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Ends with his commander s wife is the bane of his existence a feisty female who s come to visit a few times and has stolen his heart though she oesn t know it When she ends up on a prisoner planet he swoops in to save her in Women's Activism and Social Change Rochester New York 1822 1872 disguise as a buyer for her charms offering the proper bride price and getting hitched to her She realizes it s Aldric from the start what sheoesn t realize is that he s going to want to make their marriage legitimate I loved the two of them together Navena is so used to taking care of herself that she s pretty pissed off that she needed to be rescued not to mention that she s getting new vibes from Aldric she s never seen before Aldric is channeling a bit of Han Solo in attitude if not in looks the six foot plus Viking is a well built male specimen and the scenes with them hightailing it around the galaxy in his space transport were uite fun And sexy lets not forget that These two are smoking hot together and create their own nebula The story ends in a happy for now for these two but with some open ended plot points that could lead to other stories Very enjoyable Bound by the Viking by Anne MarshIt s sexy bear shifterViking yes that s a thing Colden to the rescue in this northern novella that combines some Norse mythology with paranormal characters Bera is a female human who has been made into a werewolf by a lousy excuse for a man who treats her abominably but is her mate in the werewolf pack at least until Colden comes along and rescues her by challenging her mate As a result she s now Colden s not something he was looking for when he came to investigate the werewolf pack with links to the plot to assassinate Odin but one he s going to take responsibility for if he must There are lots of sparks between them and their love scenes are super sexy It s a standalone story but there are The Western Scar: The Theme of the Been-To in West African Fiction definitely some plot points that are left open ended for readers to hope for in this interesting pnr world I loved Colden s character as the alpha male protector with a tender side and I liked seeing Bera get herself together and prove to Colden that she can be a challenge and a good mate for him Some great humorous moments in the mix too to make it a fun read Note a copy of this collection was provided by the authors for review Digital copy furnished by Netgalley and publisherauthor in exchange for honest review Thank you I finished it Whew My favorite stories were A Viking s Bride and Viking Claimed I ll posts the reviews in order of highest rated to lowest3 A Viking s Bride I found out this author Zoe York also writes as Ainsley Booth whoid the Hate Fk serials This was a fleshed out well written sci fi

"romance involving a "
involving a who is the right hand man for a member of royalty on a planet called Midgard and a woman named Navena who is a human in the space military They have been friends for two years and Aldric carried a massive torch for her the whole time but Navena thought of them only as friendsOne of her missions goes wrong she gets stuck on a prison planet and he buys her out on the black market as a wife Then as they are traveling home in space Navena ends up realizing she Loves Him Too This him too This a short story so things move fast but that s to be expected Still this was one of the better shorts I ve read ever and the sex scenes were SMOKING Aldric was SO hot and not an asshole alpha No insta love no tropes both characters are well matched and share eual power in the relationship A Understanding Shutter Speed definite winner for me 4 hot Vikings in space stars 7 Viking Claimed Oh this one was fun I just threw all my expectations out the window and enjoyed it It s got MM MF and MFM In this world most matings form a Triad with two males and one female They can be all male or with two females and one male This one had two Viking brothers who wake up after 4000 thousand years frozen in ice I think the brother found his mate in a previous book This one focused on hot Viking Aki Bloodaxe He meets Elli Slavin and of course it s instalove But who cares It worksThere are a couple hot scenes with guys sucking off guys that was a nice surprise Aki is hot and totally into Elli Elli is of course a virgin and was spurned by her mate publicly so she is hesitant to love once again but she ends up finding her two males and they all get it on in the end It sounds cheesy and it probably is but this one totally worked for me 4 raunchy hot sex stars 5 A Most Wanted Viking is actually aecent sci fi romance with world building and everything This one involves a human male in a futuristic intelligence agency who is tasked to bring back a human female recently mated to a high ranking member of an alien werewolf Viking species sounds kind of ridiculous but it works Only he ends up falling for a female werewolf Viking alien and realizes his mission was bogus I liked it It wasn t all about the smut but there were some steamy scenes This was one of the plot riven fleshed out stories 3 Alien Viking werewolves are sexy stars 1 Viking Desire is about Thor and SifRagnarok is approaching and a war with the giants is imminent Thor and Sif are estranged but have hate sex every once in awhile This is basically about them running from the giants having sex and realizing they still love each other There were several steamy sex scenes view spoiler including anal hide spoiler. Ing erotic romances modern sexy versions of the original alpha male bad boy heroes. .
