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Between Silences gAck in the day readers find out that the killer went to University of Arizona and killed airl there But then when Alves discovers that the "shoe print found outside of Susan McCarthy s house was a fit for Mitch s I " print found outside of Susan McCarthy s house was a fit for Mitch s I that Connie said he had Mitch s ym bag from before she was Killed And I Figured He and I figured he to be Richter That and the fact that the police profile said that the killer was probably impotent matched up with us knowing that he and Andi hadn t one beyond kissing Plus after having been careful all those times before it seemed hard to believe that the evidence against Mitch wasn t a set up I was left dissatisfied by Connie s motivations and I found Mitch s suicide to be out of line with what we knew of him #the story about how his adopted dad killed #story about how his adopted dad killed seems to have been meant to foreshadow It seemed like a handy plot device to tie things up As for Connie I thought his killing people and preserving the bodies so he could have a fake jury eight in the box in his newly fixed up basement was a shock although if you flip back you ll see a line in the beginning about how Connie was a handyman and had finished his basement to make the house really his but him killing 8 people to practice his opening arguments seems extreme Betrayals: The Unpredictability of Human Relations given what we knew of him And props to Yessayan since I realized with about 10 pages left that I knew very little of Connie s past despite having spent aood amount of time with him hide spoiler Eight in the Box by Raffi Yessayan is a mystery crime thriller that takes place in Boston The main character Angel Alves newly prom. Rence on the streets but tracking this elusive serial killer sorely challenges his commitment and skills Meanwhile assistant DA Conrad Darget has his own hands full mentoring an ambitious young law student and rallying his fellow attorneys in their daily courtroo. I think the author didn T Know If He Wanted know if he wanted legal book a police procedural or something in between The something in between didn t uite workToo many characters not enough fleshed out I started confusing Brendan with Mitch and Monica with AndiAuthor liked the information #dump by dialog which is one of my least ways to et important info outThe twist came #by dialog which is one of my least favorite ways et important info outThe twist came out of left field and made no sense at all considering the story that came before it It was like he was trying to shock you in the worst way possible This book was a nice easy read perfect for the beach with its short chapters and fast pace It starts with a chapter from the perspective of the killer himself called Richter which readers later find out is what they call jurors in Germany Then you meet a large cast of characters Angel Alves a new Homicide detective Connie short for Conrad Darget a prosecutor in the DA s office Andi a law student who is dating Connie Sgt Mooney Alves s boss and a Bitter Choices: Blue-Collar Women in and out of Work good police Brendan Sullivan Mitch Beaulieu and Nick Costa Connie s coworkers Monica Hughes the newest member of the DA s office and The narration is 3rd person omniscient so readerset to hear a little about everyone It s a little haphazard at times but it does a ood job of moving the story along at a ood clipview spoilerI saw the ending coming perhaps before Yessayan planned since I didn t think it was Mitch because he hadn t mentioned any kind of Beyond Redemption: Race, Violence, and the American South after the Civil War grandparent in his life before I thought it was Brendan for a while especially since he was described as strong and he d left Boston too to college The harrowing scene is always the same the home of a single woman no signs of forced entry no evidence of an intruder and no victim only a bathtub filled with blood Newly promoted homicide detective Angel Alves wants to make his mark in the department and a diffe. Oted to homicide detective for the Boston Police Department is Tasked With Tracking Down A Murderer On The Loose Eight with tracking down a murderer on the loose Eight the Box offers the perspective of many supporting characters as #well as the murderer himself The crime scene is always the same the home of a #as the murderer himself The crime scene is always the same the home of a woman with no signs of a break in and a bathtub filled with the victim s blood No body is recovered from the scene There are twists and turns in almost every short chapter of this book and it provides an interesting and easy read The end leaves much room for a second book perhaps a seuel which I think I would enjoy I did like reading Eight in the Box The twists and turns as well as "the changes in character perspective kept my interest " changes in character perspective kept my interest the book The overarching themes of this book would be that no secret can be kept completely hidden and that you can never truly know what is Blank Darkness: Africanist Discourse in French going on inside someone else s head I do have a few critiues of this book I think that at times the author became too caught up in explaining legal procedures and police protocol which became monotonous after a while I do think that the characters needed development as I found myself feeling sort of indifferent when their safety came into uestion I also feel that perhaps there were too many characters that offered perspective and at times their narration became confusing and inessential to the plot But overall I had fun reading this book I would recommend Eight in the Box to anyone that enjoys watching Criminal Minds or is fascinated by criminal psychology the much anticipated biography ofreg s mom now availabl. M battles With each new attack the twisted mystery only deepens and the hunger for answers and action intensifies No sane mind could comprehend the dark design behind it all And no one can anticipate the final fateful strokes that will lead to a shocking endgame?.

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