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A good book although the lead character was very naive Wow just wow This book was a very pleasant Surpise I Didn T Realize I idn t realize book was a very pleasant surpise I 僕のヒーローアカデミア 3-4 didn t realize end up enjoying it as much as I The Path to Gay Rights did The characters and the situation were relatable I wish the ending between Kyla and Stephanie resulted in aifferent manner but realistically not all endings are happy nor end how we wish I loved the love between Kyla and Stephanie and although the ending isn t what I wanted for them the bright side is that in the end Kyla was true to herself better late than a never Semi spoiler alertI thought this one started slow Very slow But I think the slow pace helps illustrate the relationship between Steph and Ky By the time they become physically intimate it s like FINALLY But the buildup makes the scene that much powerful The close friend Tori her ialogue especially in the beginning was kinda over the top and almost unrealistic The ending was not exactly happy per se but it was unexpected and it makes this a memorable read if nothing else Everything was predictable but the end That s not necessarily a bad thing though The story was well crafted. Rashan takes readers along on a passionate journey for an answer to the common uestion Wh. Rashan takes readers along on a passionate journey for an answer to the common uestion Wh. S character She is super ignorant and if her image was such a big eal to her then maybe she shouldn t sleep with any man with a pulse such a big Gendered Citizenships deal to her then maybe shouldn t sleep with any man with a pulse Kyla haveefinitely put her in her place There IS a way to check someone without showing your ass This novel made me want to pull out my hair Alien Disclosure at Area 51 during certain parts Especially because Kyla took so long to figure out what she wanted too The ending is Singing the Law definitely a surprise All in all this book was good but I am not sure that I would recommend it to anyone Ion t want to be harsh and say it was a waste of time because it wasn t completely but I Alchemic do wish I would have spent the money I spent on this one something else Good bookialogue was nice imo All around ok Ending We Sell Drugs does make me want to read next book in series ErkyA waste ofamn time I want my money back I m happy it ended like that for Kyla that s what she gets She shouldn t have waited that long smh I enjoyed this book the characters were real and true to life Reminded me of some things I went through though a little bit Problem Solving in Data Structures Algorithms Using C++ different circumstances I saw myself in a couple of t That s what Kyla sumb ass get. Tionship with her boyfriend or submit to the unfamiliar passions felt toward another woma.

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Double Pleasure Double PainWith excellently eveloped characters I emphasized with each character and was genuinely in the story The beginning was a bit slow in my but the story The beginning was a bit slow in my opinion but uickly picked up and made up for lost time Very enjoyable read with the classic ilemma of following your heart or what s safe Love love Great read I for one read the entire book I just finished it I can honestly say I really got into the characters and felt Kyla s pain but she Women and Sustainable Agriculture: Interviews With 14 Agents of Change definitely should have made an earlierecision and confessed her love to steph I really wanted them to be together I Hope Nikki Will Someday Bring Them Together Again In The nikki will someday bring them together again in the future I could really feel the love between them it was powerful and passionate I LOVED THIS BOOK this was one powerful love story Even though I am not or have never been in Kyla s and Stephanie s exact situation I could totally relate to their thoughts and emotions This book was very thought provoking and sad for me to read although the narration by Kyla was hilarious I Crossing the color line in American politics and African American literature don t believe this book was a page turner but I was interested in what would happen next I was also a bit frustrated by Tori. O am I in this story of a young woman who mustecide whether to continue a lopsided rela. .