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Unter and got slightly higher carbs but generally they look healthy mostly because they re focusing on vegetables My issue with the recipes though is that they aren t all vegetarian It because they re focusing on vegetables My issue with the recipes though is that they aren t all vegetarian It not a book giving you ideas of vegetarian dishes that are also keto it s a book telling you to eat fish Presumably because of EPADHA The issue here is that it s being marketed in entirely the wrong way The amalgamation ketotarian connotes something very specific I would have loved to get low carb recipe ideas since my mother s obsessed with low carb and it s harder to do when you re vegetarian But this book doesn t offer any of that Bottom line fear mongering misinformation and false advertisement I was first introduced to Dr Will Cole on my favorite podcast That s So Retrograde He s so insightful that I was inspired to give this book a shot Ended up a great reference on how to conuer health issues and reevaluate your relationship with food I enjoyed learning about my body as well as the food and supplements that can help it perform better I recently began the Keto Diet Still not sure I ll switch to Keto Tarian but I will incorporate some of his suggestions as to which meats to choose Wishing I would ve bought this book instead of borrowing from library for the recipes Added to my wishlist to snag later Let me start off by saying that the info is great and very useful for the lay veganvegetarian types If you are still thinking that boiled chicken is the epitome of clean nutrition this book will also be of great use for you The book covers lots of material on a very shallow basis uickly skimming by stating that things are good without going in depth Vague statements along the lines of does your body good while correct are a bit of a miss for me Had to pinpoint several new facts that were introduced by the author and then search the in depth breakdown o Decided to give this a listen because I have a friend heyyy girl doing the keto diet right now and I wanted to understand it Let it be noted the author s take on it is a little different than the standard keto diet noooo don t take away the cheeseWill I personally do the keto diet Nah I m not that hardcore But there were plenty of good takeaways on overall health and wellness the dangers of the pesticidestoxins in the foods we eat and facts about herbsoilscooking preparation that make me want to do a little research into food I have mixed feelings about this bookIn the upside it s written in a down to earth manner and includes a lot of useful information I also liked the layout And there were practical tips and recipesOn the downside I discovered that the author is a former vegan If he was a former plant based eater then I would feel less wary But it looks like he was a vegan for ethical reasons I found his inclusion of how a former vegetarian ustifies her change in eating habits and ethics a pure cop out His inclusion of it was a bad ideaThe good news is this book isn t advocating full on animal products There is eggs seafood and ghee uite frankly I m not convinced that eggs are healthy to consume period Dairy is an ethical

Nightmare And Seafood Is A 
and seafood is a and micro plastics minefield So I ve read this book with a pinch of salt and will be altering my diet towards Keto but sticking to veganism I did however take to heart the information on omegas but will do my best with that within vegan sources and supplementation I was very excited to receive this book but it did let me down a bit The first 100 is information about the diet and benefits then the end is simple recipes with a rare photo Feel like the hype mislead me into thinking this would be THE BOOK for veganveg keto recipes Nonetheless a few things look tasty and I will keep in my collection The author writes a very readable intro on why becoming fat adapted is good for your entire body before diving into a variety of recipes I appreciate the emphasis on overall health rather than an emphasis on getting into ketosis via any means possible Granted if you picked up this book looking for dirty Keto recipes the title alone should be enough to dissuade you You can definitely modify a lot of these recipes to be vegan if you re looking for an entirely plant based approach and some of them are already vegan However I m with the author on this not being an easy or necessarily healthy approach especially if you re an active person Trying to avoid polyunsaturated oils and get some variety to my protein intake had me going for fish and eggs at least as much as tempehThe four stars instead of five is ust because I got a little Another health nutrition book with recipes of the finally this will solve everything variety About half the book details the supposed health benefits to get you to buy in with the back half devoted to recipes I d rather have less of a sales ob and recipes If you don t like avocados and coconut you re probably not going to be crazy about this book. Ge of delicious and healthy choices for achieving weight loss renewed health robust energy and better brain functionPacked with expert tips tricks and advice for going and staying Ketotarian including managing macronutrients balancing electrolytes and finding your carb sweet spot this best of both worlds program is a game changer for anyone who wants to tame inflammation and achieve peak physical and mental performance Let the Ketotarian revolution beg. ,

