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Rdener or Ocean Meets Sky are personal favorites it was uite lovely The rhyming text from author Beth Ferry is sweet and her tale heartwarming while the artwork created using pencil ballpoint and Photoshop was charming I particularly njoyed the autumn and winter scenes as those are my favorite seasons Recommended to anyone looking for beautiful new picture books about

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andor the I had to have this book I have Night Gardener and Ocean Meets Sky which The Fan Brothers have authored and illustrated plus the Antlered Ship by Dashka Slater which they also illustrated These stories are wonderful but it is the illustrations that draws you in compelling you to slowly turn ach page whilst drinking it all in This story is a little differentits a beautiful poem of friendship and helping others for the mere joy of it It flows so well that you can almost hear music well that you can almost hear music isn t sing songyit flutters as if on a gentle breeze The scenes on the pages are in complete synchronicity with the poem Beth Ferry has xpertly told a simple story that ven a small child will understand and love Including a child like meNote My two grandsons ages 4 and 2 love this book as they do the others They called me today to tell me they got their book A moving story about the unlikely friendship between an injured baby crow and a lonely scarecrow Nicely illustrated by the Fan brothers but overshadowed by Beth Ferry s rhymes and her message A beautiful childrens book with a Does the strangest thing Bestselling author Beth Ferry and the widely acclaimed Fan Brothers present this ten. Ery special message about how important friendship is and what it takes to develop and maintain the same A of faith is and what it takes to and maintain the same A story of faith and believing in oneself as well as the friendships one creates I loved this book and would recommend it to all to read You won t be disappointed The illustrations are wonderful throughout This year I ve labeled a handful of children s books favorites for the year The Scarecrow tops throughout This year I ve labeled a handful of children s books favorites for the year The Scarecrow tops of them for 2019 He never restsHe never bendsHe s never had a single friendfor all the woodland creatures knownot to mess with old ScarecrowThe story opens with a lonely scarecrow who does his job well scaring away all the animals that make a nuisance of themselves in the fields All the local animals know not to mess with him and because of this Scarecrow has no friends and stands all by his lonesome all through the seasons One special day something drops from the sky and Scarecrow does something totally unexpected The Night Gardener is one of our favorite books so I knew the illustrations by the Fan Brothers wouldn t disappoint We ve also njoyed a few other books by Beth Ferry The illustrations capture all the Black Heart, Red Ruby emotions of the beautifully written rhyming text This is a heartwarming story of love friendship compassion and loneliness It s also a poignant reminder that love can always be given but never taken The world needs books like this Get this book and read it with your child You won t be disappointed Highly recommend forveryone of any age Der and affectionate tale that reminds us of the comforting power of friendship and the joy of helping others. .
A lonely scarecrow dares to care for his natural nemy a baby crow forging a friendship that lasts for many years despite inborn animosities It s a beautiful story of the power of love with gentle rhythm and lovely illustrations It s the Fan Brothers How can I not love it Amazing illustrations match this story #About Seasons And Friendship View # seasons and friendship view a scarecrow and the crowd hide spoiler Super touching story Rhythmic writing Out of this world illustrations Wonderful What a beautiful book I loved the simple rhyming phrases that tell the story of a lonely scarecrow who decides to help a baby crow and the friendship that blossoms The illustrations are stunning and match the text so well The Fan brothers are uickly becoming some of my favorite illustrators Standing in his field through the seasons of the year the ponymous Scarecrow is a solitary friendless figure one who does not know joy or companionship Then a BABY CROW CRASHES TO THE GROUND NEAR HIS FEET crow crashes to the ground near his feet New Plant Parent: Learn the Ways of Plant Parenthood everything changes The Scarecrow adopts the hatchling sheltering him and cheering him on as he grows But when the crow takes flight leaving the Scarecrow all alone again is it thend of their unusual friendshipGiven my great love of the Fan Brothers and their phenomenal artwork I have been looking forward to The Scarecrow for some time and picked it up today with a pleasant feeling of xpectation Although I wouldn t describe it as uite the ual of some of their arlier books The Night Ga. All the animals know not to mess with old Scarecrow But when a small scared crow falls from midair Scarecrow.

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