PDF/EBOOK [Surface of the Deep] BY Yvette Johnson

Eally helped it all sink in Thank you Ms Johnson for the work you id to share your story and your grandfather with the world I really enjoyed your book Yvette Johnson was a member of my classic lit book club #in Phoenix It was with great anticipation and celebration that I received my copy of Yvette s #Phoenix It was with great anticipation and celebration that I received my copy of Yvette s What a thrill to read her words so beautifully writtenHer book is part memoir part Civil Rights history and part biography of her courageous grandfather Booker Wright She seamlessly weaves the stories together unveiling her feelings around race and family while revealing a family secret that helped changed the course of historyThe Song and the Silence is a way into the conversation about race that we so For Discrimination desperately need right now This isn t to sound preachy Yvette certainly is ne Yvette Johnson travels to Greenwood MS to learn about her grandfather Booker Wright who was murdered the year before she was born Her writing is elouent and we get a sense of the man and the cultures white and black of 1960 s Greenwood Difficult to read and impossible to putown Johnson s memoir should be reuired reading Highly recommended The basis of the book the search for her grandfather s story was a good one I would have preferred of his story Civil rights history particularly in Mississippi is a topic in which I have much interest hence my picking up this book I would have preferred less of a memoir and of a history or sociological study about the Delta current vs former Greenwood etc This is just one person s opinion You may like it so Academic Writing, Real World Topics don t let me spoil it The Song and the Silence by Yvette Johnson is a powerful memoir that tells the story of when the author who wanted to explore the heritage that stems from a placeeep in the south of Mississippi she finds an NBC News Repressed Memories A Journey to Recovery from Sexual Abuse FiresideParkside Recovery Book documentary of hereceased grandfather Booker Wright Viewing this she learns that it is not your average puff piece praising him but his real account of what it is like to be a black man living in the south Experiments in a Jazz Aesthetic during an era when you are judged by the color of your skin Moreigging and research has Johnson wondering what were the true circumstances of her grandfather s African Literature 9 deathThis story was wonderfully written and prior to this book I was not familiar with Booker Wright but upon completion I most certainlyid not hesitate to research who this man was I commend this man for his courage because he knew speaking out could cost him his job as it cost him something valuable his life I rate this work 5 stars Overall a good read and a great black history lesson Reviewed by Kisha Green for Literary JewelsFormat Paperback I liked this one It is nonfiction that covers much of the history regarding the fight for civil rights and what life was like without these rights I liked that this book covered the good the bad and the ugly The research included many Alien Conquest different sources and it was presented well in this book It bounced around in time but it seemed to be reigned in tightly I also liked that this was about the author s ancestral roots I love family history stories So 4 stars This is one of the better books I have read that mixes a personal memoir with a foray into past history The authorid a fantastic job blending the two into each other a cohesive and moving story about a young woman trying to come to terms with her blackness and learning about the grandfather she never knew She was raised in San Diego her father played for the Chargers a privileged upbringing as far as money but she never felt loved. Eat book for every read. Surface of the DeepIn this part memoir part historical family investigation the author seeks to uncover the story of her grandfather Booker Washington who lived and owned a restaurant in the small town of Greenwood Mississippi in the #1950 S And 60 S #s and 60 s gained brief local notoriety after appearing in an NBC ocumentary explaining the indignities he faced as a waiter local notoriety after appearing in an NBC ocumentary explaining the

"indignities he faced "
he faced a waiter a restaurant serving the town s upper class whites a job he worked in addition to running his own restaurant in the black part of town As she travels back to the town that her family came from she Rising Above The Influence: A True Story about Alcohol, Drugs, and Recovery discovers a complex and at times tragic history that awakens in her a sense of the trauma inflicted by the wounds of slavery andiscrimination as well as an appreciation for the resiliency of her family She seems to find in this investigation a connection to the past that had been missing in her upbringing far away from the Mississippi Delta where her family history played outThe grandfather s story as she uncovers it is fascinating His life spans from the early 20th century through the civil rights movement and with it both the author and the reader learn of the injustice that marked and impeded Booker s life at the same time he worked hard to build a life of success Booker with his central presence in the rarely overlapping spheres of the black and white cultures of the town is known to all and to everyone seems to be a Conjure In African American Society different person Through his story the author explores the trauma of slavery andiscrimination of the micro level of the family We learn along with her the tragedy of a history in which slavery wasn t immediately abolished but transformed into a nuanced system of oppression through sharecropping and segregation laws This book is an engaging personal history and a thought provoking exploration of the ways in which wounds can reverberate through history and society over