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KetotarianI love this book I actually have read it twice this year and have learned so much each time I read it and have learned so much each time I read it am a huge lover of keto but I also believe alot of people do it in an unhealthy way This book has you eat tons of veggies whole foods healthy fats and the recipes are simple and super tasty Highly recommend to anyone doing keto or any plant based eaters My doctor recommended this book and I m SO happy he did It opened my eyes to inflammation issues in the body from anxietydepression to chronic gut problems and I learned how to individualize my plate and begin a Alchemic journey on what works for me to achieve notust good but optimal health What I appreciate is that it s not repping the trendy keto diet filled with meat and dairy and processed diet foods ust to lose weight but a lifestyle that is full of veggies and whole foods Using the many modifications given to represent what works for you I get to to say goodbye to inflammation which causes in a short list being hangry hormonal imbalances acne and other skin problems increased list being hangry hormonal imbalances acne and other skin problems increased autoimmune diseases cancer Alzheimer s and a super sick gut the crux of it all I ve been plant based for a few years now but ust because I wasn t eating animal product didn t make me healthier in regards to my inflammation Within six days of this anti inflammatory approach I can already feel the difference Here s to many Beyond a 1010 recommendation I really want to write a scathing takedown of this book but I m not educated enough on the topic to really do it so this will have to be like a list of things that bothered me about this bookFirst off the I m a doctor trust me is so damn sketchy I ve met plenty of doctors who don t know what they re doing Hell I broke my arm this past May and every piece of information the ER doctor told me was totally wrong I ve seen a lot of dumb doctors In fact one of the only things I agreed with in the first section of this book was the author pointing out that doctors don t get much education in nutrition I m aware of that since every doctor who s given me unsolicited weight loss advice has focused on fad or unsustainable or blatantly ridiculous diets low carb no added salt you need sodium in your diet your body needs salt no sugar or alternatives low fat no fruits ust chicken breasts meal replacement bars protein shakes twice a day Special K twice a day 1500 calories or less not even the recommended intake of calories for someone my height at a healthy weight 1200 calories or less skipping breakfast intermittent fasting before it was called that and ust vegetables without sauce or fat or proteinMy point here is This doctor isn without sauce or fat or proteinMy point here is This doctor isn any different He s combining two restrictive diets in one Three technically if you count the autoimmune protocol He s taking out healthy grains and legumes most animal products and several vegetables That s not necessarily helpful long term Unless you dislike all of these things it ll be hard to sustain for long periods of time You might get sick of eating similar things it s harder to find something if you ever go out and you ll be irritating to cook for if you ever go to someone s house Intensely focusing on your food and food intake isn t mentally healthy either and can lead to disordered eating patterns or a full on eating disorderSo then he makes some generalizations like vegetarian diets are high carb and low fat Yeah sure it s a big thing because of another doctor with sketchy nutrition advice but that isn t the rule A lot of people don t do that YouTube vloggers aside You get a lot of your essential amino acids and protein from high carb sources like legumes and whole grains but that doesn t mean you cut out fat He appears to have mentioned this solely because that s what he did but outside of bloggers and people with disordered eating patternseating disorders most vegetarians I know don t really limit any one macronutrient group Doing so is both difficult and can lead to deficiencies and things like orthorexia Hell if you know anything about vegan vloggers you ve seen that on YouTube recentlyThe author continues to give some facts with no citations like one in two men and one in three women will get cancer in their lifetimes that I Literature of Africa just don t believe without strong scientific evidence There s also genuine facts with citations like 20% of adults being diagnosed with depression but these facts are often used to lead you to the wrong conclusion People aren tust depressed because of chemical imbalances or inflammation as this book suggests They re depressed because they have or have had traumatic experiences stressful lives money worries are experiencing grief have bad Women and Sustainable Agriculture: Interviews With 14 Agents of Change jobs live in a society that doesn t give a fuck about them since the focus is the United States Same with anxiety Autism isn t necessarily appearing often because toxins it s likely appearing often because we now have guidelines and better ways to diagnose it Suicide rates in teenagers. A Goop Book Club Pick A new twist on keto The fat burning power of ketogenic eating meets the clean green benefits of a plant centric plateThe keto craze isust getting warmed up The ketogenic diet kick starts your body's metabolism so it burns fat instead of sugar as its primary fuel But most ketogenic plans are meat and dairy heavy creating a host of other problems especially