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L deportation and dehumanization f people Slice by Slice of color is captures a forgotten partf history that is even relevant today Estrella loves to daydream and write poems about nature It is 1931 the Great Depression is in full swing and Estrella s Mexican American family lives in Texas in a border town Mexican Americans are discriminated against by the local Anglos but when Estrella and her family speak up her home is raided in the night and her family is repatriated to Mexico without their documents She her brother and parents are American citizens and yet they are treated worse than animals In Mexico they are kept in an utdoor pen and given far too little food Even worse her family has been separated Can Estrella and her mother withstand the challenges keep her little brother healthy find her father and get back home This powerful story will illuminate a forgotten chapter f Ice Maiden our history in whichver 1 million Mexicans 600000 f whom were American citizens were deported to Mexico Although this is historical fiction this story is all too familiar in today s climate The narrative is interspersed with Estrella s poetry as well as lyrical emotional letters to her Abuelita who fought her wn struggle in a companion novel Shame the Stars My Seducing the Heiress only gripe is that at time the story felt too plot driven I wouldn t have minded a longer book with space for reflection and Estrella s stunning poetry Partsf the book are in Spanish which lends authenticity and engagement A glossary is provided in the back but many words can be figured And Cowboy Makes Three out in context The author s note as well as information for further reading is helpful as well librariansofinstagram librariesofinstagram allthestarsdenied mglit mgbooks ilovemg guadalupegarciamccall bookreview This review wasriginally posted Teasing Her SEAL on As Told By TinaI received this book for free from in exchange for an honest review This does not affect mypinion Rancher Bears Baby (Rancher Bears, of the bookr the content A Valentines Wish of my reviewContentTrigger Warnings for Racism and racial slurs Kidnapping and abduction Abuse Violence I hardly ever read historical fiction There s no real reason why just that it is not a genre that I personally find myself picking up When it came time to pick a book for Multicultural Children s Book Day I wanted to read All The Stars Denied Why Well for starters it is really hard to find books with Mexican Americans main characters in them I also felt like I needed to read this because it felt like I could connect to the story in many ways And thirdf all I have been dying to read a Garcia McCall book for a long time My Review All The Stars Denied was everything I was expecting and It is a companion novel to Garcia McCall s novel Shame The Stars Personally I didn t read Shame The Stars and I feel like I didn t miss anything by not reading it first This can definitely be read as a standalone All The Stars Denied takes place during the Great Depression It was during a time that Mexican Americans were being deported to Mexico illegally I personally don t remember learning about this time in any f my classes so this was truly fascinating Estrella Del Toro is ur fifteen year Rain old main character and the story is told through her perspective She is theldest and most importantly to this story she was born in the USA and had In the Matter of the Complaint Against Egbert C. Smyth and Others, Professors of the Theological Institution in Phillips Academy, Andover only lived in Texas She has aspirationsf being a writer much like her father and her mother Very

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parents who taught her fight for what she believed in raised her That is ne thing that is prevalent in the story "She Goes From A "goes from a fifteen year ld to standing up for her friends and her community What I Liked The story I loved it Goodreads says this book is about 400 pages long and honestly it didn t feel like it was I was sucked in from the beginning and before I knew it the story was ending I was able to connect to Estrella being a Mexican American who also lives by the southern border I also loved that I learned something Mexican American history is not taught in New Mexico and if it is it is very brief I never heard Quantum (Captain Chase of these deportations My great grandparents didn t migrate and by that I mean literally cross the same river that is mentioned in All The Stars Denied until about 1940 I also loved the brief mentionf El Paso Texas and Ciudad Juarez I live in El Paso and have walked to Ciudad Juarez many times Even though this story does take place in during The Great Depression I can assure you that Juarez does have a certain smell to it It feels completely different when you cross The Other Islam over from El Paso I loved the fact that the story had a mixf English and Spanish It felt authentic to me because that s honestly how I speak and pretty much how my brain works I flow between English and Spanish every single day I also liked that Garcia McCall pointed Last Man Standing out the different dialectsf Spanish When I have customers from different parts Light, Gesture, and Color of Mexico speak to me they tell me I speak what they call Border Spanish And honestly I do also there is a glossary at the end so this can help you if you don t speak Spanish What I didn t like Being that this was the very first time hearingf these injustices towards Mexican Americans I was Classic Krakauer: Mark Foo's Last Ride, After the Fall, and Other Essays from the Vault outrage It also made me sad because this was during the time that at least as far as I know my great grandparents were trying to come to the US from Guadalajara So I tried to picture my great grandma and great grandpa through this story and it was heartbreaking to say the least The story features Estrella s journal entries but because I had the eARC the formatting was weird and it was mostly blank It made me a little sad because I felt like that definitely added a personal touch to the story Overall All The Stars Denied was my first five star readf the year And. Tackles the hidden history f the United States and its first mass deportation event th.

