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Er Unfortunately it was a pretty uninteresting childhood Ada "S PARENTS SEPARATED IN 1816 DUE TO LORD BYRON "parents separated in 1816 due to Lord Byron bad behavior which led to a very complicated family situation when she was an infant and she never saw her father again Nevertheless he was a strong presence in her life due to her mother s efforts to turn her against her father and his in her life due to her mother s efforts to turn her against her father and his and family Annabella was both an aloof and controlling mother although she was mostly absent due to her charity work and visits to various spas seeking a cure for ailments that appear to have been imaginary Ada s interests in mathematics and science were encouraged so long as they did not become excessiveI wish that the book had begun at its half way point in 1833 when Ada met Mr Charles Babbage who was a renowned mathematician and inventor They became friends and she was fascinated by his inventions the Difference Engine a form of mechanical calculator and the Analytical Engine a very early computer however he never managed to complete the building of either of these machines during his lifetime It was "Babbage who referred to Ada as the Enchantress of Numbers Ada published her first scientific paper about the Analytical "who referred to Ada as the Enchantress of Numbers Ada published her first scientific paper about the Analytical and it was met with interest and acclaim until it was discovered that it had been written by a woman As soon as it became well known that the memoir had been written by a woman it s perceived value as a scientific work precipitously declined If a woman had written it these men of science concluded it could not be as important as they had first believed The reasoning could not be as sound if it had come from the female mind the subject not as significant if it had been been entrusted to feminine handsI really wish that there had been emphasis on science and less on overnesses coming out parties and illegitimate relatives I would also have preferred that the book be 150 pages shorterI received a free copy of this book from the publishe. Difference Engine and enthralled by the plans for his even advanced Analytical Engine Ada resolves to help Babbage realize his extraordinary vision uniue in her understanding of how his invention could transform the world All the while she passionately studies mathematics ignoring skeptics who consider it an unusual even unhealthy pursuit for a woman falls in love discovers the shocking secrets behind her parents’ estrangement and comes to terms with the unuenchable fire of her imagination. Enchantress of NumbersVe With the narrator s accent and reading of it I felt like I was there Chiaverini is Confessions of an Air Ambulance Doctor great at descriptions and makes her books come alive However in that same vain she is also too detailed There are moments when it feels like a fact drop While the time and place comes alive the characters sometimes become neglected as people and driven by descriptions The plot and story lines sometimeset lost and moments Mr. Jelly's Business get dull I think Chiaverini s novels could be brilliant if there was a bit editor input This book didet me excited to learn About Ada And Byron Ada and Byron is hard to say if I recommend this novelI received an eARC from NETGALLEYMy Novelesue Blog This was a ood fictional account of Ada Lovelace s life In the future I plan on reading about herThere is not much else to say because the story speaks for its self An overly long prologue to this book tells the story of the courtship and brief unhappy marriage of Lord Byron and his wife Annabella that resulted in the birth of one child Augusta Ada later known as Ada Byron King Countess of Lovelace I had never heard of Ada but some have credited her with being the first computer programmer That is an overstatement I was expecting about the life of a scientist or a Gökyüzü Mavi Kaldı glimpse into her creative but there is almost none of that in this book Not until the end of the book do we see Ada actually performing any scientific work The emphasis was definitely on her childhood and then on her duties as wife mother and countess We just have to take forranted the fact that she was a ood mathematician Since the author obviously has little interest in science I had to look Ada up on Wikipedia to find out what she actually did After the prologue the rest of the book is written in the form of a memoir by the 35 year old Ada I have a problem with books told from the pov of a child who has total recall of all conversations and events that occurred when she was a toddl. Oubling spark of imagination or worse yet passion or poetry is promptly extinguished Or so her mother believesWhen Ada is introduced into London society as a highly eligible young heiress she at last discovers the intellectual and social circles she has craved all her life Little does she realize that her delightful new friendship with inventor Charles Babbage brilliant charming and occasionally curmudgeonly will shape her destiny Intrigued by the prototype of his first calculating machine the. ,

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I enjoyed reading about Ada Lovelace s life especially since the only thing I knew about her was that she is considered to be the first computer programmer This was the first book I ve read by Chiaverini and I found the writing style to be well lacking somewhat I didn t feel as connected to the characters as I should have been it seemed like Chiaverini was didn t want to stray too far from the facts of Ada s life but in doing so these historical personages come off as rather flat characters I wish the book had flushed out the relationship between Ada and her mother as well as that of Ada and Mr Babbage about how their working relationship worked about how the machine worked etc Ada s involvement with the Analytical Engine is what she became known for but I felt like the importance of it ets lost in the telling of the story Thank you to NetGalley for a free ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review ENCHANTRESS OF NUMBERSWritten by Jennifer ChiaveriniNarrated by Virginia Leishman2017 DuttonPenguin 446 Pages Audio length 20 hours and 2 minutesGenre fiction historical fiction Britain history science math biography women RATING 3 STARSI have to admit that I became interested in Ada Lovelace due to her father Byron I enjoyed Byron s poetry and study him Lovelace due to her father Byron I enjoyed Byron s poetry and study him his friends Mary and Percy Shelley s work for school He is a fascinating person in literature history He also sounds like a huge jerk to people around him And the whole thing with his sister is definitelyodd Then I heard about Ada and all her accomplishments with math and science blew me away It was so cool that a woman from her class and time was able to et so far I was so happy to see that Chiaverini was writing a book on her Chiaverini has most written about American historical figures especially in the Civil War era I was historical figures especially in the Civil War era I was interested in reading this one Chiaverini is a ood writer and she was able to make Lovelace s time period come ali. The only legitimate child of Lord Byron the most brilliant revered and scandalous of the Romantic poets Ada was destined for fame long before her birth Estranged from Ada’s father who was infamously “mad bad and dangerous to know” Ada’s mathematician mother is determined to save her only child from her perilous Byron heritage Banishing fairy tales and make believe from the nursery Ada’s mother provides her daughter with a rigorous education THIEME Atlas of Anatomy: Head and Neuroanatomy grounded in mathematics and science Any tr.