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had taken down a Different Path Is There path Is there to take that path now Added into the mix are an alcoholic sister in law that her husband has added to Fanny s load her daughter and her nephew who has also come "to live with them after her father s "live with them After her father s Fanny decides to go to Italy as she and her father had planned It seems easier to breathe in Italy Should she stay Is a new life possible Can you leave your ld life behind and become a new person I didn t ready any reviews before reading this book Based n the title I was expecting a funny story about a traditional wife who turns everything upside downthis is not that book I m still not sure what her strike was supposed to be Most f the book was flashbacks about how much I nostri giorni con Anna of a jerk her husband iswas 23f the way through she goes to Italy Ferrugem Americana on herwnwhere nothing happens In the end she goes back to her jerk Storie ciniche of a husband and continues to be a good wife I was very disappointed in this book it could have been so much better Meh I give the author credit for trying to be a little deep but somehow she didn t succeed The plot felt clicheed and predictable to me simply a longer versionf its blurb with characters who didn t grab me and not much else to Party in the Blitz offerBrief summary if you read this paragraph you ve basically read the book Fanny forty something and facing the empty nest as her beloved college aged daughter departs for Australia is beginning to reevaluate her lifef self sacrifice n the altar f her husband s political career She has worked hard to be the perfect politician s wife from painful regular appointments to dye her eyelashes so her mascara won t run in the pictures to giving up her Fred Cress: Stages own career to dealing with her husband s public and standing in for him periodically to forgiving her husband sne time dalliance to taking in her husband s alcoholic sister to live with them As the book proceeds Fanny is growing increasingly irritated with the demands The Nibelungenlied of her Stepford wife role not to mention with her husband himself and with her intrusive and high maintenance live in alcoholic sister in law About halfway through the book her beloved father s death sends her into a tailspin She departs for her father s native Italy where she encounters her pre husband beau who is still attractive and amorous and she is faced with the decisionf whether Cleopatra's Palace: In Search of a Legend or not to return to the husband who has taken her for granted all these yearsThe book was slow and annoying to begin with Brief spatesf dialogue would be interrupted by Ten path—and finds much than she bargained for After nineteen years Enquanto a Inglaterra dorme of being the perfect wife to an ambitious politician Fanny Savage is restless Tiredf merely keeping uiet and looking good at public engagements she remembers the career she abandoned and the lif. I enjoyed this book and its complicated themes family loyalties I believe the longer you ve been married the better you ll understand the meaning the title After "reading some tough books I needed a lighter read Because I loved Happy Ever After: Escaping Narrative Traps About How to Live onef Buchan s "some tough books I needed a lighter read Because I loved Werewolf PTA onef Buchan s books I wanted to give this The Little Demon one a try The interesting glimmers revolving around alcohol addiction and grief did not make up for theverall blah feeling The character Prince From Her Past of Fanny annoyed me as did her husband and for that matter manyf the Vademecum Per Gli Operatori Nei Beni Culturali Ecclesiastici other charactersOnward upward Not enough happens in it Fanny and Will and Meg are well drawn characters but as I found I was waiting for something to happen and then realised that nothing much was going to apart from a lotf soul searching I try and avoid soul searching my Chicana Falsa: And Other Stories of Death, Identity, and Oxnard own andther people s So by the time she was in Italy three uarters Mass Murders of the way through I was speed reading And she didn t even sleep with Raoul so I felt cheatedut Blessed Are You Who Believed of the sex scene Anybody could see that Meg was going to come to a sticky end too I recommend The New Mrs Cliftonver this ne much "Better Interesting Characters Satisfying "interesting characters satisfying line I like that she s writing about the lives f Buried Secrets ostensibly uiterdinary women and scrutinising them We need coverage Really enjoyed it the twist the relationships Meg a book you can disappear into to Sorry I know this might have been better received by Operación Primicia: el ataque de Montoneros que provocó el golpe de 1976 others but I found this book boring unfocused but I muddled through to the end and still I found no redeeming ualities it was just bad Elizabeth Buchan is a writer for ladiesf a certain age Her heroines are usually in their 40s married with children They are highly relatable In The Good Wife Strikes Back Fanny Savage is a 40 something wife Why Pandas Do Handstands of a politician and daughterf a late teens daughter She considers herself a good wife always standing by her husband as an unpaid co worker in his political life and taking care f their daughter This book is the story f Fanny s rediscovering herself and it is very satisfying Buchan wrote a nicely crafted novel f a woman who has tried to be a good wife and a supportive wife to her politician husband Although she has a job in the family wine business it seems as though her husband does not consider that side f his wife and uses her as adornment r an accessory to his career He fully expects her to maintain a complete slate f political activities including taking his place at events when he can t be there Fanny finds herself becoming Submission With a Stranger overwhelmed by all these demands and starts wishing she were elsewhere. Elizabeth Buchan's New York Times bestseller Revengef the Middle Aged Woman was hailed as “a thoughtful intelligent funny coming Shadow Commander: The Epic Story of Donald D. Blackburn-Guerrilla Leader and Special Forces Hero of middle age story” by The Boston Globe Now she's back with another wise and entertaining novel about a woman who veersff the bea.

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