Vikings UntamedThis is one boxed set I will read again I think I am in love with all the stories There is 7 books in this set and it would be hard to choose a favorite one but I think it might be A Viking s Bride by Zoe York I am looking forward to a continuation of this story All I can say is that if you like Vikings this is the book for you There is also one called Vikings Unleashed 9 modern Viking erotic romances Not Your Mother s Vikings Book 1 which gives you the start of some of the stories and is another great book for the price you can not go wrong with either book I was given this book for an honest review barwattstelusnet This is a review of Kate Pearce s story Viking Claimed story 4 of the Triad SeriesI was given a review copy free for this review that I was elighted to provideI adore this series of Kate s I love the menage stories the sci fi setting and the characters that inhabit it Each story will stand alone but read together expecially this one you can see the interaction of the triad couples and the rich world they inhabit Kate is a master of short stories with action adventure and characters that grow and love each other I can t get enough I hope someday she ll write a full length novel in this world and populate it with these triad couples and I have grown to love Thank you Kate for the chance to get my hands on this story early and for allowing another journey into your Anthology of Articles on African Linguistics and Literature delightful imagination 3 I received an ARC of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest reviewI love anthologies Yes sometimes there will be stories within the book that willisappoint me but it s still a great way to get a taste of new authors that may end up being one of my favorites in the future This book had a lot of new to me authors but I took a chance because I like alpha men and you can t get any alpha than vikings in any kind of form they may come biker shifter etcIt turns out I The Writing Workshop did enjoyed every story in this anthology Of course I have read books from Kate Pearce so I have to say that I am already familiar with her style and territory so I enjoyed it the most But that s not to say that the other six stories aren t as good because they are There is something for every reader Anyone who reads this book will love at least one storyI haven t actually read the first anthology so I will probably be looking for that on and buying it so I can also read and review it as soon as my schedule frees up a bit In Anne Marsh s Bound By the Viking Colden is asked to look after Tyra s wolf pack by his fellow Viking Calden Colden finds Bera being attacked and beaten by Erik the Asshole Coldenoesn t know wolf politics or how order is Agricultural Engineering determined in a wolf pack after all he s a Viking When he saves Bera she becomes his mate according to pack politics Bera was taken against her will and forced to become a werewolf by Erik Sheoesn t remember much of her life before Distant Echoes Finding Keys To Life After Abuse due to the bite that changed her but sheoes know she wants to be free Bera ecides to bargain for her freedom She knows where Tyra s sister is being held captive By A Dragon Odin Believes That Werewolves Will Bring About a ragon Odin believes that werewolves will bring about their version of a paranormal apocalypse All werewolves have been targeted for An Alien Heat destruction Theragon holding Elisa has All werewolves have been targeted for The Alchemy of Culture: Intoxicants in Society destruction Theragon holding Elisa has sword that can kill Odin so Colden Var and Bera head out to save Elisa and get the sword Bera and Colden find themselves sexually attracted to each other but they both have an agenda and a plan Fate however has her own plan for Bera and Colden Bound By the Viking is passionate sexy fierce and loyal I can t wait to read the next Viking story I m hoping for it to be about Var s and Elisa Great job Ms Marsh I received an ARC for an honest review This review is for Bound by the Viking by Anne Marsh as it s the only story I ve had a chance to read so farAlthough this book is part of a series you on t need to have read the other books to enjoy this one Colden is on a mission to prevent the assassination of Odin He meets Bera a fairly new werewolf and rescues her from the one who turned her and is now holding her captive When he spots her his bear says this one is ours and it shakes him up he s not ready to take a mate but apparently his bear is He also realizes the he s met Bera beforeBera just wants to get away from the pack where she s been held captive for about a year She has knowledge about the planned assassination of Odin and agrees to help Colden in exchange This set is a great rewrite of Norse mythology If you liked Vikings Unleashed you will love this anthology since it contains follow up stories to a number of books in that anthology I enjoyed the sense of connectedness and familiarity that brought to the set And the books are all stand alones with HEAs another major plus 1 Viking s Desire books are all stand alones with HEAs another major plus 1 Viking s Desire of the Gods Book 15 by Crystal Jordan Follow up to Vikings Fire Twilight of the Gods Book 1 2 Bound by the Viking Warriors Unleashed Book 3 by Anne Marsh Follow up to At the Viking s Command Warriors Unleashed Book 2 3 A Viking s Bride Vikings in Space Book 2 by Zoe York Follow up to A Viking s Peace Vikings in Space Book One 4 The Wild Fen Hel s Belles MC Book 2 by Dayna Hart Follow up to Hel s Belles 1 5 A Most Wanted Viking Sela Carson A standalone whose preuel A Wolf to Watch Over Me SS was not in Vikings Unleashed Hide your virginsAGAIN The original Bad Boys are BACK and they're hotter than ever. Viking s Pride Afotama Legacy Book 25 by Holley Trent Book One The Viking ueen s Men was in Vikings Unleashed 7 Viking Claimed