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Check out our audio interview with the author An incredible horrifying read the rise of mass incarceration in Los Angeles read detailing the rise of mass incarceration in Los Angeles its parallels across the country along with the deep ties the police and prisons have to white supremacy and the genocide of so many communities and peoples throughout the city s and nation s history The structure of the book and the stories within are fascinating and mirror so much of what s still happening in this country This is essential for Angelenos but also anyone interested in how we got where we are today Dijon Kizzee Andres Guardado Samuel Faulkner These men were all illed by the LAPD or LASD two of whom have been Integrity Restored: Helping Catholic Families Win the Battle Against Pornography killed in the past three months in Los Angeles County In her pathbreaking outstanding history City of Inmates UCLA African American historian and Mac Arthur fellow Kelly Lytle Hernandez shows us Los Angeles s ugly history of incarceration has spanned two centuries and recounts the horrific story of Samuel Faulkner along the waySamuel Faulkner was the first Black manilled by the LAPD but it wasn t a year ago or even a decade or two ago It occurred on April 27 1927 on East 51st Street when he went to check on his sister Clara Harris who resided in a house on the same lot where Samuel lived with his parents Apparently the LAPD conducted a liuor raid on Harris s house finding nothing but shooting Faulkner who had entered through his sister s bedroom window Once Los Angeles incarcerates people than any other city in the United States which imprisons people than any other nation on Earth This book explains how the City of Angels became the capital city of the world's leading incarcerator Marshaling than two centuries of evidence historian Kelly Lytle Hernandez unmasks how histories of native elimination immigrant exclusion and black disappearance drove the rise of incarceration in Los Angeles In this. Ng of undocumented immigrants in a penetrating chapter on Mexicans in the 1920s 30s Despite several decades of regular Mexican migration dating back to the 1880s with the development of large scale agriculture and widespread peasant displacement under the Porfirato the US border patrol itself did not come into existence until 1927 Then following that move the history of the caging of Mexican immigrants began According to Lytle Hernandez in 1929 a federal law imposed made unlawful entry into the US punishable by one year in prison and a 1000 Fine The Taxing Of The taxing of Federal Prison System Led prison system led new prisons including La Tuna Detention Farm in El Paso and Terminal Island in Los Angeles Where does this information leave us in 2020 Still Black men are being shot and illed by the LAPD Still undocumented immigrants are being caged and forcibly sterilized sadly forcibly sterilization of Latinas is not new just read research by Virginia Espino or Laura Briggs This book will educate you on how long BIPOC have been locked up It is a painful reminder of the way that jails have historically served as a tool of excluding erasing and purging targeted populations from urban landscapes The book is highly recommended for everyone interested in Black Lives Matter the history of incarceration and the history of the LAPD in particular *When You Think Of *you think of illed by the police also remember Samuel Faulkner Read This Book obvious genius leve. Ourt rulings advanced revolution across bars and borders and as in the summer of 1965 set fire to the belly of the city With these acts those who fought the rise of incarceration in Los Angeles altered the course of history in the city the borderlands and beyond This book recounts how the dynamics of conuest met deep reservoirs of rebellion as Los Angeles became the City of Inmates the nation's carceral core It is a story that is far from ove. ,

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City of InmatesOu realize that police shootings violence and that the wanton excessive incarceration of Black men and women have been occurring since the Black community Black men and women have been occurring since the Black community in South Central Los Angeles it makes your blood boil The presence of an LA branch of the NAACP resulted in a trial and ultimate acuittal of the officer who shot Faulkner To say that this book blew my mind is a gross understatement Lytle Hernandez shows how Los Angeles has become the carceral capital of the world that has been shaped by a longstanding history of settler colonialism Beginning with exclusion of Tongva Gabrielinos in the early 19th century colonists set out to build a new permanent racially reproductive and racially exclusive society That model has continued from the 1820s to the present Laws banning vagrancy and public drunkenness combined to reduce Indigenous populations Jailed Gabrielinos were routinely auctioned to white Angelenos resulting in several decades of forced servitude The enforcement of these laws worked to winnow down the Gabrielino populationTwo insightful chapters illuminate MexicanMexican American experiences from the 1900s 1930s Revolutionary Mexican journalist Ricardo Flores Magon agitated against Porfirio Diaz and was eventually imprisoned in LA Magon agitated against Porfirio Diaz and was eventually imprisoned in LA the Neutrality Act with the aid of the Mexican government It is a fascinating chapter on the intersection of politics censorship and imprisonment The author lays bare the cagi. Telling which spans from the Spanish colonial era to the outbreak of the 1965 Watts Rebellion Hernandez documents the persistent historical bond between the racial fantasies of conuest namely its settler colonial form and the eliminatory capacities of incarcerationBut City of Inmates is also a chronicle of resilience and rebellion documenting how targeted peoples and communities have always fought back They busted out of jail forced Supreme ,