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R High Performance Programming eD the plot I have wanted murhder to get his redemption and to be brought back into fold he was one of my faves and what he did so many years ago was nothing that any of the warriors would have done and what the sympath s did to him was awful This book as with all of ward s books is a rollercoaster ride and always leaves me mentally andmotionally wiped out But this one in particular had me crying on and off alotso many motional moment s and with characters that always feel like family to me I love the snark and humor and the storytelling IS F KING STELLAR AND EVEN AFTER ALL THESE f king stellar And ven after all these and so many books later Scala for Java Developers every time one of these men of worth get their happynding I cry like a little b tch And murhders story was no The Qur'an, Morality and Critical Reason: The Essential Muhammad Shahrur exception Andvery time they do the induction ceremony it still sends chills though me and I can feel the joy and love and unity of these brothersit s deep I can t get nough of this series What a beautiful f king mind ward has to have so many stories in her head and the ability to bring them "To Life Now That "life Now that a thing of beauty Until next time luv s 2 unexciting could have been better stars Ok first of all I didn t hate this I was just overall bored with itSecond I actually liked the couple I was one of the few who had reservations about Murhder getting his book right 5 I can t get nough of the BDB world starsSoooo Murhder Who is this guyBasically when Sarah the clueless sad lonely betrayed human girl met Murhder she was obviously Heaven to Betsy enthralled and impressed and she had or less three uestions for him1 Who are you We came to rescue the boy the man said in a hoarse voice He s been here too long Are you with the government We re private actors But we ll keep him safe I swear to it No harm isver going to fall upon him if I m around It was my vow to his mahmen 2 What are you Vampire Now he looked at her We are vampire 3 What is your name Just tell me How bad can it be Murhder My name is Murhder She laughed And then her mouth fell open before she could catch herself Wait you re serious When he nodded she tried to compose herself There have been a few duds in this series but this isn t one of them I think Ward may be getting her groove back babies Kronk must have pulled the lever because this was a fun rideOkay not that fun Because yeah as is the custom So B. It everyone is going to be dying and sayi 45 Murhder Is Back Stars Murhder and SarahMurhder is back Murhder s is the only Brother tover get kicked out of the Brotherhood because it s assumed he s insane The you get to know Murhder and past Cabaret events you realize he s not so much insane but rather justchecked out from life Jeez you go rogue once and slaughter a bunch of humans after they torture your girlfriend and suddenly you re a leaper Murhder is compelled to come back to Caldwell to once again save someone but he needs the help of the brotherhood to do it Through this rescue mission he meets Dr Sarah Watkins Sarah has just learned something that has her ues Insanely good I have to admit it took me a few days to get into this story I have only read one other of the books in this series and I was having a bit of difficulty settling into the story and getting to knowveryone But that soon disappeared *And The Magical Storyteller *the magical storyteller got her way with meThis book floods the mind with so many motions Tension anticipation happiness sorrow Your heart will feel like a roller coaster You will come out feeling a bit beat up but with a smile on your face But you truly will understand what the Brotherhood really means when you read this storyFor those that love a great paranormal read Ward takes us on a journey like none other Intensely romantic and straight up flipping steamy violent and gruesome heartbreaking and deep Her addictive writing tells a story like none other She has uickly become a favorite of mineIf you are looking for a novel that contains so much motion and imagery you will gasp cry and smile within the same chapter you have to check out this book She is just flat out an amazing storyteller you will not forgetcopy received for review considerationfull revie. D loved was involved in the tortureAs Murhder and Sarah’s destinies become irrevocably ntwined desire ignites between them But can they forge a future that spans the divide separating the two species And as a new foe merges in the war against the vampires will Murhder return to his Brothers or resume his lonely xistence forev.

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Grief is a cold stream you acclimate to Friends we are seventeen books into this series there is barely anything I can possibly say that isn t spoilery But I will say that I have been reading this series since I was very young and I look forward to a new BDB book very single year and the Savior was no En plein coeur exception The basic premise of this series is that in the Black Dagger Brotherhood we follow a bunch of powerful vampires that are in anlite group that protects humans vampires angels and a bunch of other paranormal The Bookshop on the Shore entities and they all live in this big mansion and they all are one big family that s just saving the world And because we are seventeen books inach book focuses on a new member or soon to be or maybe one day possibly becoming a member while an older member who has already had their own book has a side storyline going on as well This book focuses primarily on Murhder who has been talked about and hinted at for so very many books leading up to this one He was kicked out of the BDB back in the day and in this book we get to see why and what happened after he left Sadly it was very much based on miscommunication and I didn t love it very much The other star of this book is Sarah who I actually really did like I won t lie the instalove was real in this romance but I still just really njoyed it for some reason Plus Sarah who is a scientist trying to get to the bottom of a mysterious coverup that happened many years ago was fascinating and I loved the mystery and watching it unfold And the side storyline going on is about John Matthew who is sadly my least favorite brother And Xhex who is Jon Matthews partner is also one "Of My Least Favorite "my least favorite and I hated how She Didn T Speak Up In This didn t speak up in this and let someone lse take the blame for something Like it felt really bad and it really The Art of Memoir ensured their place as my least favorite couple in this world Also the bandage that was placed on the situation for theasiest fix The Day Christ Was Born: The True Account of the First 24 Hours of Jesus's Life ever Felt horrible Overall I just feel like this wasn t as strong of a book Like almost to the point that you could completely take out this book and it wouldn t impact the storyline whatsoever