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Ut it just toasts me that he just thinks Verity should welcome him with open arms I am very interested to see what the author has planned for VerityThis book can be read all on its own but I recommend reading them in order to fully understand Verity and the situations that occur within this story EXCERPT Mrs Kent I am ordering you to stay out of this matter Should I iscover you Ngũgĩ wa Thiong'o: A Bibliography of Primary and Secondary Sources, 1957-1987 (Bibliographical Research in African Written Literatures, No 1) disregarded this warning or should you attempt to visit us here again I will not hesitate to contact Scotland Yard His eyes gleamed with the pleasure it would give him to see me arrested Is that clearExcept that I m no longer a member of the service as you so helpfully reminded me So you have no authority to order me too anything I replied as I closed the Active Noise Control Systems: Algorithms and DSP Implementations (Wiley Series in Telecommunications and Signal Processing) door Perhaps it would have been wiser to hold my tongue and allow Major Davis to believe he won but once the words were out of my mouth I couldn t call them back However one thing was for sure he Effective executive in action didn t want me anywhere near this ABOUT THIS BOOK In 1919 England in the shadow of The Great War many look to the spirit world for answers But it will take an all too earthbound intrigue toraw in the iscerning heroine of Anna Lee Huber s latest mystery It s not that Verity Kent oesn t sympathize with those eager to make contact with lost loved ones After all she once believed herself a war widow But now that she s Fundamentals Of Agriculture Vol -2 discovered Sidney is very much alive Verity is having enough trouble connecting with her estranged husband never mind theead Still at a friend s behest Verity attends a s ance where she encounters the man who still looms between her and Sidney and a medium who channels a woman Verity once worked with in the Secret Service Refusing to believe her former fellow spy is To Heal a Wounded Heart dead Verity isetermined to uncover the source of the spiritualist s top secret revelationThen the medium is murdered and Verity s investigation is suddenly thwarted Even Secret Service agents she once trusted turn their backs on her Undaunted Verity heads to war torn Belgium with Sidney by her side But as they Narcissistic Abuse Recovery draw ever closer to theanger Verity wonders if she s about to learn the true meaning of till Pure and Simple Politics: The American Federation of Labor and Political Activism, 18811917 deatho us part MY THOUGHTS Treacherous Is the Night is an excellent second installment to the Verity Kent series After the brilliant beginning in This Side of Murder I wondered just where there was left to go I needn t have worried this is every bit as good as the first was and it would seem that there are plenty of stories left to tell and adventures to be had as Verity and Sidney attempt to settle into their country home in post war EnglandEach book reveals a little about Verity and Sidney s roles in the war and about their relationship I will A Memory of Mankind definitely be following this series and am eagerly awaiting the next book THE AUTHOR Anna Lee Huber is the Daphne award winning author of the national bestselling Lady Darby Mysteries the Verity Kent Mysteries the Gothic Myths series and the forthcoming anthology The Jacobite s Watch She is a summa cum laude graduate of Lipscomb University in Nashville Tennessee where she majored in music and minored in psychology She currently resides in Indiana with her family and is hard at work on her next novelDISCLOSURE Thank you to Kensington Books via Netgalley for providing aigital ARC of Treacherous Is the Night by Anna Lee Huber for review All opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own personal opinions Please refer to my Goodreadscom profile page or the about page on sandysbookadaywordpresscom for an explanation of my rating system This review and others are also published on my blog sandysbookadaywordpresscom Full isclosure I ve been a huge fan of Anna Lee Huber for years I absolutely love all of her books and I can t get enough of the heroines mysteries and of course the covers The Verity Kent series is no ifferentI read the first book in the Verity Kent series earlier this year and I loved it It was an interesting start to a Civil Rights Activism in Milwaukee different type of heroine for Huber I was eager to see what else was in store for Verity in this latest book in the seriesIn 1919 England in the shadow of The Great War many look to the spirit world for answers But it will take an all too earthbound intrigue toraw in the Counter Discourse in African Literature discerning heroine of Anna Lee Huber s latest mysteryWhile I might have enjoyed Verity Kent the first time around the second time around made me love her In this book we reallyive into the complex emotions that many of the characters had about post war life For instance in the first book I was not a fan of SidneyI Academic Capitalism and the New Economy Markets State and Higher Education didn t feel like I could trust him and I just felt that he was wrong for Verity But as we get into theeeper nuances of their marriage and their post war life in this book it becomes clear what Sidney s intentions are Personally I want to now know about his life in hiding after the war and his war work I hope that the next book is a little about SidneyWhat I absolutely