(Pdf) Pottymouth and Stoopid BY James Patterson

Parents living off the state and not caring about the Kids They Are Fostering As Long As They Get Their they are fostering as long as they get their classmates being bullies with their actions and words and not getting in trouble for it It s horrible and this book does show this My 10 year old son and I both loved this and hope the seuel comes out in the voice of Pottymouth Teaches a valuable lesson while funny and at times sad A great partner to the I Funny books by Grabenstein and Patterson s Jimmy books I really loved this book At first I assumed it d be really childish and well stoopid But as they say never judge a book by its cover I really related to David and Michael I ve never been called names in school but I was bullied other ways But that s another story Anyways if you need a good wholesome pick me up book don t need a good wholesome pick me up book don t a fluffernutter and go read Pottymouth and Stoopid I received a free copy of this book and gave it to the 9 year old in my life He told me to rate it 4 34 stars so I m translating that to five For a kid who s shied away from thicker books this was uite the accomplishment for him I was going to read it when he was finished but he s passed it along to one of his classmates Easy come asy go I suppose When I received the ARC of this title it came with a letter from James Patterson saying This book gets at one of the chief reasons why young men become unhappy angry and sometimes Naked Choke even violent Bullying likeverything today has gotten complicated it also represents an Pleasure Activism: The Politics of Feeling Good essential message for young readers If Patterson truly believes this is the most important book I havever written he should have made sure the finished product hinted at that message It does not If you are looking for a realistic and sensitive depiction of school bullying this is NOT the book for your child There is no Murder at the Mansion emotional substance painful stereotypes and freuent behavior by teachers and administrators that would cost any real professional their jobs and a painfully rushed nonnding that never gets around to teaching any lesson that Patterson may have set out to teach David the narrator and his best friend Michael are given cruel nicknames at young ages which follow them into middle school They are freuently teased by the popular kids led by a stereotypical cheerleading ueen bee and their only other friend is a girl Anna who is teased about being a brainiac Had this been the driving plot and the story remained some sense of realism it could have arned a place at the table beside Wonder and Spinelli s Loser However the authors attempt too hard to make the story comedic and the school abuse becomes incredibly unrealistic notably by the fact that the brunt of insults and xclusion come from school adults From the gym teacher refuses to le. T laughs it shows that the worst bullying doesn't have to be physicaland that things will get better A great conversation starter for parents to read alongside their kidsOfficial Notice to ParentsThere is no actual pottymouthing or stupidity in this Seductive Surrender entire bookPsst kids that second part might not bentirely tr. Pottymouth and StoopidPottymouth s characterist was Humility arc RECEIVED FROM ALAPATTERSONGRABENSTEINS ARE MIGHTY POPULAR from ALAPattersonGrabensteins are mighty popular my middle school readers but I am not sure how much "they ll like this one There s a lot of pisodic preamble towards the beginning and "ll like this one There s a lot of pisodic preamble towards the beginning and story to the xtent there s a story about David s x dad who attempts to commercialize his son s xperiences being bullied doesn t merge until the middleIt s not that funny nor does it have the heart and charm of the Lemoncello s library seriesI will probably buy a copy *And If It Doesn * if it doesn do well in middle school I will shop it down to lementary This books is pretty adorable Both of my ight year old sons loved it so I m confident that Patterson knows the desires of his target market It was just fine for me but I appreciate the humor lessons and graphics My favorite comic is on page 202 saying I d love to marry you but I can t Your permanent record says you failed naptime in kindergarten David and Michael have had the unfortunate challenge of being dubbed with horrible nicknames in school by their peers Michael who tends to speak with additional made up words was dubbed Pottymouth since The Deepest Sin everyone assumed the words were curses and David has the moniker Stoopid because he often makes mistakes particularly since he gets nervous Thes all goes back to kindergarten and a particular girl they have gone to school since thenNow they are in middle school and their world is about to change It all starts when David sx father a deadbeat dad decides to take the two of them out to lunch David is really xcited because he thinks his dad has changed and is going to be involved in his life and better about changing child supportThe other thing that changes is the premiere of a new cartoon on a network not unlike the Cartoon Network It is a huge hit and it is called Pottymouth Stoopid and it is clearly based on them Everyone loves the show The thing they can t figure out is how the creators have learned so much about David and Michael and things that have actually happened to them What are they going to do about itEven before these types of books started being published by the jimmy brand Patterson has worked with authors for intermediate readers to write stories that touch on the concept of bullying This one is about as blunt as it gets when including bullying in a story It is fun and interesting but it does seem to drag as the message seems to overwhelm the fun of the plot Grabenstein has used a different illustration style than he has traditionally used when creating works under the general Patterson brand and now the jimmy brand It is interesting and fits uite nicely with the feel of the charactersNot a great book Michael and David aka Pottymouth and Stoopid Bestselling author James Patterson's best book for boys in years Tired of being bullied middle school underdogs Pottymouth and Stoopid finally fight back with the power of funnyDavid and his best friend Michael were tagged with awful nicknames way back in preschool when veryone did silly things Fast forward to. Ave been best friends since preschool Because of their wild and crazy antics and colorful made up language They Have Been Bullied For have been bullied for Fast forward to middle school where their cruel nicknames have followed them Everyone calls them by Pottymouth and Stoopid ven their teachers and principal Michael and David just xpect this to always be the case But when their actions and pranks that have gone awry become fodder for a series on "the Cartoon Network they become famous sort of Most of their "Cartoon Network they become famous sort of Most of their cannot believe that these two class jokes have anything to do with this hit show Even Michael and David are wondering where the producers got ahold of their goof ups It is up to Michael and David to figure it out With mostly clueless parents David s mom works 3 jobs since his x dad won t pay child support and Michael s foster parents are only in the game for the money it leaves a big uestion mark in veryone s mind When the mastermind behind the series is revealed a frenzy nsues But does the bullying stopwell not completely Pottymouth and Stoopid is full of laugh out loud humor about a very serious subject Bullying is rampant in schools today Teachers administrators and staff can talk until they re blue in the face about kindness compasssion and mpathy and still the bully finds a way to confront their victims This book has an important message stay strong don t heed the bully s message and find strength and commaradirie in numbers Pottymouth and Stoopid would be a great read aloud since it will bring students and adults together to discuss the underlying message With manageable short chapters loads of humor and relateable characters the book should be on very library s shelf Cannot wait to put it on my lementary school s shelf Thank you to Goodreads Giveaways Jimmy Patterson Books James Patterson Chris Grabenstein Sabrina Benun and Alexis Gilbert for this copy It s hard to rate this When I first started reading it I thought it would be this book about kids doing goofy things to get laughs in class Not so at all These kids are treated horribly by students teachers and in one instance by David s dad One thing I didn t like was that he kept calling his dad his x dad He is not the x dad he is dad He was a horrible man but he can t dad He was a horrible man but he can t the Le valeureux guerrier ex dad Michael s parents are foster parents who don t work and swear all the time Hence his nickname Pottymouth as he is constantly making up new words as swear wordsssentially There was just something off about this I m not sure if it was the constant use of these made up words to replace swears but it just felt wrongOn the other hand a lot of kids go through this stuff Parents not paying child support while they live much better than the child foster. Seventh grade Pottymouth and Stoopid are still stuck with the names and Snowflakes on the Sea everyone in school including the teachers and their principal believe the labels are true So how do they go about changingveryone's minds By turning their misery into megastardom on TV of course And this important story delivers than jus. ,