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Husband for Hire lD and I have plenty downloaded to my kindle for those days when I want somethingight witty and engaging I highly recommend trying one of her books if any of those ualities appeal to you 45 stars If you ever wanted to see a Regency era heroine really take charge of her An Egg Is Quiet life youl probably Cinque indagini romane per Rocco Schiavone (Il vicequestore Rocco Schiavone Vol. 6) love The Grand Sophy Sophia Stanton Lacy better known as Sophy is dropped on her aunt s family by her globetrotting father who asks his sister Lady Ombersley to watch over his poorittle SophyEnter Sophy 5 9 independent minded and brimming with confidence Sophy uickly figures out all of the dysfunctions in the Ombersley family including a father with a gambling addiction a passive mother a daughter who throws over the perfectly nice eligible ord she s supposed to over the perfectly nice eligible ord she s supposed to in favor of a swoony absent minded poet and a younger son who s managed to get himself into some deep trouble And the older son Charles who has taken over control of the family and its finances to try to pull everything together and in the process has Squash Basics - How To Play Squash lost his sense of humor turned into a domestic tyrant of sorts and managed to get himself engaged to a vindictive overly proper woman Eugenia WraxtonIt s a good thing Sophy is a take charge and fix it kind of person Alsouckily Sophy is intelligent and has a

great sense of 
sense of It s a sheer pleasure to watch her take on CharlesHe said stiffly Since you have brought up Miss Wraxton s name I shall be much obliged to you cousin if you will refrain from telling my sisters that she has a face ike a horse But Charles no blame attaches to Miss Wraxton She cannot help it and that I assure you I have always pointed out to *YOUR SISTERS I CONSIDER MISS WRAXTON S COUNTENANCE PARTICULARLY *sisters I consider Miss Wraxton s countenance particularly bred Yes indeed but you have uite misunderstood the matter I meant a particularly well bred horse You meant as I am perfectly aware to belittle Miss Wraxton No no I am very fond of horses Sophy said earnestlyJane Austen s Emma should take a clue from Sophy Emma tries to manage everyone s ives especially their romances and is usually wrong Sophy who in fairness is much cosmopolitan than Emma pretty much always succeeds at managing everyone s Of Magic and Mating New Canton Republic lives Luckily for everyone involved she s also pretty much always right with one notable exception that ends up turning out right anyway because the universe clearlyoves SophyI really didn t mean to swallow this book whole in one day but once I got going I couldn t stop And when Heyer pulls all the main characters together at the end for one of those absurd farcical scenes she does so well it was comedy heavenThis would be a 5 star book easy but unfortunately there s a really problematic minor subplot right in the middle of the book that involves a stereotypical greasy evil Jewish moneylender the name Goldhanger and his Semitic nose are your textual clues It 竹光始末 The Bamboo Sword And Other Samurai Tales lasts for about 5 pages max I veooked at different ways of rationalizing this those were different times it s just one character and not necessarily the author s commentary on all Jews but I can t get comfortable with it Nor do I think I should this was published in 1950 post WWII by which time people generally and Georgette Heyer specifically should have known better This one scene will ruin the entire book for some people If you can rationalize it or ignore it or skip over it knowing that Sophy prevails in their brief encounter this is otherwise a completely delightful book If you can t that s totally understandable I understand the racial descriptions have been removed from some editions of the book Bloodleaf like Agatha Christie s And Then There Were None which seems to me a happy answer to this problemBecause really Sophy s a great character and that one scene excluded this is one of Heyer s best novels I wouldove to hang out with Sophy we could braid each other s hair and she could fix all my problem. Er mixed up family from itself Everyone is hanging out with the absolute wrong person and the whole place is in an uproar Luckily Sophy knows the shocking tricks to straighten things out and it starts with throwing a really grand party. The Grand SophyPs and a ovely girl named Cecilia who was so sweet she deserved the best view spoiler I was never glad than when she ended up with Lord Charlbury The she deserved the best view spoiler I was never glad than when she ended up with Lord Charlbury The was such a sweetheart and I felt bad for him that he might acuire the reputation of a rake because of Sophy hide spoiler A Regency Romance What WhatAh but this was nothing very stuffy indeed Sophy was the model extrovert a clever and busy and downright machiavellian girl Do you Mismatch like characters with so much agency that they pop right off the page Sophy is your girlOf course that also means that she s pretty much a terror for all the stuffed shirts around her and between getting in the way and deciding to help her relations find marriage while all the while being the unwitting subject of the same dastardly plotHow will this comedy turn out Truly the pacing is good the plot is pretty Shakespearian and the stuffed shirts get stuffedIt was pretty fun Mind you I doove a bit of romance fluff every now and again and this was Going All the Way Planning for a Marriage That Goes the Distance light and churlish and sometimes even devious but it is also pure popcorn fictionI m glad to have read it but it s not generally the kind of thing I read or ateast the setting isn t The storied plots are pretty universal though and there were plenty of chuckles in store for me Here s to broadening my horizon She was by far too tall nose and mouth were both too arge and a pair of expressive gray eyes could scarcely be held to atone entirely for these defects Only you could not forget Sophy even though you could not recall the shape of her face or the colour of her eyesI for one will not forget the unstoppable and vivacious Sophy Stanton Lacy anytime soon A truly entertaining Regency Romance with one of the most delightful and dynamic heroines you could ever hope to encounter from this time period The Grand Sophy is the perfect book when you need a break from your denser and darker reads It is fast paced clever and often humorous When Sophy s father Sir Horace is summoned to Brazil on business he entrusts her care as well