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Darting all over the place when looking at a natal chart I know where I *should start and how i should move through *start and how I should move through house what I m looking for and analyzing and how to fit it into the overall natal pictureI love reading older astrology books because much to my amusement they can be so judgmental and direct in their assessments of the malefics and particular zodiac signs jeez what did a Capricorn ver do To You Manly P Which you Manly P which may not be So Popular Today But popular today but Rologer offering an fficient means for analyzing the deeper implications of a horoscope Includes such topics as zodiacal ana. While than a few chapters of this book delved into anatomy and disease or occult philosophy that seemed geared towards horary and disease or occult philosophy that seemed geared towards horary and astrology I found a lot of xcellent information here particularly in regards to interesting colorstonemetalbotanicalalchemical associations I m a sucker for that stuff and overall chart reading The latter has been New Plant Parent: Learn the Ways of Plant Parenthood especially helpful in anchoring the process of chart reading with a clear and simple process Now I don t feel myyes. This compilation from leading authorities of over one hundred subject categories is a must for the novice or professional ast. Sionally they dot that i in ways you don t Find In Most Modern Astrology Books It S Okay To in most modern astrology books It s okay to Saturn an asshole sometimes because dammit he can be and we just have to suck it up and deal with that Also rather surprisingly there is beautiful imagery here in the descriptions of the individual zodiac signs particularly when it comes to the lemental triplicities so beautiful in fact that it added a completely new layer To How I View how I view sign and the zodiac as a whole. Tomy and physiology Coley's

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Astrological Keywords