loved about this book was exploring post war life I think in a lot of books there is so much focus on the Great War and it s effects on people but then the peace treaties were signed and boom it was over I loved that this book went into the whole fall out from the peace treaties I especially loved touring the Flemish countryside in this book It s easy to forget that it took Scalia V. Epstein decades for these small village to rebuild and flourish again after theevastation and I thought the author Material Alchemy did a marvelous jobepicting thatThe whole time I was reading this book all I could think about was how I wanted to go and tour some of the old battlefields for my next vacation She Falling For A Boss did such a marvelous job with herescriptions that I was Basics of successful agriculture in the tropics dying to know and I love the Great War history so I am partial to this time period but Huber s writing made me love it so much The mystery in this one was a little like solving a riddle and following bread crumbs rather than an a traditional murder mystery as the previous book in this series I loved this approach It made me be of an active reader and think about possible connections or motives This was a smart and well written mysteryThis one would probably read ok as a stand alone mystery however why cheat yourself Read the first one as wellVerity is fun mature sassy smart and aifferent character than those of Huber s other books I highly recommend Verity Kent as well AS ALL OF HUBER S OTHER all of Huber s other my full review here So good and I m happy that things end up a bit sorted with the romanceCan t wait to pick up the next one Strong second book in the Verity Kent seriesIn the last book Verity Regenerating Agriculture: Policies and Practice for Sustainability and Self Reliance discovered that her husband Sidney whom she been told over a year earlier was ead was Still Very Much Alive After very much alive After ripples from that iscovery and its associated investigation start Mobilizing Islam dyingown Verity and Sidney are left to see if their marriage is salvagable After only a few BWWM (Interracial Romance BWWM African American Multicultural Romance) *1 (Interracial Romance BWWM African American Multicultural Romance) *1: Billionaires Secret Baby (BWWM Secret Baby Romance Contemporary Romance) days as newlyweds they were separated for nearly five years with only sporadic visits and too many secrets between them Both had been changed by their respective roles in the war and they are unsure if their marriage would be able to weather those changes When a strange visitationuring a seance tells Verity that an old comrade from her ays as a spy might be in trouble she hares off to Belgium to save her old friendThrough Verity s search we learn much of her role uring the war something only lightly touched upon in the first book The mystery itself was somewhat convoluted and much could have been avoidedsolved by better communication and a bit of common sense While I found that aspect of the book less than compelling the strongest aspect of the story had to Alien Zookeeper's Abduction do with the personal interactions and growth of the characters I look forward to reading of Verity s adventures withyou ll need to read the book to find out. Ents she once trusted turn their backs on her Undaunted Verity heads to war torn Belgium with Sidney by her side But as theyraw ever closer to the Tyral (Mated to the Alien, danger Verity wonders if she's about to learn the true meaning of tilleath Knocked Up by a Thug do us part Praise for theebut Verity Kent Mystery Sure to please fans of classic whodunits and lovers of historical fiction alike Jessie Crockett author of Whispers Beyond the Veil Suspenseful atmospheric and beautifully written Ashley Weaver author of the Amory Ames Mysteri. ,

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Treacherous Is the NightThank you to NetGalley and Kensington Books for providing me with an advance igital copy of Treacherous Is the Night by Anna Lee Huber in exchange for an unbiased review The second in a series featuring former Secret Service Agent Verity Kent in the time immediately following World War I this books stands alone Although there are a few references to the first book in the series having not read it in no way lessened the enjoyment of this novelAs the book opens Verity gives the reader a glimpse into some of the struggles she is experiencing including attempts to repair her marriage which was almost torn apart by WWI her rinking which she feels may make her husband critical of her and several secrets she is holding that may The Logic of Self-Destruction drive the couple further apart In spite of these concerns her time and attention are uickly captured by an experience she has while attending a seance at the insistence of a close friend It becomes apparent almost immediately that her presence has been manipulated and there is a message for her from Emilie a former colleague and fellow agent from Belgium which leads to a need to find the woman whom Verity believes is in perilIn response to hereductions regarding information received Verity Around the Sacred Fire: Native Religious Activism in the Red Power Era decides it is imperative to travel to Belgium to try and find her compatriot even though it puts additional stress on her marriage and may cause it to break While her relationship with her husband is an active storyline in the book it is by no means the chief focus and as a result this book remains exactly what it purports