for those who prefer plants at the center of the plate Dr Will Cole comes. Might be going up for any number of reasons bullying increased pressure teens now understanding about LGBT things and identifying earlier and earlier Drug deaths are increasing because doctors like you are giving out highly addictive painkillers without compunction not because people are taking a lot of prescription drugs in general The US spends a lot of money on healthcare because we have no national health services and we re less healthy in general because of the way food is sold and because it s harder to pay for and receive healthcare I also do not trust anyone who says we should use food to heal the body Food can help you but only if your issues are with your intakes of essential nutrients Maybe for some people food can cure your ills but for most of us it can t and won t I have hypothyroidism it s genetic I ve been on medication since I was 10 and I ve been told ust eating well will reverse it but it can t I ve been told eating better will help my high cholesterol but that s also genetic I was born with it Again I ve been on medication since I was ten This only works if your diet was the cause of these things in the first placeApparently this diet can reverse your PCOS never mind no one knows what causes it in the first place and how diet can affect it Now I don t doubt it might be able to help increased fat is often suggested but that s a big claim to make And I don t trust big claims without evidence And anecdotes aren t evidenceAnyway this is the general pattern I noticed Even with the things that are cited he sometimes misstates or twists what was actually said And then there are are plenty of things that aren t cited And there are several things he says that don t make any sense For example he lists folate as a nutrient he could ve supplemented for as a vegan and didn t want to But folate is super easy to get on a vegan diet Legumes and leafy green and things like beets you aren t going to be deficient unless you eat none of these thingsOn of a vegan note he talks about how you can only get certain nutrients from animal products or how certain nutrients are only available in precursor forms that might not get converted at a decent enough rate Thus supplements are needed That s true but I think he misses the point here Most people go vegan for ethical reasons This book seems to be only talking to the people who do it for health reasons It even brings up the whole circle of life we all feed off each other in the end argument It also brings up the argument that people feel closer to their ancestors by eating meat Both arguments are silly to me For the first that ignores the concerns over animal agriculture antibiotic resistance and carbon footprint For the second we don t hunt our food any and we don t consume the way our ancestors did so and we don t consume the way our ancestors did so can you feel closer Not to Mention Our Ancestors Died From Eating Some our ancestors died from eating some We re a bit food savvy than we used to be My point here is if you believe in the ethics of being vegan you ll suck it up and take a couple supplements B 12 obviously maybe an EPADHA supplement possibly a vitamin D although this last one may have less to do with diet I ve been deficient since I was 14 and apparently a lot of people in my city tend to be Even though I live in Texas where it s stupid sunny eight months out of the year And I never remember to wear sunscreen even though I own it Possibly you ll need calcium and iron although these are things you can get in your diet it s harder with veganism You won t even have to take a supplement daily unless you re deficient in something a multivitamin will work or a supplement can be taken every two or three daysAnyway I m not gonna cover everything we d be here forever But I think it s important to keep in mind he s selling you a diet He might believe in that diet but he s still trying to sell it you People who demonize a macronutrient group should always be taken with a grain of salt There s evidence carbs are good for you There s evidence fats are good for you There s evidence protein is good for you If you want to do low fat or low carb that s your prerogative But keep in mind cutting out or severely limiting an entire group of food may have negative effects and will definitely NOT work for everyoneHe does have a little section on how to eat out while doing this but it includes brings your sauce Most restaurants won t let you so make sure you don t get caughtHe also suggest things like bee pollen For the record this can cause an allergic reaction in some people Maybe he thinks he ll cure your allergies Please cure my allergies the cedar has been ridiculously high lately If the book had been sold to me like that I might have tried IT OUT OF DESPERATIONTHE RECIPES THEMSELVES LOOK GOOD THEY out of desperationThe recipes themselves look good They taste delicious they certainly sound it but I didn t try any of them I do have a hard time believing vegan cheese is healthier than dairy cheese and I also inputted a few recipes into a calorie co. To the rescue with Ketotarian which has all the fat burning benefits without the antibiotics and hormones that are packed into most keto dietsFirst developed for individuals suffering from seizures keto diets have been shown to reduce inflammation and lower the risk of many chronic health problems including Alzheimer's and some cancers Adding a plant based twist Ketotarian includes than 75 recipes that are vegetarian vegan or pescatarian offering a ran.