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Ollowing their help in Arsenic For Tea but adding Lavinia Makes It Five Prefects Vs Five Investigators Interesting Dynamic it five vs five investigators an interesting dynamic uickly proves which girls are better at detecting than othersOnce again I couldn t figure out who the culprit was and I still can t find one single thing to critiue about this series Robin Stevens can write compelling murder mysteries in any location at any time of year and she refuses to rely on tropes and stereotypes She also slips in some subtle historical context having the girls discuss Hitler s rise to power and his policies regarding Jewish citizens in a way that is sure to spark young reader s interest in the events of World War IIIt would be impossible for me to recommend this series I m excited to read Mistletoe and Murder but I m also saddened there aren t many books in the series left for me to devour and it s going to take hundreds of Wells and Wong investigations to satisfy my appetiteThis review was originally posted on The Bumbling Blogger More murder mystery and even fun what s not to like My favourite moments were Alexander s letters I m definitely looking forward to them meeting up in the next book and the fact that Hazel and Daisy s roommates were involved with solving the crime The girls the merrier Sometimes I think back to that first moment I read Robin Stevens Murder Most Unladylike ticked all of my literary boxes in a way I wasn t sure was ever really going to happen Of course there are books out there that I love books out there that fire my brain into strange and wonderful places books that make me gasp and weep at their perfection but then there s the Wells and Wong books and the way they fit into something very perfect for me and my bookish ways I am a school story fan I read a lot of authors who aren t the ones you d find in shops today Angela Brazil Elinor M Brent Dyer I love the roots I suppose of British children s literature Of those books that live in schools or windswept moors or in the attics of deepest London with nothing but dreams to eep you alive in the darknessI think perhaps what I love with the Wells and Wong series is how it fits How it talks back t Another adorable and engaging mystery Exactly the Fancy Strut kind of cozy and interesting book I needed to read And this time I didn t even guess the 5 StarsAhh this was the best one yetI loved being back at Deepdean What really made this book were the complex dynamics at the school the powerplay between the younger girls and the older girls and the girls in between and within each group Basically this is like an Enid Blyton boarding school story but add murder and a ton of teenage political intrigue I absolutely loved the incorporation of the secrets gave me Mean Girls Burn Book vibes and how big a part they played in this mystery While Arsenic for Tea remains the strongest mystery of the series this one still had me guessing til near the end and the tension remained high throughout We also have some character development for both Daisy and Hazel who are wonderfully flawed three dimensional protagonists who make many a YA and adult protagonist look two dimensional in comparison Getting to see of their friends was also a plus How cute is BeanieOverall just a really great book The next one is set in Cambridge which should be funCW public outing of two girls which I feel was handled uite sensitively but still worth noting view spoilerHazel empathises with the girls from the startnowing how it feels to be ostracised for being different the outing is clearly shown to be wrong and the girls who are outed get a happy ending hide spoiler. Play Could the murder be linked to the secrets and scandals scribbled on scraps of paper that are suddenly appearing around the school And with their own friendship falling to pieces how will Daisy and Hazel solve this myster. Uge circulators but I can see them being around for a long time I want
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series to go forever Even though these books are MG I am obsessed with them I read every single one in a one sitting and they just get better and better The friendship between Daisy and Hazel is getting complicated and messy as they get older and I can t wait to see where it goes next It s odd to write my first review of a series four books in but up until this one the series is very much exactly what it says on the tin a fun clever update of the classic Holmes and Watson mystery in a girls school setting with likable characters and uite good though totally solvable puzzlesIn this book though it s all that but its s much It s rare for an author to allow serious character development in a long open ended series it s even rarer for some reason when it s a mystery series But in this book Stevens begins carefully deconstructing a lot of the classic tropes of the Holmes and Watson style mystery and she does that to allow the characters to grow and progress and to develop their relationship view spoilerI really don t think that my ueer eyes are reading too much into this by the end of this book Daisy and Hazel s relationship has changed from friendship to attraction although the changes are cued subtly as they have to be given that the point of view character is as yet clueless hide spoiler Another perfect installment in the Murder Most Unladylike Mysteries I m going to be reviewing this at some point next week when I can think of enough synonyms for brilliantEDIT 16032018 We were all looking up and so we missed the murder Bonfire Night at Deepdean goes off with a bang when Head Girl Elizabeth is found dead at the end of the fireworks display Lying next to her is a bloody rake so it s agreed that her death must have been an accident the caretaker Jones must have carelessly left the rake on the floor The new headmistress Miss Barnard dismisses him but the Detective Society Northern California: A History and Guide - From Napa to Eureka