Norco 80Southern California He became obsessed with the religious prophecies of Revelation as well as apocalyptic visions of the doomsday scenario he perceived the world to be headed toward He had been working for a landscaping company when he met another young man named Chris Harven In many ways Harven was the opposite of Smith a stoner a slacker and a troublemaker who was actually dishonorably discharged after a brief stint in the military But the two men shared common survivalist religious and apocalyptic beliefs and became Friends And Roommates Living and roommates Living a house in

mira loma together 
Loma together had failed marriages they even dug their own bomb shelter in the back yard Eventually they were out of work and low on money Still the pair s goal was to be able to buy a mountain cabin in Utah or Colorado and fortify it for family members and themselves so all would be safely together and survive the impending Armageddon Smith and Harven also loved firearms and began buying all sorts of guns both pistols and high caliber assault rifles Apparently they sed the last of their money to arm themselves and three other accomplices whom they convinced to help them rob A Bank In The Nearby bank in the nearby of Norco Chris s brother Russ and brothers Manny and Billy Delgado rounded out the gang which would later be infamously known as the Norco 5 So on May 9th 1980 this crew of first time criminals made their way to Norco armed to the teeth with firepower than any law enforcement agency in the country possessed Their mission was to steal enough money on a big one time score so George Smith and Chris Harven would be able to establish their survivalist Historys Strongest Disciple Kenichi Vol 1 utopia somewhere in the mountains of the West Russ Manny and Billy would be given their cuts of the take as well The eventsnfolded on a Friday afternoon and are so chaotic and crazy it s hard to go into great detail without spoilers and so on Suffice it to say that in the end over two dozen cop cars were shot to hell hundreds of rounds of ammunition were fired at law enforcement and three people were dead Some members of the Norco 5 were captured and it took 20 months before they would stand trial The trial itself would not conclude ntil over two and a half years from the initial crime date Procedures and events at the trial we. O the Southern California of the 1970s an era of predatory evangelical gurus doomsday predictions megachurches and soaring crime rates with the threat of nuclear obliteration looming over it all A group of landscapers transforms into a murderous gang of bank robbers armed to the teeth with military grade weapons Their desperate getaway turned the surrounding towns into war zones When it was over three were dead an.

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Oh this book was all kinds of amazingEven though I m from Southern California I d never heard of the Norco bank robbery I figured it was before my time but my parents hadn t heard of it either Reading this I don t know how we missed itThis is one exciting read While the author takes some liberties here and there with the feelings of some of our participants like one dying young man was thinkingfeeling those liberties are logicalThe book is well researched but honestly reads like a movie I could see people getting shot feel the whiz of bullets as they narrowly missed other characters and my heart was pounding like crazyA fabulous book that inspired me to learn even about what happened and about a serial killer and a cult I d never heard of beforeExcellent In May of 1980 in Norco California a bunch of losers had decided to rob a bank They were armed to the teeth with all kinds
of automatic weapons 
automatic weapons they also had homemade grenadesWhat ensued after the robbery was a massive chase in which over thirty police cars were wrecked by the onslaught of automatic weapons from the bank robbers The chase ended high p in the canyons and mountains which are such a prominent feature of California On the canyon road the robbers finally had to disembark their pick p truck which they had hijacked and headed off into the wilderness Exhausted they were easily captured the next day by police and SWAT teams One police into the wilderness Exhausted they were easily captured the next day by police and SWAT teams One police was killed several were injured and also many innocent civilians who were walking or driving on the roads during the chase view spoilerTwo of the robbers were also killed hide spoiler AstoundingStaggeringMind blowing EyeopeningThese are just some of the reactions I experienced after reading Peter Houlahan s brilliant true crime book NORCO 80 Houlahan spent over four years researching documents and interviewing people who were involved with one of the most violent and insane bank robbery attempts in American history He amazingly pulled together accounts and testimonies from dozens and dozens of law enforcement personnel case lawyers and family members in his exhaustive est to piece together this fascinating account that reads stranger than fiction George Wayne Smith was an honorably discharged soldier living in Riverside county in. A true crime account of one of the most violent bank heists in US history Norco ’80 tells the story of how five heavily armed young men led by an apocalyptic born again Christian attempted a bank robbery that turned into one of the most violent criminal events in US history forever changing the face of American law enforcement Part action thriller and part courtroom drama Norco ’80 transports the reader back
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Re like a 3 ring circus at times and read like something out of a Hollywood film Now in the 21st century where horrific mass public shootings have become all too tragically freuent the Norco bank robbery kind of stands out as a harbinger of the future as far as terrorist type acts are concerned Peter Houlahan has indeed pieced together an important part of history coupled with insight and fast paced story telling NORCO 80 is a completely true account as as a Flat Out Thrill Ride out thrill ride a ride this was It was so exciting I had moved away from Norco in the late 70 s and I could picture this whole tale I didn t appreciate the slanted views on religion at the beginning I felt it was nnecessary and the author obviously had a bias All in all it got a five from me so you can tell how much I enjoyed the rest of the story 3 Edward 50 the suspects are stranded their vehicle is disabled at Hamner and Fourth Roll help I need an ambulance I Hamner and Fourth Roll help I need an ambulance I bleeding badly I m not a big fan of true crime books stories are never tied p nice and neat like they are in fiction and sometimes the bad guys win But ever since seeing Dog Day Afternoon at a fairly young age I have been intrigued by tales of bank robberies gone horribly wrong And they don t get much wronger than the robbery that occurred in Southern California in 1980 when five young men who were armed to the teeth with semi automatic weapons plus homemade bombs and grenades attempted to raise the capital they felt they needed to see themselves through the coming apocalypse Pretty much everything that can go wrong with a robbery went wrong that day From bad timing to stupid choices to personality clashes to bizarre coincidences it was a disaster that led to death and destruction and lives forever changed The book starts off with some exposition and the author flings a lot of names at the reader I was going a little crazy wondering which ones might be most important to the story but it turned out to not be a problem Once the introductions are over the story takes off Be warned once you hit page 61 plan on settling in for a while because the next 100 pages are packed with some of the most intense nonstop action you ll ever read It s an amazing tale of heroism and horror that should keep you riveted. D close to twenty wounded; a police helicopter was forced down from the sky and thirty two police vehicles were destroyed by thousands of rounds of ammo The resulting trials shook the community to the core raising many issues that continue to plague society today from racism and the epidemic of post traumatic stress disorder within law enforcement to religious extremism and the militarization of local police force. ,