(PDF) [Duty and Sacrifice – Saviors] By Devon Vesper

Duty and Sacrifice – SaviorsOnce again the process must begin all over When an incident overwhelms Valis s senses he once again lashes out but this time Darolen pushes back This situation lends credibility to the story as up to this point the two men have been than patient with Kerac s soft heart being battered time and againThe author sets a good pace through their travels never making the story feel drawn out or The characters are well developed and although the relationship the three characters is uniue it never leads to what could have been Instead it leads to a family unit being formed with strong bonds between the two mates and their adopted son Valis The nding is just the beginning and I am xcited to see what happens next there excited to see what happens next There some sexy times but not overwhelming the storyline There is plenty of action for a first introduction danger and some angst But it nds with the hope of better things to come although I am sure that there will be plenty in store for Valis along the wayHappy reading I received an ARC of this book and I am leaving my honest review I adored this book absolutely loved the characters It was a wonderful start to the series and I can t continue the rest A great beginning This is the first time I ve read anything by Devon Vesper but it won t be the last I really njoyed this book and I can t wait to read the second onebuying it today I loved the story and characters Very fast paced and well written I felt like I was in a different world I m not going to give anything away but it made me happy when the bad guy got what he deserved. Join their monasteryThey’re his only hope and when he learns to trust them they’re the father figures he always wanted but Valis isn’t sure he’s strong nough to put aside his fear and start overThe God Jars Saga is a nine book slow burn medieval MM fantasy romanc. ,

Book was an Infamous excellent introduction to what has the promise to be anpic fantasy seriesValis whom I believe is to be our Overall Main Character Hasn T main character hasn t reached his majority yet when the story opens In fact he is running for his life from the monster that has made his life a living nightmare his father Just as he is about to lose all hope he literally slides into two Paladin or Aesriphos as they are known in this world When his father turns on the charm Valis reveals that his father is a follower of os and
"the aesriphos immediately "
Aesriphos immediately him in stasisThe two holy magic wielding warriors introduce themselves as Kerac and Darolen and lead Valis back to deal with a daunting task Once completed the two men realize that Valis won t be able to run the homestead on his own and after learning that his uncle is also a follower of os tell Valis about the monastery from which they hale and xplain why he should sell his home and journey with themBut after years of abuse and neglect Valis doesn t trust kindness He doesn t believe in good intentions or honesty He Lashes Out And Only lashes out and only that Kerac might be true by his reaction When an attack puts the Aesriphos in danger Valis sees the true devotion between the two men Is possible that he could learn to trust themThey set off on a long and arduous journey with danger dogging there trail Along the way the men teach Valis about where they are going and Valis learns xactly how close the relationship between Kerac and Darolen is He slowly begins to trust maybe ven but soon something brings back memories and. D runs away he lands in the camp of his two saviors Kerac and Darolen holy Aesriphos warriors powerful nough to put his family in their placeBut trusting anyone could be fatal and the warriors ask the impossible to sell his father’s farmstead and abandon his old life to. I loved this book And ven though it s a book with magic and adventure I found the core story to be utterly human and relatable a true coming of age story at its core Spoilers Watching Valis grow from terrified abused #Child To A Confident Young Person On #to a confident young person on cusp of adulthood was really rewarding to me as to a confident young person on the cusp of adulthood was really rewarding to me as reader I found his crashing through motions to be utterly believable considering how he spent his ntire life before the book terrified to xpress anything that might draw attention Even when I wanted to throttle him for being a brat I could see why he was acting that wayMy one issue was the confusion between Valis wanting to alternately be Snowbound Seduction either be child or lover to Darolen and Keracven when it becomes clear they see him as barely older than adolescent That part I didn t really get I wasn t sure if it was supposed to be awkwardly confused adolescent or daddy kink and as a result the sexual aspect of the story confused me Especially when Valis declares himself adopted son to his mentorsBut ven with that I loved this book and would gladly keep reading the series The characters are complicated interesting and ver volving and the story only gets and fascinating as it builds ExcellentI received a ever volving and the story only gets and fascinating as it builds ExcellentI received a copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review 45 rounded upIt s not often I find an MM fantasy series It s Hometown Valentine even rare to find a decent one But when the opportunity to read a Nine book MM fantasy series is placed in front of me I m not going to turn it down This is a new author to me but I like what I ve read so far This. Trust is terrifying than any weaponValis’ father wants to sacrifice him to thevil God os His uncle wants to use him as a magical battery and sex slave All Valis wants is to live in peace without fear of constant abuse When he scapes his father’s sacrificial knife an.