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I always enjoy Catherine Coulter s mysteries because of their interesting plotting and characters This one had a cool storyline involving a wife who may or may not have been missing for three years and a bunch of psychics Please excuse typosname misspellings Entered on screen reader I bought this at the library for 50 cents Somebody donated it but it looks like new I really enjoyed this thriller First of all parts of it take place in San Francisco one of my favorite places to visitand it was fast paced and full of interesting characters Catherine Coulter has written a series of books with FBI agents Dillon Savich and Lacey Sherlock as the main characters and this is number 11 Having read and enjoyed Double Take I now want to o back and read in the series I wonder if any of them have been made into movies as they are full of action and would be exciting to a viewer as well At first I thought that I was King Alfred's Version of St. Augustine's Soliloquies going to enjoy this book after all it was written by Catherine Coulter I was almost to the end when it hit me this is one of the poorer books that I have ever read It was somewhat kaleidoscopie as if the author had taken characters events and settings and just jumbled them up and recorded what showed up on top I realized that I really didn t care what happened to the characters and this time that included the recurring FBI ones Sherlock Savich and their son Sean This book definitelyets passed on or perhaps I ll just chuck it More WooWoo stuff with Savich having psychic encounters but I m Glad That This Book that this book up some loose ends from the previous book Point Blank Double Take FBI Thriller 11 Catherine CoulterSuspenseMurderMysteryFBI agents Sherlock and Savich are back in this thriller Julia Ransoms husband August was murdered He is not an ordinary Rescuing Gus guy he happens to be a medium he speaks to the dead She is being fingered in this murder Special agent Cheney Stone is called in to investigate with the help of Savich and SherlockMeanwhile Sheriff Dixon Nobleets a call from his father in law Chappy Holcombe Chappy is distraught he believes he has seen his daughter Christie The only problem with that is Christie has been missing for over three years presumed dead Dixon Dix is hot on the scene where he meets Charlotte Pallack who bears a striking resemblance to ChristieCheney and Dix come together also with the assistance of Sherlock and Savich to unravel this mystery before another body turns up dead Can the two cases be related What is the connection to the mysterious Charlotte Pallack is there a connection to the late Christie and finally will Christies case finally be solvedFanta. It's been than six months since her husband's brutal death and Julia Ransom is just beginning to breathe again She loved her husband renowned psychic August Ransom but the media frenzy that followed his murder sapped what little strength she had left Now after dinner with friends strolling along San Francisco's Pier 39 she realizes that she's happy Standing at the railing she savors the sounds around her tourists seals on a barge and for a moment enjoys the sheer normalcy of it all And then it comes to an end Out of nowhere she's approached by a respectable looking man who distracts her with conversation before violently attacking her and th. Double Take

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Is easy to forget this is all suppose to have happened in about
A Week As Usual Savich 
week As usual Savich Sherlock are the loving dual and the ENDING IS A BEAUTIFUL THING FOR is a beautiful thing for car lover in everyoneThis is definitely a series book there are many references to other places and people you really do need to read several of the previous books to Class of 92: Out of Our League get all of what isoing on Especially Point Blank but there is minor references to people in Blow Out Eleventh Hour Hemlock Bay and The Edge Another Portrait of a Starter: An Unhidden Story great re read in this series This one was a little weird with all the paranormal aspects butood If you re a fan of the previous books of the series you should enjoy this one It has many familiar charactersDouble Take features Julia Ransom widow of a renewed psychic Many believe that Julia murdered her husband but Agent Cheney Stone rescuers Julia when an attempt at murder is made against her He soon feels certain that she didn t murder her husband and is determined to both keep her safe and discover who is after herAnother storyline involving Sheriff Dixon Noble from Virgina runs alongside this one The storylines soon intersect making for plenty of actionI really loved seeing the familiar characters in this book and liked the new ones too The storyline definitely held my attention and I was eager to see how it would all connect together and turn out This was a pretty How the West Was Lost: Fifty Years of Economic Folly--and the Stark Choices Ahead good book but not everything was thought out I have a few problems with the book ineneral not the story so muchIn The Maze we meet Sherlock s parents Mrs Sherlock is constantly accusing Mr Sherlock of trying to