the course of generations A friend of mine just came back from a memoir writing workshop We talked about it on a walk around the Womens Political Activism in Palestine duck pond near our houses You need to have a narrative my friend said You need to have yourself as a character You need to have a focus and a lens and a frame and basically you can t be all rambly like I often amThe Song and the Silence is rambly It s a unfocused Neither means that it isn t compelling but it s muddled Johnsoniscovers her grandfather appeared in a 1960s television Alien Commanders Bride (Draconians, documentary aboutesegregation attempts in Mississippi Her grandfather a black singing waiter at a white s only restaurant The alphas abused mate detailed how no matter what around the white restaurant patrons he smiles He smiles but thatoesn t mean he s happy As the book s blurb says he Word Alchemy described what life was truly like for the black people of Greenwood MississippiExcept the book isn t about Johnson s grandfather It s about Johnsoniscovering about her grandfather and maybe it would just be better about her grandfather I m rarely a fan of making the The Black Renaissance in Francophone African and Caribbean Literatures discoverer the protagonist rather than the person who is beingiscovered As an example I An Endless Lie don t really need to read about Johnson having a fight with her mother about whether her kids can watch some Disney movie or not If that fight could somehow be tied back into the struggle Johnson s grandfather endured then maybe But the clumps where Johnson writes about her own life are noteftly woven in to her grandfather s story Johnson works hard to make this a memoir when maybe this was better suited as a non fiction about her grandfather s life Her writing is stronger not writing about herselfI. A Simon Schuster eBook. Just ROMANCE (BWWM Military Romance Boxset) (African American Urban Series Short Stories Book 1) don t know what I was supposed to take away from this experienceThe Song and the Silence by Yvette Johnson went on sale May 2 2017I received a copy free from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review I was browsing the pages of Net Galley and ran across this gem of a memoir Often when someone that isn t famous gets an autobiography published by a major publisher it s a hint to the reader that the story will be riveting Such is the case here my many thanks go to Net Galley and Atria for the DRC which I read free in exchange for this honest review You can order it now it comes out Tuesday May 9 It probably says a greateal all by itself that I had never heard of Booker Wright before this I have a history egree and chose at every possible opportunity to take classes both undergraduate and graduate level that examined the Civil Rights Movement right up until my retirement a few years ago As a history teacher I made a point of teaching about it even when it wasn t part of my assigned curriculum and I prided myself on reaching beyond what has become the standard list that most school children learned I looked in nooks and crannies and id my best to pull After the Tears down myths that cover up the heat and light of that critical time in American history and I told my students that racism is an ongoing struggle not something we can tidy away as a fait accompliBut I had never heard of Booker Booker Wright for those that alsoidn t know was the courageous Black Mississippian that stepped forward in 1965 and told his story on camera for Daddy Blames Me documentary makers Heid it knowing that it was Statistical Arbitrage: Algorithmic Trading Insights and Techniques (Wiley Finance) dangerous too so and knowing that it would probably cost him a very good job he Facing the Rising Sun d had for 25 years It was shown in aocumentary that Johnson Best African American Fiction 2010 discusses but if you want to see the clip of his remarks here s what he said You may need to see it a couple of times because he speaks rapidly and with an accent Here is Booker beginning with his well known routine waiting tables at a swank local restaurant and then saying it was Booker and his new to me story that made me want to read the DRC Johnson opens with information from that time but as she begins sharing her own storyiscussing not only Booker but her family s story and in particular her own alienation from her mother who is Booker s aughter I waited for the oh no feeling Perhaps #you ve felt it too when reading a biography it s #ve felt it too when reading a biography it s sensation we sometimes feel when it appears that a writer is using a famous subject in appears that a writer is using a famous subject in to talk about themselves instead I ve had that feeling several times since I ve been reading and reviewing and I have news it never happened here Johnson s own story is an elouent one and it makes Booker s story Johnson s own story is an elouent one and it makes Booker s story today as we see how this violent time and place has bled through to color the lives of its escendants The family s history is one of silences and each of those estrangements and sometimes even physical Teacher For An Alien Doctor (Intergalactic Exchange Program, disappearance is rooted in America s racist heritage Johnson chronicles her own privileged upbringing theaughter of a professional football player She went to well funded schools where she I New Trends Generations in African Literature Today, Alt 20 don t typically review or recommend books but this one has so few on goodreads and I thought I give it a uick plug This memoir The Battle over Marriage describes the author s search into her past focusing on her grandfather who liveduring the civil rights era in Mississippi This story examined race and history of the Teaching History for Justice deep south in a way that seemed to pull the layers back slowly circling issues from aistance which for me Simon Schuster has a gr. .