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4 Snarky Fun Stars I m not going to write a long review my original review disappeared and there is already many fantastic reviews This was fantastic Half Moon Hallow fun read I love going back to the Hollow and catching p with some of my favorite vampiresI love Dick Chaneythe vampire not the ex president LOL Once again I throughly enjoyed listening to Amanda Ronconi breathe life into Half Moon Hallow s resident vampires she truly is fantastic and one of my favorite narrators Looking Forward To One Thing to One thing can count on with a Molly Harper book is interesting charactersUnfortunately I didn t get a well developed romanceThe couple in Enathu Suya Saritham uestion had one poignant conversation one heated Sometimes I think Half Moon Hollow would be a fun town to live in As long as none of the vampires decide I d make a good lunch anyway In this book we have a vampire that is turning over a new leaf Tea leaf that is She has openedp a tea shop that caters to humans and vampires She knows just the right blend for what ails ya Picture pretty hippie vegan but with fangs The evil council sends a bean counter to evaluate the job our new leader is doing and meets the hippie Can he loosen p in order to enjoy our free spirited vamp Can they find the culprit trying to make our leader and her sidekick look vamp Can they find the culprit trying to make our leader and her sidekick look Will our heroine find the right tea blend so vamps can walk in the daylight Read this book to find out the answers to these and many other estions Some involving ghouls I liked this installment of the series but it wasn t my favorite book The characters were funny and I loved getting *Dick and Jane But if I am honest I didn t get the chemistry of the main characters together They were *and Jane But if I am honest I didn t get the chemistry of the main characters together They were good characters but I just didn t feel the romance Again Loved the Narration Another fun entry in this formulaic romantic comedy seriesMeadow is a vampire who s an archivist in Jane Jameson s organizational headuarters She gets first impressions of a new auditor that s been sent to review the local office of the World Council for the Eual Treatment of the Undead Their first meeting doesn t go well and the personality of the new auditor does not bode well for the audit Weston turns out to be Meadow s new neighbor and their initial antagonism turns to relationship sparksTheir are some interesting elements Meadow has a much darker past than is normal for this series but in general this one doesn t divert much from the formula which is always entertaining with a strong humor element 45 starsWhile I ve had a lot of fun in Mystic Bayou I m so happy to be back in Half Moon Hollow I just love Jane and the gang This book follows Meadow. Ttle Die Pharaonin unorthodox and that doesn’t sit well with the head office Who would have thought vampires were so into bureaucracy and tradition Enter a vamp from corporate who’s determined tonseat Jane and get the council back on track which means no of this Kentucky neighborliness and mixing with humans werewolves witches or anythi. These books make me laugh and this one is no different I like how Jane and Dick Run Things Differently Sadly That things differently sadly that them attention from the council with stick in the mud Weston to look things over Meeting Weston was fun because we got to see him from Meadow s look things over Meeting Weston was fun because we got to see him from Meadow s I loved how she poked at him by not letting know the ways of Half Moon Hollow Of course things went down hill from there with Dick doing his dick things someone creating havoc at the coun Wow I hadn t realized it but it s been over two years since the last Half Moon Hollow book and I was ready for from this cozy crazy town and its lovable denizens Peace Blood and Understanding picks Something Radiates up after the conclusion of the previous book by following the first person POV of Meadow Schwartz She s a reformed vampire who had a serious anger issue after being turned against her will and is currentlynder probation with Jane Jameson working as her case manager Meadow works part time for the Council office while making a go of her own tea shop Someone in Half Moon Hollow is not happy with the way Jane and Dick are running things which leads to Council representative Erik Weston coming to town to audit their division He s an arrogant Viking Slave (The Beast Kings Slave, uppity jerk who doesn t like the small town Half Moon Hollow vibes And of course everything seems to go wrong when Erik arrives Peace Blood and Understanding is an enemy to lovers rom com paranormal romance Meadow has adjusted to herndead life and doesn t like the idea of Erik messing things p But she s kind and generous and she can t help but try and win him over There is An Immediate Attraction Which Frustrates immediate attraction which frustrates because he s such a jerk Yet as she gets to know him Meadow starts to nderstand the man behind the Council persona These enemies soon give into their desire and slowly learn to accept the other for who she isAlong the way to the HEA there are a couple side stories First as part of Meadow s ongoing growth and development she must deal with her parents who disowned her after their illegal activities got her turned in the first place Second there is someones trying to sabotage Jane and Dick s efforts to run a smooth yet nconventional Council Region This leads to all sorts of wacky and sometimes dangerous situations The story reminded me of the early Jane Jameson books and I loved being back with the whole Half Moon Hollow gangPeace Blood and Understanding is filled Ms Harper s trademark wit and silliness I have missed this series and loved revisiting the gang While not a perfect story it hit all the right buttons and provided lots of funMy Rating B Liked ItReview copy provided by Edelweiss. The “enchanting” Jane Jameson series returns with this fun and witty paranormal romance following a vampire consultant who has nefarious plans to oust Jane from her role as the head of Half Moon Hollow’s vampire council Ever since Jane Jameson took over running the Vampire Council for Half Moon Hollow things have been a li. .
Schwartz a fairly new vampire nder the care and supervision of Jane and Dick Chaney Meadow had some issues in her past and has family issues than most but she s really gotten her life together now in Half Moon Hollow Things are really looking pNow Erik Weston has come to town to investigate Dick and Jane s how did I not notice the Dick and Jane thing before we need a Dick and Jane vampire how did I not notice the Dick and Jane thing before we need a Dick and Jane vampire book LOL nconventional management of the vampires in Half Moon Hollow and the surrounding area He will now audit everything for the council and determine if Jane and Dick team should be replaced and new management brought inSome weird things are happening because there are always weird things in Half Moon Hollow but it is worse because weston is here to see worse because Weston is here to see all But I think it ended The Diary of Jack the Ripper up only showing them how good Dick and Jane are at their jobs They are able to take it all in stride and keep the area safeThis is another fun story There are two things that really brings me to this series the characters and the humor Yes there is romance and I generally like the romances There is alsosually some sort of mystery that must be solved And I enjoy that too But it is the extreme fun characters and their sense of humor They are characters that I would love to spend a weekend with I wish it was a real place to take A Vacation If You vacation If you t tried this series I highly recommend it though I would start with the Jane Jameson Urban Fantasy series which is only four books long and takes place chronologically before this series but part of that is I like to start at the beginning of all seriesNarrationI think Amanda Ronconi really takes this from a good to a great series She has a great ability to bring the humor out in a story This series also has a very large cast which Ronconi appears to handle with ease If you ve never listened to her read a story you re really missing outI d like to thank the publisher for providing me with a copy of this audiobook in exchange for an honest review I have yet to read any of the Half moon Hallow books that didn t leave me wanting My only complaint is I wish there was a new book every week or at least every month Yes I m greedy Molly Harper writes such fun paranormal romantic comedies Meadow has revamped ha ha her life after becoming one of the Brendas Private Swing undead New name New career with teas and plants and an oh so sensitive sense of smell When an annoying vampire auditor strolls into Half Moon Hollow it s definitely not what she needs This was cute and I loved getting to spend time with Jane Gabriel Dick Cheney and the gang Please excuse typosname misspellings Entered on screen reader. Ng else But Jane’s not interested in going back to the bad old days when the council was mired in corruption and tended to “accidentally” eat people now and again but she might be in over her head this time Good thing there’s a pretty new face in town who just might be the perfect distraction and help save Jane’s caree.