to be a historical mystery featuring intrigue and espionage There are some wonderfulescriptions that allow the reader brief glimpses into the result of a land ravaged by war even though again this is not the main focus of the book The pacing of the book is excellent as the reader is swept along a tide of cryptic occurrences and clues in which Verity seeks to learn the whereabouts of her colleague At the same time she is trying to The Alchemy of Opposites discover who has learned of their effortsuring the war and what form of reckoning they now seek Is it only a personal vendetta or Holy Crap The World is Ending The Anunnaki Chronicles does it go beyond that to one of far reachingestruction toward one or of the Allied Countries Throughout the book the reader gets glimpses of the period in terms of behavior ress and attitudes although it is all woven skillfully into the plot line of intrigue The reader is pulled through the book at a steady pace one that encourages continued reading for just one chapter or just another half hour There is enough tension to create additional interest which creates a perfect pitch for reading and enjoyment If you like strong female protagonists historical settings and interesting secondary and tertiary plot lines this may be the perfect book for you There is just enough history to allow the reader to feel a part of the time while enjoying a well plotted and etailed story I have officially given up at 70% I tried plowing through it and when that The Wrong Complexion for Protection did not work I tried reading a tiny bit everyay hoping to eventually reach the end That too became a chore I think if I had read the first book in Huber s new series this second book would have made much sense to me In any case I found the mystery itself tedious I also failed to care for any of the main characters I loved Simone St James s Lost Among the Living which too features a soldier husband presumed to be A Black Woman's Civil War Memoirs: Reminiscences of My Life in Camp With the 33rd U.S. Colored Troops, Late 1st South Carolina Volunteers deaduring the Great War and a wife struggling to move forward with her life I think the premise is a very intriguing one but in this book the husband seemed petulant that his wife forged ahead for herself uring his absence There is a love triangle that failed to materialize here and ultimately Verity Kent id not emerge as a particularly interesting or complex character I hate to give up but I m calling it 5 stars Ms Huber has penned another fabulous mystery in this series She has Children of the Sun demonstrated great skill as she writes in a new setting that is roughly 90 years later than her popular Lady Darby series Many authors are not able to adapt from one setting to another as successfully as she With lyrical prose that appeals to the senses Ms Huber adeptlyraws her
*readers into the *
into the of post war Europe that is filled with Approaches To Academic Reading And Writing danger and intrigue The shadow of the Great War continues to haunt Verity and Sidney as they travel to Belgium to uncover secrets that threaten the lives of many who worked undercover for the British Secret Service and the Allies After believing that Sidney wasead for 15 months Verity finds that the years of the war have changed both of them As they work together Verity and Sidney find that the secrets they reveal not only have the power to uncover a murderer the secrets of Verity s role in the war have the power to either Living with Lynching: African American Lynching Plays, Performance, and Citizenship, 1890-1930 destroy or strengthen their fragile relationship as well Huber gives us a heroine that is compelling with her courage strength and independence But she is also fragile and endearing in he I ve given this a B at AAR so that s 45 starsTreacherous is the Night is the second book in Anna Lee Huber s latest series of post WW1 historical mysteries featuring former secret service agent Verity Kent The events of this story unfold just a few weeks after those of the previous book This Side of Murder and if you ve not read that look away now because there is a massive spoiler for the twist in that story in the next paragraph of this reviewFor fifteen months Verity believed herself to be a widow the husband she married on the eve of the war having been killed in action in 1918 But Witch-Hunt Narrative during her investigation into the murders of some of Sidney s former comrades she made a game changingiscovery namely that Sidney wasn t My Hero Academia Series Volume 1 - 20 Books Collection Set by Kouhei Horikoshi dead at all but had allowed everyone to believe him to be while he pursued an investigation of his own to uncover the identity of the traitor among the officers of his battalionAfter Sidney finally revealed the truth Verity was and still is is a mass of conflicting emotions relief that he isn tead fury that he Alcohol Addiction Recovery d allowed her to mourn for so many months guilt at some of things she kept from him Mars Journey during their brief reunionsuring the war and their relationship is still in a state of flux when we rejoin them at the beginning of Treacherous is the Night They have Beating the Odds - From shocking childhood abuse to the embrace of a loving family, one mans true story of courage and redemption decided to work at their marriage to see if they can make a go of it but it s not going to be easy for either of themThe story opens when Verity s good friend and former War Office colleague Daphne Merrick asks Verity to attend a s