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Ee of him interacting with Chuck in this book made me ship them so hard Church and Ranger are my new faves ven though Ranger was my fave in the last book The harem begins to shape up in this book and my god was I living for it I need right now As you can tell I m really into reverse harem at the moment xtremely guilty pleasure But what I loved about this one is the veil of mystery that is intertwined throughout the book and I assume the series This makes this Book Intriguing And Unputdownable Staying intriguing and unputdownable Staying late On A School Night To a school night to and start reading book 2 shows how much this story got under my skin Steamy and suspenseful I think what I love most about this series is the suspense I mean at this point I really don t know who the bad guys are She s keeping us on our toes for sure I also surprisingly like the slow burn aspect because we re literally watching the development of this strong bond between all of them as they slowly this strong bond between all of them as they slowly their harem I love spencer I love the twins I love ranger I love church Gahhh I want them all for myself And I really love our kicka heroine I said it in the first book but I ll say it again to leave this short and sweet YOU NEED THIS SERIES IN YOUR LIFE Off to the next one I go I m a little disappointed in myself that this is the first book I ve started and finished since the semester beganI actually started this book when it came out in Augustand finished it yesterday mid September There s literally nothing to hold your attention in this book and I had so many issues with it that it s not ven funnyFirst this book contributed nothing to the plot At all Every book should at least have some kind of contribution to make but there wasn t anything significant hereThe book was a weird mess of plot points that were basically just wish fulfillment We go from Connecticut to California to Disney Land back to Connecticut and then some weird Japanese onsen where the characters spend approximately the last 5% of the novel and do absolutely nothing on a school trip that makes no sense Yet somehow this part of the novel was important nough oh lord so much mystery also what is with these damn cliffhangers UGHOkay so The Ruthless Boys was good I m not going to lie I was getting a smidge worried once she got sent back home for good I was wondering what was happening and who is xactly behind all of this I doubt it s Church but I mean the nding does seem suspicious I just feel like he s hiding so much from her and Ranger too and I just want them all to bring their secrets up to the lightOne big happy family please I mean RH Ugh I m sort of happy that they are all o Buddy Read with girls at the House of Harem RHRWell speed read really because I pretty much went through this at 100 miles an hourNever have I built up so much to a seuel The constant guessing game of when it was going to be released had me wondering if this was going to be a massive let downI m happy to say I fell back into this world very uickly and fell back in love with the characters asily I think it might be an unpopular opinion that this was awesome but I happen to love the fluff and lighthearted romance and this was xactly thatNot much on the murder mystery front other than a lot of speculation but I think this was E killer follows My new high school isn't safe and turns out neither is my old oneI'm not a member of the Student Council but after verything we've been through together after the horrible things we've seen I may as well be These ruthless boys have taken me under their wingChurch the fearless leader That cliffhangerFirst off when is the last book due out Second why did I give up reading completed series I m hating all these cliffhangers lately Last whose hand landed on her shoulder in that last scene Church Her dad Mr Note Writer Teacher There are some serious laugh out loud moments in some serious laugh out loud moments in series And just A Certain Justice (Adam Dalgliesh, enough mystery to reel me in So her harem seems to have jumped from 3 to all 5 Good I liked them all I know I know Maybe Church is a psycho but what girl doesn t need a little psycho in her harem Definitely keeps it interesting Besides I think it s that whole Imposter Syndrome or whatever it was called I don t think he s really psychopathic Just maybe he is good at trying to act how he thinks he should to be most accepted and get what he wants Isn t that what most people are anyway I dunno The chemistry she had with Spencer last book seems to have gotten lost in the pages This book the chemistry seems to be with Ranger mostly and kinda also with Church Yeah Micah and Tobias a little too But then again I am sure it s hard to balance all that chemistry when writing while giving the newer harem members time to shine and letting the other two seal the deal Yeah okayBy the way I loved Church s family That restaurant bread bowl prosthetic scene was hilarious Well then 45 stars I think Reading this book after a few months of waiting it felt as though there was less mystery solving and relationship building with mundane stuff I admit some of mynthusiasm wilted with the drama about the release date but I kept in mind though how it would have felt reading 1 and 2 back to back and was able to garner some of that xcitement backThis felt like filler kinda like anime the book referenced a lot but again with reading 1 and 2 back to back it would feel right a lot but again with reading 1 and 2 back to back it would feel right nding felt as though it was the only progress with the mystery with 90% of the