across a series that you don t necessarily connect with but you still get you still love and you still read over and over And for me this is that series I just have to say I m not much of a reader but I liked this book I would recommend it to people who are like me This book is about the back story of one of Robin Hood s fellow out laws and the sheriff of Nottinham s son

* eriff himself *
Eriff himself with the evil MAN'S SON SNARED BY ONE OF THE MANTRAPS HIS son snared by one of the mantraps his father planted to catch outlaws such as Rook Filled with clashes of sword and emotion this pa.

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Followers of the series will be glad to hear
*rook s story *
s story is and why is he living wild in the forest Young readers will thrill to the adventure feel the sorrow of loss and be glad that Rook learns to forgive and move onFor me however this series started feeling repetitive possible spoilers Lionel is extremely tall and strong like Little John and a minstrel like Allan a Dale Rowan AND Tod And Rook s father are all caught in man traps Rowan and Beau both disguise themselves as men Etty and Lionel s fathers are both cruel as now is Tod s father in See the first book in the series for a full review I ve always loved the Rowan hood serious and honestly this book just falls in with the oth. Ever since the Sheriff of Nottingham killed his father rook has run wild in his father Rook has run wild in Forest dreaming of his day for vengeance Finally he has found his chance Not with the sh. N the story it talks about how they live in the woods Everything is going fine and dandy ntil one day a boy rides though the woods The out laws kidnap the boy to estion him and find out he is the sheriff of Nottingham s son He snuck out and stole a horse to go to the woods to bring back an out law to try to gain his father s respect The out laws keep him hostage but one day he escapes and gets Caught In One Of in one of father s man traps Some of the out laws didn t want to save him Later in the book one of the out laws gets kidnapped so they arrange a trade The sheriff s son for the out law What happens will probably suprise you There s a whole lot of teenage angst and melodrama going on in this series. Ge turning installment in Nancy Springer's Tales of Rowan Hood series will leave readers eager to return to Sherwood where outlaws are often innocent and survival is no game. ,