ance with her Spiritualism saw a huge increase in popularity after the First World War asevastated relatives and friends of the fallen sought comfort in the idea of being able to speak to their loved ones one last time Verity is sceptical of the whole thing even so after a cruel trick that was played on her at the house party she attended in the previous book but she knows Daphne is Climax (Double Alchemy, desperate to contact her brother Gil who lost his life in the earlyays of the war and reluctantly agrees to accompany Daphne to the session at madame zozza swhen they the session at Madame Zozza sWhen they Verity is surprised to see Max Westfield the Earl of Ryde also in attendance They exchange friendly greetings Peace DeLeos Action Thriller Singles during which Verity recalls their unexplored interrupted burgeoning attraction and then Max goes on to explain that he has accompanied his aunt Lady Swaffham to the s ance When the proceedings get underway things go mostly as Verity had expected until the medium greets Verity ma compatriote where are you and tells her that she is the spirit of Emilie a spy and courier with whom Verity had worked on several occasions on her various missions into France and Belgiumuring the warVerity is flabbergasted and furious at the medium s audacity at using both Emilie and her own past as part of a cheap. My favorite new mystery series Alyssa Maxwell USA Today bestselling authorIn 1919 England in the shadow of The Great War many look to the spirit world for answers But it will take an all too earthbound intrigue to Roots and Blossoms draw in theiscerning heroine of Anna Lee Huber's latest mystery It's not that Verity Kent The Humanities, Higher Education, and Academic Freedom doesn't sympathize with those eager to make contact with lost loved ones After all she once believed herself a war widow But now that she'siscovered Sidney is very much alive Verity is having eno. .
Trick but is Shakespeare determined to find out exactly why the woman should have pretended to channel Emilie in order toeliver a cryptic message Beware the man hiding behind the mask But Madame Zozza s assistant whisks her away before Verity can approach her so Verity BWWM (Interracial Romance BWWM African American Multicultural Romance) determines to pay the woman a visit the following morning to find out what she knows But that proves impossible she and Sidney arrive in time to witness her house going up in flames and learn that Madame Zozza perished in the fireThere s nothing for it now but for Verity to look into the matter herself and she can teny that she s been looking for a way to avoid having to think too hard about the state of her marriage and the ways in which both she and Sidney have become Seers Stone (Hidden Alchemy different people people who might no longer be capable of sustaining a relationship She needs to find Emilie and answers to the numerous uestions the medium s summoning has posed and in order too that she must return to Flanders and track Caveman Alien’s Riddle (Caveman Aliens, down the members of La Dame Blanche the network of intelligence gatherers and couriers of which Emilie was a memberMs Huber very skilfully balances the novel s plot the uncovering of aeadly scheme for revenge as Verity and Sidney search for Emilie with the gradual peeling away of the various layers of self protection that Verity and Sidney have erected around their emotions and the exploration and Teaching white South African literature in high school development of their relationship They reifferent people now they ve experienced hardship A Wish Your Heart Makes danger and the horrors of war inifferent ways and they re cagy and reluctant to reveal the extent of their sorrow anger Agricultural Development: An International Perspective (Johns Hopkins Studies in Development) doubt and broken ness to one another Verity is keeping a particularly guilty secret which has been alluded to before and is also unsure of how her husband will react when he learns the true extent of her work as an agent for the secret service Will he be appalled that his little wife wasn t home sitting uietly by the fire knitting socks Will he ever be able to accept that she s no longer the starry eyed young woman he marriedBecause the story is told through Verity s eyes we never get inside Sidney s head but Ms Huberoes a pretty good job of showing readers his feelings and reactions through his Loves Abuse Warrior Camp dialogue and what Verity observes of his facial expressions and body language We see him coming to understand appreciate and admire theetermined independent woman Verity has become and experience his gradually reawakening trust as he allows himself to reveal of his own fears and insecurities just as Verity reveals hers Their internal struggles feel very real and their rapprochement is gradual and not always easy but it s superbly Contemporary African literature done and I became fully invested in their relationship and was rooting for them long before the endIf you ve read This Side of Murder you may be wondering about Max who was clearly set up as a potential love interest for Verity in that story which obviously couldn t go anywhere once Sidney was revealed to be alive after all Max makes a couple of brief appearances in this story and has an important role to play in the finale there is still a frisson of attraction between him and Verity and Sidney is obviously jealous of their friendship but with Verity s commitment to making her marriage work the attempt to create some sort of uncertainty falls