which is never a good feeling I am veryxcited for book ighteen but this one wasn t ven close to being one of my favorite books Also that romantic haircut Lord please no never I know this review is really vague and I m sorry for that but if you re looking for a PNR romance filled with alpha vampires a lot of romance and a lot of sex I totally think you should give this series a try Also I am hoping we get of my favorite fallen angel in the next one because the world deserves Lassiter and I also hope to see of my favorite literary cat Blog Instagram Twitter Tumblr Youtube TwitchContent and Trigger Warnings for medical xperimentation on humansvampires torture captivity abuse talk of loss of a loved one talk of cancer talk of thoughts of suicide use of language like females and males being the norm and war themes Buddy read with my best friend Paloma 1 Dark Lover 2 Lover Eternal 3 Lover Awakened 4 Lover Revealed 5 Lover Unbound 6 Lover Enshrined 7 Lover Avenged 8 Lover Mine 9 Lover Unleashed 10 Lover Reborn 11 Lover at Last 12 The King 13 The Shadows 14 The Beast 15 The Chosen 16 The Thief When I first met Murhder in previous books in the series I immediately became intrigued with the vampire who was being labeled as insane I xpected a very dark character who was going to give some of the other Brother s tortured stories a run for their money Unfortunately Murhder s story turned out to be a lot lighter of a read than I anticipated I did njoy the story it Just Didn T Reach The Epic Heights That I Thought didn t reach the pic heights that I thought would I know better than to put Integrity Restored: Helping Catholic Families Win the Battle Against Pornography expectations on any book but in this case I had thus I was bound to be somewhat disappointed The story for me didn t start getting really good until about 30% into it I realize we needed a bit of history on Sarah and her work lifetc I found it to be boring though and I was The Taste of Night (Signs of the Zodiac, eager to get to where her and Murhder would meet and startngaging with ach other The other couple that pl. In the venerable history of the Black Dagger Brotherhood only one male has ver been xpelled but Murhder’s insanity gave the Brothers no choice Haunted by visions of a female he could not save he nonetheless returns to Caldwell on a mission to right the wrong that ruined him However he is not prepared for what he must face in Ayed a big part in this instalment was John and Xhex In the past they weren t my favourite couple but I must say I loved how they fit into this storyline and I actually fell in love with them after this bookAll in all this was a great addition to the BDB series My main complaint with this book was that it did fall flat in places When it was good it was awesome But there were times where it became a bit of a snoozefest too I am still a die hard BDB fan and will keep faithfully following this series as long as JR Ward keeps writing it It really does amaze me how her mind works and is able to come up with such an original storyline Terrific installment Sarah was a great shellan and I loved the fact that this one had tight pacing and read something like a thriller for the first part of it There were scenes were she was trying to figure out what was going on at BioMed and Muhrder was trying to find the secret laboratory and the pacing was just superb This one featured uite a few scenes with JM one of my favorites and Xhex another of my favorites and while some of the conflict was maybe less intense than it needed to be I thought the stuff as we ramped up towards the nd and something that happened near the beginning involving Throe was super It tied in Sarah and Murhder in a great way and just made The Road From Home: The Story Of An Armenian Girl everything come together I also really liked Murhder a lot than I thought I would based on previous books The issues with his personality werexplained in a way that worked and he would up really growing on me And the scenes with Nate So greatOther great notes saw a bit of Phury Boone You re uite a formal dude and I can t remember you ver talking before but that was a re uite a formal dude and I can t remember you ver talking before but that was a Easter gg Lassiter I completely love you when you re being serious like you were here Xcor and Bal sorry I m going to fail on the spelling on this one continue to grow on me Overall this was a very strong bookPlease xcuse typosname misspellings Entered on screen reader 4 stars The Savior is the 17th book of the Black Dagger Brotherhood series and it s one I ve been waiting on for uite a while The Hannah Montana: The Movie elusive male who used to be a brother Murhder As always there are other characters who have a huge part in the book and in this book the secondary storyline was that of John Matthew and Xhex which makes sense since Murhder and Xhex have history Murhder is the only member of the BDB tover be xpelled The rumor is he went insane but the you get to know Murhder and what happened him the you realize he s not as crazy as xpected Jeez you go rogue once and slaughter a bunch of humans after they torture your girlfriend and suddenly you re a leaper Murhder is compelled to come back to Caldwell to save someone And he needs the help of the brotherhood to do it Through this rescue mission he meets Dr Sarah Watkins Sarah has just learned something that has her uestioning verything in her life and past relationship Now she is trying to make things right and to do that she finds herself on her very own rescue mission I loved watching Sarah and Murhder together and seeing their relationship build There was no shortage of sexy time which is always nice What I really loved in this story was the bromance that Murhder and JM had going on Every scene they were in together had me smiling huge Overall I liked this book a lot It wasn t my favorite BDB book but it was a great addition to the series I love this group of characters and I ll never grow tired of reading about them The one thing I found off about this one is that there was zero mention of Syn or Jo Early and it s been confirmed that book number 18 will be their book It seemed strange to me Also it will be heavy on Butch and Lassiter so you know it s going to be loads of fun I can t wait to jump into The Sinner next year when it s released One of my favorite black dagger brotherhood books of all time Let me start by saying that I know this book has been reviewed many times and theirs mixed reviews but for me it was verything I wanted murhder s book to be My review will be my thoughts and feelings only since most reviews already tol. Is uest for redemptionDr Sarah Watkins researcher at a biomedical firm is struggling with the loss of her fellow scientist fiancé When the FBI starts asking about his death she uestions what really happened and soon learns the terrible truth Her firm is conducting inhumane xperiments in secret and the man she thought she knew an.
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