The Triad Series Book 4 by Kate Pearce Follow up to Viking Unbound The Triad Series Book Three Copy received from author in return for an honest review Great Anthology Vikings Untamed 5 StarsI received an ARC of this story in exchange for an honest reviewWARNING I highly recommend reading while in front of a fan This is an anthology by various authors each with a vikingnorse mythology theme I highly recommend Viking Desire Crystal Jordan 5 StarsSif and Thor have been married for centuries but have been separated for several hundred years After an attack Sif and Thor escape together but will they finally be able to put aside their bitterness and clear up misunderstandingsThis was a great read It was uick but you get a full story with plenty of hotness I ve not really read much Norse Myth based stories but this one wanted me to find Bound by the Viking Anne Marsh 5 StarsColden is a warrior that shifts into a bear when he goes berserk When he is temporarily put in charge of a wolf pack he can t help but come to Bera s rescue When the new pack leader offers her up as his mate Colden can t resist Now he must convince Bera to stay with himThis was another full story that moved really uickly and made me want The author id a great job in giving a full and satisfying story Highly recommend A Viking s Bride Zoe York 5 StarsAldric knows that Navena is The One for him but convincing her to give him than just friends is easier said than Sonic Alchemy: Visionary Music Producers and Their Maverick Recordings done When he rescues her from a prison the only way too it is marriage Now he must convince her to be his bride for realGreat read even for a space story Normally I m not crazy for space stories but this was was really great and kept moving Highly recommend The Wild Fen Dayna Hart 5 StarsThora is an unsuspecting Mapping wild gardens: The symbolic conquest of South Africa (African literatures in English) daughter of Thor On the cusp of when she will either gain powers or continue to be an unsuspecting human her boss asks her brother Fen to keep an eye on her Fen is the son of Loki and a shape shifter As soon as he sees Thora he israwn to her The uestion is whether or not he ll get to keep herThis was a nice combination of Norse Mythology and an MC ran by a Gramatica de baza a limbii romane demi god who helps victims It moved really uickly and gave a great overall story I highly recommend A Most Wanted Viking Sela Carsen Didn t read The storylineidn t interest me Vikings Pride Holly Trent 3This is a story of the Afotama Erin is uiet and a loner She has a crush on a man named Jody and when she sees him in a compromising position she goes to leave and runs into Will the former boy next Suggestive Inuiry into the Hermetic Mystery with a Dissertation on the More Celebrated of the Alchemical Philosophers Being an Attempt Towards the Recovery of the Ancient Experiment of Nature door Will knows Erin is meant to be his even though he hasn t seen her in many years Now he has to figure out a way to get her to accept himThis story was ok There were some inconsistencies that Iidn t really care for but overall not a bad story Viking Claimed Kate Pierce 3Aki Is A Viking Warrior Who a viking warrior who frozen in ice for over 4000 years He was recently thawed out and is having problems adjusting to life in outer space and with foreign planets When he sees Elli for the first time he starts to see what is appealing to his twin brother about having a mate A chance meeting leads Aki To Morek A Man to Morek a man tells him he s been waiting for him for 10 years Now all he has to College University Budgeting: College And University Budgeting do is get Elli to accept himThis was aecent story Like the others it was pretty fast paced There was a full story I Integrating Cleveland Baseball didn t get a full emotional connection with these characters like the othersid All in all still worth the read Viking Claimed by Kate PearceAki is a sexy man his smile was just for her I The Modern Drunkard's Adventures with Alcohol do not mind but if you continue too so I fear my interest will become obvious to everyone Her gaze slid lower to his low slung black workout pants and the thrust of his erection tenting the fabric He s a considerate man aye If you still wish me to We will take it carefully Are you certain that you Grassroots Leviathan don t wish toiscuss our mating further He frowned I am honored that you have chosen me This is a review for 3 of the stories in this collection of super sexy Vikings Viking Claimed by Kate Pearce I read the previous story in this series also released in a Vikings box set and was really impressed with the Voices and Veils detail to the setting and the interesting characters Worldbuilding is a tricky thing you want to make it interesting but not too complicated and I thought the authorid a great job in this case of combining the historical Viking mythology with a science fiction setting including telepathic abilities not an easy feat The characters themselves are striking with a combination of the old world Vikings an alien race the Hakron and the earth escendants The idea of a mating triad that three people need to be together to find fulfillment is an interesting people need to be together to find fulfillment is an interesting on the menage concept and efinitely works here resulting in some steamy sex scenes with a variety of couplings including mm mf and menage There was some action in the story as well what s a Viking story without some fighting It was a thoroughly enjoyable readA Viking s Bride by Zoe YorkThis is a friends to lovers story only told in space with Vikings and aliens and all that fun sci fi stuff Aldric is reasonably happy on his home planet of Midgard though Navena a Sergeant in the FedNat military and best fri. These are not your mother's Vikings Seven biker shifter sci fi and paranormal Vik.