flat and I m not uite sure why it was includedMs Huber s eye for historicaletail is excellent and she makes some shrewd social observations with a light touch about the about the glamourisation of war the treatment of its veterans and how the women who had taken men s roles 120 Content Strategies for English Language Learners during it were suddenly expected to go back into their womanly boxes and act as if they never had that taste of independence and freedomTreacherous is the Night is entertaining well researched and well written and I enjoyed it very much I was as caught up in the exploration of the Kents troubled marriage as I was intrigued by the mystery plot and would Making Me Crazy (Multicultural Romance Series: NHL Billionaire Meets African American Beauty Book 1) definitely encourage fans of well written historical mysteries to consider giving this series a try Treacherous Is the Night is the second book in Verity Kent series by Anna Lee Huber In this book Verity travels to Belgium and France with Sydney to investigate a mystery concerning one of La Dame Blanche Belgian underground intelligence agents with whom she workeduring WW1 and whom she considers a friend It appears that this friend is now in peril #AND MAY NEED VERITY S HELPIN #may need Verity s helpIn first book we Alt 38 Environmental Transformations didn t know a lot about Verity s role with Secret Serviceuring the war but in this book we finally learn about many of her assignments and some of her secrets We also get to know Sydney much better The one character I was missing Academic Skills desperately is Max the Earl of Ryde He had such a big presence in the first book but in this book he is relegated to the sidelines with only a small part in the story This was reallyisappointing because he was my favorite character in This Side of MurderRegardless I Before the Door Closes did enjoy Treacherous Is the Night and am looking forward to the next installment And Io hope that we ll get a lot of Max in the third bookARC provided by the publisher and the author in exchange for an honest review Dollycas s ThoughtsIn this follow up to This Side of Murder Ex Secret Service Agent Verity Kent is oing her best to reconnect with the husband she believed was killed in the war His surprising return happened in the last book just as she started to have feelings for another man It is ifficult to curb those new feelings when the man seems to pop up everywhere as he We Are Each Others Harvest did to a s ance her friend hadragged her tooIn This Side of Murder a uija board upset Verity greatly and this time a s ance sends her into a tizzy when the medium singles her out and reveals secret information about one of the other agents Verity has worked with Before Verity has a chance to uestion the medium is suspiciously killed Unsure who she can trust Verity starts her own investigation and she and her Husband Sidney Travel To Belgium They Know Sidney travel to Belgium They know have been followed but she needs to find the truth no matter how They Left Great Marks on Me dangerous her mission seemsVerity Kent is a complex woman who has had uite a life for her young years Working as a Secret Service Agenturing the war took her to Deans and Truants dangerous places and put her inangerous situations Her husband uickly sees this is not the same woman he left behind when he went into battle She has become confident and almost fearless It makes him see his own service in a Talking About Trees different light too Their relationship had become stunted because they both held everything in While he wants to escape to the country she can t back away from the search for her compatriot This could be the final straw that breaks their marriageIn addition to the relationship struggles of our protagonist the authorelivers an excellent mystery Verity s uest to find her cohort takes us eeply into La Dame Blanche Belgian underground intelligence She knows her friend needs her help and the path we follow with her is absolutely captivating and and the path we follow with her is absolutely captivating and times scary Each twist each turn a breadcrumb here a breadcrumb there she oesn t give up As a reader I enjoyed following this strong smart woman wherever she wentAnna Lee Huber gives us a look at England and beyond after World War I in rich The Rules of Engagement for Overcoming Your Past detail Sheescribes the places and the people so vividly This author knows how to build a story that is full of intrigue She has Bibliographia Aethiopica II done her research and I always feel like I learn something while reading her books Theetail while great Hair Raising: Beauty, Culture, and African American Women did slowown the pace just a bit in places but when the pace picked up I was glued to the pages to the very endThe book leaves me with a bit of a conundrum I really like Max the other man in Verity s life but I should want her to be with her husband right Sidney may have had his reasons for what he Say It Plain A Century of Great African American Speeches did Ugh trouble connecting with her estranged husband never mind theead Still at a friend's behest Verity attends a seance where she encounters the man who still looms between her and Sidney and a medium who channels a woman Verity once worked with in the Secret Service Refusing to believe her former fellow spy is Saving Spring dead Verity isetermined to uncover the source of the spiritualist's top secret revelationThen the medium is murdered and Verity's investigation is suddenly thwarted Even Secret Service ag.