know things are never that simpleElizabeth s death wasn t an accident it was murder One of the five prefects must haveilled her But who and why It s down to Daisy and Hazel along with their assistants Kitty Beanie and Lavinia to figure that outWith such a small pool of suspects it looked like the Detective Society had an easy case on their hands but this is the toughest mystery yet Someone their age someone who has power over the girls is responsible and Hazel is painfully aware of the fact that this is the most dangerous investigation they ve attemptedOf course Daisy still seems completely unfazed In fact when deeply hidden secrets start being revealed and Daisy learns that Elizabeth curated something called The Scandal Book she positively thrives There s nothing Daisy Wells loves than a bit of gossip Apart from detecting of course But because Elizabeth is dead this gives of gossip Apart from detecting of course But because Elizabeth is dead this gives and Wong another mystery to solve Who is responsible for leaking the secretsIt doesn t make sense for it to be Elizabeth s murderer If she was illed to cover up a secret why would the murderer then start leaking them Another girl must be responsible and if Elizabeth s murderer discovers her identity that girl is going to be in mortal "dangerbecause we re already familiar with most of "we re already familiar with most of characters from Murder Most Unladylike the stakes are higher than ever Robin Stevens was clever to wait a few books before returning to Deepdean because Hazel and Daisy have both gone through a lot of character development since investigating the murder of Miss Bell It s not surprising that they re happy to team up with Kitty and Beanie again Ts and these bullying Big Girls are certainly not good eggsThen after the fireworks display on Bonfire Night Elizabeth is found murderedMany girls at Deepdean had reason to hate Elizabeth but who might have committed such foul. I adore this middle grade series it is just so delightful and funny and uirky And I am so pleased my middle grader loves them too what a realistic portrayal of girl friendships the fallings out the making up the defining your own person and standing your ground being part of a group but not being swept away If you have a middle grader get them this book This was most disappointing I ve read and loved the first three Wells grader get them this book This was most disappointing I ve read and loved the first three Wells Wongs mysteries they were charming clever were a homage to detective classics and had progressive character growth Jolly Foul Play on the other hand felt like it was part of another series entirely There were three things in particular that bothered me The murder itself and how it was solved was extremely confusing I had a difficult time following the logistics of who was where at what time and where they were supposed to be instead that I felt I had no hopes of solving it on my own In addition the motive of the murderer was in my opinion had no hopes of solving it on my own In addition the motive of the murderer was in my opinion too weak convoluted and unrealistic I felt the murderer was chosen not for being the best choice but simply to provide a twist The story was far too juvenile and too emotionally intense both in the characters treatment of one another and the secrets that were progressively revealed There was so much bullying cattiness cruelty rudeness and maliciousness it was awful how the students at the boarding school treated one another It felt far too exaggerated to be realistic and made the reading experience unpleasant and emotionally draining Even our Heroines Hazel and Daisy spent most of the story fighting giving the reader no reprieve The book also contained content I personally do not feel is appropriate for the age range view spoilerA homosexual relationship in a children s book especially one set in the 1930s I m sorry but no I don t agree that s the appropriate age range for that hide spoiler E ARC from Edelweiss PlusWhen Head Girl Elizabeth dies of injuries after the school s Guy Fawkes bonfire Daisy and Hazel suspect that she was murdered The position of the rake wasn t right but this doesn t stop the head gardener from being fired When pages from a notebook Elizabeth ept of everyone s secrets eep cropping up the Detective Society realizes they have their motive The five prefects are also suspects and the girls work on narrowing them down When Hazel writes to Daisy s cousin Alexander and shares details of the investigations with him in order to get his help Daisy is angry and stops speaking to her which makes investigating difficult Younger student Binnie goes missing and it is feared that the murderer has taken her With time running out Hazel and Daisy make up double up on investigating and figure out who the murderer is before it s too late Strengths Anyone who is a fan of Agatha Christie Dorothy Sayers or British boarding school stories will adore this series The fact that there are actual murders at the school make it easier to get these into the hands of students who might not want to read about England in the 1930s The mean girl exploits however as well as the investigative techniues make this a series that I wish of my students would read The covers are also brilliant Weaknesses There is a romance between two of the girls that is judged harshly than I think it would have been at the time After all in the wake of WWI there were a lot of highly educated women who lived with female partners and it was just ind of accepted It just doesn t seem historically accurate that students would have cared about it What I really think Definitely purchase these for my library They aren t The fantastic new mystery from the author of Murder Most UnladylikeDaisy Wells and Hazel Wong have returned to Deepdean for a new school term but nothing is the same There's a new Head Girl Elizabeth Hurst and a team of Prefec. .
Murder Most Unladylike Mystery Jolly Foul Play