kill her of having irlfriends etc She is completely delusional Suddenly now she s alright madly in love with her husband and normal Also i would like to see Sean it seems Coulter uses him as a prop to make little family scenes that warm your heart but you never et to know him and it seems neither do his parents Taking a nanny along to visit the randparents The sex scene leaves wanting for I never thought i would say that compared to other books it was really nothing They each o to their own bed at night and in the morning they re together all of the sudden with nothing leading up to it which we find out from the housekeeper Not Coulter s usual style That said the story was intriguing even though the psychic business was weird I do like how they were all uirky Too bad we "don t find out August Ransom s uirkiness he sounds like a saintI am also happy Dix Noble "t find out August Ransom s uirkiness he sounds like a saintI am also happy Dix Noble out what happened to Christie the moment I read in point blank that the wife was missing and they didn t find her at the end of the book I knew there would be another boo. Shocking resemblance to Christie sends Dix across the country Though he knows in his heart that she can't possibly be his wife Dix is compelled to see her with his own eyes Once in San Francisco Dix and Cheney's paths inevitably cross With the help of agents Dillon Savich and Lacey Sherlock whose San Francisco connections prove essential in unlocking the mystery behind Charlotte Pallack's identity as well as the forces behind Julia Ransom's attempted murder Sheriff Noble and Agent Stone push deep into a complex world of psychics and poseurs As the stakes and the body count rise Savich Sherlock Dix and Cheney fight for answers and their lives. Stic Nail biting all night read I am a HUGE fan of Catherine Coulter and although this is number 11 in the FBI series Ms Coulter has certainly not lost her touch I look forward to Moonrise great reads by Catherine CoulterCatherine Coulter Unbelievableand by that I mean literally unbelievable A rundown of the first chapter An FBI agent sees an unknown womanet punched in the face and then the assailant pulls a knife on her When said FBI agent yells at the assailant he runs away after tossing the woman over the side of the pier into the bay FBI agent because he s not only an FBI agent but also an honorable man rescues woman "From The Ocean And Revives Her With "the ocean and revives her with Then because she tells him to he doesn t call the police Instead FBI agent carries still unknown woman to his personal vehicle drives still unknown woman to her mansion home takes still unknown woman upstairs to her bedroom and her master bath then strips down still unknown woman and himself to their underwear and ets into a warm shower with her Then FBI agent puts on men s clothes that still unknown woman provides for him and decides he will now call someone he knows in the local police department And then finally finds out who unknown woman is T o t a l l y unbelievable Not to mention that the dialogue throughout the book t a l l y unbelievable Not to mention that the dialogue throughout the book so stilted that I found myself roaning often than rinning Where I used to love the Dillon and Savich stories Ms Coulter s newer works have left me longing for the books of old If you must check DOUBLE TAKE out from your local library Or wait until it comes out in paperback In my opinion it s definitely not worth out in paperback In my opinion it s definitely not worth hardcover price This is a continuing story of Sheriff Dixon Noble and Agent Ruth Warnecki Dix father in law receives an interesting call from a friend that says after three years of looking he saw the sheriffs wife in San Francisco Dix knows he has to find the truth before he can move on with Ruth Judge Sherlock houses Dix and helps to connect him with women he came to see Savich and Sherlock also end up with a case in San Francisco involving a psychics widow Julia Ransom who seems to have a professional assassin after her Luckily Special Agent Cheney Stone seems to be in the right place at the right time These two cases seem to have than just the city in common several of the same people are associated with both investigations Savich and Sherlock don t think it s a coincidentThe completion of the character of Dixon Noble is reat to see Ruth is lower keyed and easier to handle aslo Julia and Cheney are so natural together it almost takes you by surprise to see how uickly things have happened It. Rowing her the railing If it hadn't been for Special Agent Cheney Stone out to stretch his legs between courses at a local restaurant Julia would have vanished into the bay's murky depths Not only does he save her from a watery Alien Alpha grave but he senses a connection between her assault and her husband's death and sets out to serve as her protector while reopening August Ransom's murder investigation Meanwhile in Maestro Virginia Sheriff Dixon Noble last seen in Point Blank still mourns his wife Christie who vanished hree years earlier His life too is justetting back to normal when he learns of a San Francisco woman named Charlotte Pallack whose. ,