book dedicated to fluff But I don t mind 90% of the book dedicated to fluff But I don t mind I know I list all these things that are negative but really I Cinderella Unmasked (Fairytale Fantasies enjoyed it Which is funny cuz usually I don t like this much filler But this was a lot of fun just seeing them interact withach other the little heart stopping moments of romantic advances ven though some were VERY silly view spoiler naked baking hide spoiler WHAT THE EFF WAS THAT ENDINGBut seriously Ugh this series is not nice to my heart Just when verything was shaping up for a Happily Ever After the The Power Of A Choice ending was like WHAM NO I have so much whiplash from the last chapter I am unsure my heart will recover The beginning of this book was full of so much grief and processing of grief It was raw and Chuck smotional trauma was the forefront When things begin to settle down the threats on Chuck s life don t stop ven though the crew hasn t discovered much about Jenica s murder Unfortunately Chuck s dad is still an asshole and decides to send her back to California now While Chuck is still a bit immature and annoying her dad is worse He doesn t take anything she says seriously ven when its obvious he knows something is happening I get that he s stressed and has his own BS to deal with but like come on Believe your damn daughter FFS The biggest surprise for me in this book was Church I didn t think I d like him ver because he s so cold and motionless at times But getting to Psst I know a secretThe same secret that the Student Council the super rich super handsome The Case for Paleolibertarianism and Realignment on the Right elite of Adamson All Boys Academy knows tooJenica Woodruff the only girl tover attend the academy before I showed up didn't commit suicide she was murderedNow someone is after me too but no matter where I go th.

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Bout getting this harem on track I dig itAgain maybe an unpopular opinion but I happen to love Chuck as well as her men Ranger the naked baker is now unpopular opinion but I happen to love Chuck as well as her men Ranger the naked baker is now ground for my favourite student council member She s funny and awkward and the situations she finds herself in just crack me up i herself in just crack me up I sitting in a class full of dudes with a lubed condom in one hand a tiny round lemon cucumber in front of me and the gorgeous guys of the Adamson All Boys Academy Student Council sitting around meIt s just fun and I love funWhat is was missing was the secret girl part It kind of lost a little sparkle when the secret is no longer a secret A lot of the plot drivers a little set up and convenient but that s not what this book is about for me so I m letting that slideThe only part I really felt annoyed about was her Dads behaviour Honestly it wouldn t surprise me if that man turns out to not be her father at all He sure doesn t act like itCombine that with the preemptive sentences of doom like This is the best thing that s Oh My God, What a Complete Aisling ever happened to me And maybe also the worst I just don t know that yet those always get on my nerves another major cliffhanger similar to book 1 and I m docking a starMaybe one of my favourite series this year I m so glad this seuel didn t disappointSo after just one day of delight in a long awaited release I m now right back toWonderful Rating 35 starsThe Secret Girl Much awaited BR with the cakeaters The Ruthless Boys although fun and Monsieur Pain entertaining was a big let down compared to the first book While I felt The Secret Girl was unapologetic towards the huge amount of obvious cliches and anime references The Ruthless Boys seemed to have a constant need to justify itself and take the fun away from meDisappointing yes but still a lot of fun The Ruthless Boys picks upxactly after book oneThe first half was a drag Really It was mostly filler a bit of fluff fun and cute moments but nothing absolutely amazing to really pick up my interest xcept for the characters Fortunately I love the Student Council and the pace of the book did pick up around the halfway mark We are not near any thriller action kind of pace but then again Adamson All Boys Academy is a lighthearted read inclined to develop the romance than the murder investigationBut as light as it wants to be the mystery is a central character by itself Filler apart the mystery is present in pretty much very scene but barely any hint are given during the journey The web continue to weave itself but we have to wait until the very nd for a real development with a major cliffhangerStunich is no mystery writer And the whole story is simply too convenient to be than a fun moment The Ruthless Boys is a sexier version of The Ghost Bird I am here for the for the characters for the fun for the hilarious things Charlotte can say for the fluff to play which twin is which to have my ultimate fantasy realized five very credible hours of utter fun in an mpty Disneyland and be there for the intense sexual tension Definitely not for the plot Forever Crew I am looking out for you Like with all my other reviews of CM s bully romance books I ll post updates about releases here Click see review since it takes time for updates to my reviews appear on the main pageBOOK IS NOW LIVE. Nd hopeless coffee addict Ranger the bada VP and naked baker The identical McCarthy twins and MMA nthusiasts And Spencer the boy who was willing to uestion verything about himself to fall for me oh SpencerMurder and romance are both in the air at Adamson; I'm just not sure which one will kill me firs. The Ruthless Boys Adamson All Boys Academy #2