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Tristan Strong Destroys The World (Tristan Strong, #2)Review based on a digital ARC rovided via NetGalleyTristan Strong is back in this fast Ibn Saud: The Desert Warrior Who Created the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia paced follow up to Tristan Strong Punches a Hole in the Sky Thrown into the realm of Alke to save someone important to him Tristan must enlist the help of some friends from the first book some veryowerful friends who happen to be African "AMERICAN FOLK HEROES AND WEST AFRICAN GODS NOT MUCH "folk heroes and West African gods Not much has assed since we last saw Tristan and he continues to deal with the grief of his friend s death on top of that he has to contend with the fall out from his last adventures in Alke As his adventure unfolds he begins to realize that trauma is

at the center 
the center his feelings and he has to learn to come to terms with his own trauma while understanding the trauma with which others are faced It sounds dark it sounds sad and it sounds heavy but Kwame Mbalia is a master storyteller and in his hands it is not really any of those things I received an ARC of this title from NetGalley in exchange for an honest reviewA storm had already ripped through my life What was a few drops of waterAt the beginning of summer Tristan Strong accidentally unched a hole in the sky sending him into Alke a world filled with African summer Tristan Strong accidentally Eat to Beat Illness punched a hole in the sky sending him into Alke a world filled with African After defeating the iron ships and fetterlings thatlagued the eople using his own uniue gift as an Anansesem Tristan returned home to his grandparents farm working to collect stories But Tristan hasn t felt right since he returned getting lost in his own head the trauma of what he has seen has shaken him deep to his core causing him to doubt himselfThen Tristan star. Bestselling author Rick Riordan resents the second book in the New York Times best selling Tristan Strong trilogy by Kwame Mbalia Tristan Strong just back from a victorious but exhausting adventure in Alke the land of African American folk heroes and Africa. Ts to have visions of a figure known only as the Shamble Man wreaking havoc on the recovering Alke And then the Shamble Man comes to Tristan s world and steals Tristan s beloved Nana Now Tristan rushes back to Alke to team up with old friends John Henry Ayanna Chestnut and of course the one and only Gum Baby with her infamous Sap Attacks to stop the Shamble Man and save his grandmother Can Tristan save the day again Or will he destroy this world he cares so deeply forThe second henomenal book in Mbalia s Tristan Strong trilogy returns to the magical world of Alke full of goddesses boo hags tricksters heroes and legends from African and African American folklore Explore new laces meet new faces and hear new tales while also seeing the return of old friends having frank conversations about trauma in ways that young eople and old eople understand ushing forward when all hope seems lost and learning what it means to really be a heroMbalia does an amazing job writing about Tristan s relationships with the adultsrole modelsteachers in his life in the first book that focus was on John Henry This book focuses on Tristan s relationship with Nana who we learn has also been adventuring in Alke and has been in essence the origin of Tristan s role as the Anasesm She was the one who Has Taught Tristan About taught Tristan about stories and figures from folklore and mythology and is the voice in his ear when faced with roblems But ultimately she is a source of love and comfort of strength and resolve Nana is the woman that Tristan will destroy worlds for and I think that is beautifu. N gods is suffering from PTSD But there's no rest for the weary when his grandmother is abducted by a mysterious villain out for revenge Tristan must return to Alke and reunite with his loud mouthed sidekick Gum Baby in order to rescue Nana and stop the culp. ,

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L Also Gum Baby has managed to get even sassier since we last saw her Consider yourself warned Seriously you may strain muscles from laughing so hard DO YALL SEE THAT TITLE I received a copy of Tristan Strong Destroys the World from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review And honestly I loved it It was wonderful to be with Tristan and his cohort of African folktale heroes again His voice the sarcasm and witty humor of a Alans Letters preteen came through so clearly and kids will be laughing out loud at his asides to the reader And don t get me started on theure joy I felt at reading the return of Ayanna and GUM BABY You know you were hoping she d be thereThe What's Your Body Telling You?: Listening to Your Body's Signals to Stop Anxiety, Erase Self-Doubt and Achieve True Wellness plot was complex yet deftly handled by Mbalia and I could feel how much work he sut into his craft to grow as a writer from Hole in the Sky to its seuel He wove in characters from the first book while introducing new ones on the second and I loved them all There were even a couple of scenes in the book that were so beautifully written okay chapter 32 that I had tears streaming down my face The climax was riveting couldn t Old Electrical Wiring: Maintenance Retrofit put my Kindle down and the denouement left me wanting SO MUCH MORE And I so grateful there will be another one The onlyroblem is That I Have To I have to can t WAIT to introduce Tristan and the gang to my fifths this fall I m feeling like the first book may even be our read aloud during our fantasy book club unit Bravo Kwame 29220We have a cover Absolutely loved the first book video review so can t wait for this one to come out D You can find me onYoutube Instagram Twitter Tumblr Website. Rit from creating further devastation Anansi now a web developer in Tristan's Sweet Dreams: A Pediatrician's Secrets for Baby's Good Night's Sleep phone is close at hand to offer advice and several new folk heroes will aid Tristan in his uest but he will only succeed if he can figure out a way to sew broken souls back togethe.