as the search for an appropriate marriage match to his sister s family When Sophy arrives at the Ombersley doorstep complete with dog *parrot and monkey she instantly creates a sensation *and monkey she instantly creates a sensation the Ombersleys earn that Sophy is indeed unconventional Sophy discovers that aunt uncle and cousins are perhaps a bit dysfunctional From cousin Cecilia who pines for a flighty poet much to the dismay of her family to Lady Ombersley whose vinegars and fainting couch are always close at hand to the often absent and oblivious Lord Ombersley to cousin Horace with his concealed gambling debts and to cousin Charles himself the true and exacting master of the household Sophy will have her hands full Sophy and Charles immediately butt heads and Sophy proves herself an impressive match for this unyielding gentleman When Sophy tries to sort out and influence the various relationships and Two Badges The Lives of Mona Ruiz love matches the household is further shaken up The insipid and meddling Eugenia Wraxton betrothed to Charles is an excellent counterbalance to Sophy s high spiritedness Eugenia says of Sophy It is a pity that men willaugh when her A Queen's Spy Plus The Tudor Heresy - Mercenary For Hire Series: Tudor Historical Fiction Novels - Adventure Fiction (Tudor Mystery Trials) liveliness betrays her into saying what cannot be thought becoming It brings her too much into notice and that I fancy is the root of the evil In regards to Eugenia and Charles Sophy felt it a pity that so promising a young man should be cast away on one who would make it her business to encourage all the disagreeable features of his character Throw in some reckless riding a showy and decidedly unfeminine ateast by the standards of the day carriage an elegant pistol a variety of other colorful characters a scheme to set everyone straight in the world of romance and you will find that Georgette Heyer most assuredly concocted a very pleasurable and wholesome adventure This is my third Heyer rea. Ew York Times bestselling authorPrepare to be charmed LINDA HOWARD New York Times bestselling authorOne of Georgette Heyer's most popular Regency romances What are you waiting forSophy arrives at her aunt's house just in time to save I think The Grand Sophy is an excellent recommendation to fans of Jane Austen and regency romance especially those who are uite sick of contemporary versions of the genre filled with throbbing members and heaving bosoms This book is very clean The Structure of Biblical Authority light and reminiscent of Austen s masterpieces in its humor and focus on domestic issues marriage unwanted engagements cheating husbands gambling debts and such Theanguage is sophisticated the characters are well drawn and Niebla likable and the romance infused with funny flirtatious banter is uite compelling If I have to compare Heyer and Austen however Austen wins without a doubt Her observations of the society are much deeper her characters are much better developed her wit is superior While The Grand Sophy is a very entertaining story it drags in places sometimes gets repetitive when the same events are described and explained to several people and the ending is aittle hectic with too much going on simultaneously to enjoy the final Confederate Waterloo love confessions Nevertheless I enjoyed the book would recommend it to thoseooking for Jane Austen substitutes instead of those horrid zombie parodies and seuels and will probably read Heyer in futurePS I saw some reviews accusing this book of being anti Semitic That s a huge stretch IMO I wonder if I Beyond Words: Daily Readings in the ABC's of Faith (Buechner, Frederick) ll ever read a Georgette Heyer and not fall madly for itThis one is definitely in my top favourites It was funny witty engaging and just awesome It was about Sophy s ingenuous plans in rescuing everyone s problems than an actual romance but it was so engaging and hilarious that I didn t really mind All the characters were so special and uniue and just such FUN DThe hero was very different from other Regency romances In fact he acted mostlyike an anti hero what with his tyrannical and spiteful ways and his immense dislike of Sophy But I couldn t really blame him because I felt so sorry for him that he was engaged to Miss Wraxton who was undoubtedly the most proper dutiful and well bred woman in London and it really was no wonder that such a dead bore of a Bluestocking would turn him bitter Imagine having to spend the rest of your days with a woman who made it her duty to report to you even the most insignificant gestures of your relatives And who actually enjoyed talking about the plants that grow in Jamaica
yeah very tedious 
very tedious Charles proposed to her in the first place is still a mystery I m trying to solve The reason I wasn t turned off by him was that Heyer would show us glimpses of his warm The Eatonville Anthology loyal andoving side from time to time and we were given to understand that he was just a man who had a The TM Techniue An intro Transcendental Meditation Teachings Maharishi Mahesh YOgi Arkana lot of difficulties to bear and who needed the right woman beside him to help him through themSophy is independent bold courageous and delightful and sheoses no time in taking the town by rage and resolving in untangling everyone s problems And she does it brilliantly Her exploits were indeed wonderful and so hilarious She was so kind and always acted with the best intentions in mind I think she might be my favourite Heyer heroine so far She was very modern minded and if she ived today she would be just the kind of woman who would make an excellent counsellor Or possibly she would prefer to be a zookeeper as she seemed to have uite a passion for animals She arrived in Berkeley Suare with a monkey a dog and *A Parrot And It *parrot and it ater discovered that she keeps ducklings in her houseThis is what makes heyer s novels so much fun she always s novels so much fun She always super random elements that give such a comedic turn to everything that one cannothelp but to burst out Bodies in the Bog and the Archaeological Imagination laughing Lord Bromford who was a male version of Miss Wraxton and his cold and mustard bath were simply hilarious There were also two extremely funny shooting scenes a poet who was soost in his bubble he didn t even have a clue he was getting married a man with the mum. You're in for a treat NORA ROBERTS New York Times bestselling authorHeyer's women are spunky daring and outrageousher heroes the stuff of dreams DIANA PALMER New York Times bestselling authorGeorgette Heyer's bookssparkle MARY BALOGH