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I highly recommend that you read it For me it gave me a piece f myself because I could very much relate to the characters It also made me want to learn about Canada our history because I m honestly truly ignorant when it comes to the treatf Mexican Americans throughout history And like I said in the beginning f this review you don t have to read the first book to read this ne this can be a standalone I truly hope you love it as much as I did Plot During the Great Depression 15 year ld Estrella and her family are "repatriated to Mexico despite the fact that they are all American citizensOpening line "to Mexico despite the fact that they are all American citizensOpening line ve been thinking a lot about the desparecidos in Montesco My Reflections As an avid reader f history I have read many books about the unjust incarceration DogFace of Japanese American citizens during WW2 I was unaware until I read this book tha a full decade earlier US citizensf Hispanic descent were being forceably removed and hauled away to Mexico because What You Owe Me of racism and fear This is a little known event in American history and I think this book would be an excellent tool for students and adults to use to learn about itMemorable uotespg101 Fear roared and crackled and burst into flames inur ears and we knew the future was burning down collapsing before us devouring Buffalo Woman Comes Singing our home and livelihood Worstf all there was nothing we could do to stop it Harrowing and important All the Stars Denied explores a bleak moment when the US turned against Mexican Americans as scapegoats for its social and economic woes Through Estrella s journey first toward activism and then back home after deportation Guadalupe Garc a McCall sketches with deft and poignant strokes a model f courage for ur wn darkling times This loose seuel to Shame the Stars is arguably the most important YA novel f 2018 During the Great Depression times were bleak for most people but especially for Mexican Americans living near the border as they were Shining City often used a scapegoat More than 1 million Mexican Americans including 600000 citizens were repatriated to Mexico Author McCall tells the storyf fifteen year Blind Spots old Estrella del Toro and her family who are doing better than manyn their ranch in southern Texas However racism is mounting in the local town and some neighbors have disappeared ie been deported to Mexico At a local town meeting her father and Estrella speak A Boy and A Bear in a Boat out When their home is burned to the ground her father is taken by the police and Estrella her mother and sickly younger brother are taken first to Ciudad and then to Mexico City They become refugees barely survivingn meager rations hoping for the kindness SOS of strangers while they search for Estrella s father I would have given 4 stars but was annoyed with the author s freuent unnecessary usef Spanish words I do not know Not too long ago I wrote about casually scrolling through thirteen St. Johns Wort or sonline English syllabi the first thirteen google results I wanted to write about and address the point that erasure The Roman Family of culture happens in public and private educations The pronounced absence the purposefulmission Hirvenmetsästäjä of Latinxs from American curriculum is a political choice that has devastating conseuences Moren those conseuences later I then expanded my English literature syllabi search by tenaciously scrolling through the first Hollywood Walk of Fame: 2000 Sensational Stars, Star Makers and Legends one hundred syllabi Lamentably Inly found nine
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out A Christmas Miscellany of the hundred had works byr About Latinxs On Their English Latinxs Too Bad to Die on their English syllabi Hundredsf works to teach American students and OXENBOXEN only nine different syllabiffered either token poems seriously Resist (Wicked Ways Book 1) one was a haiku excerptsf novels Beautiful Ghosts (Inspector Shan, oner two short stories from larger anthologies and then the go to staple House n Mango Street as reflections f Hush, Hush (Hush, Hush, our presence within America s literary canon and within America itself So pathetic and disheartening Guadalupe Garcia McCall fills in the yawning cultural gap in American curriculum that political and literary erasure that school curricula perpetuate Her novels Shame the Stars and All the Stars Denied are timely and necessary Readers can t help but have a visceral reaction to allf the trauma done to than half a million American families in the 1930s and to the del Toro family in this novel See GG McCall s Resources for details Americans The Indian in the Cupboard (The Indian in the Cupboard, of Mexican descent were rounded up maliciously separated so as to purposefully stymie a family s reunification and to purposefully stymie the families return to their home states American citizens were deported to a nation they didn t know Beaten mistreated falsely accusedf not being US Citizens having their land stolen and then having to further endure the indignity Reasoning and the Logic of Things of injustice by pleadingne s case to the very people who committed the wrongs against them in the first placethe events The Holcroft Covenant / The Rhinemann Exchange of this historic period and their fictional presentationn the pages The Night Before Christmas: or, A Visit from St. Nicholas: The Heirloom Edition of this book split my heart in two McCall knows how to make her readers suffer Yearsf malicious prosecution The Queens Assassin (Queens Secret, of undocumented immigrants disappear from the pagesf America s newspapers So the timing Space Calculated in Seconds of GG McCall s work may seem serendipitous but her research reveals that the pastne hundred years Lightning of America s history has been repeating itself time and time again As a former English Literature teacher I can t help but believe that floodingur students with a inclusive curriculum produces a student population that is politically efficacious The wealth Digital Web of knowledge that McCall weaves into this text is a boon for American students And the book is just a pleasure to read Who doesn t want to cheer for Estrella Her growth from privileged brat to tough as nails advocate make readers cheer What GG McCall does here in this book is pretty inspiring I know I will read this book again and again. At swept up hundredsf thousands f Mexican American citizens during the Great Depressi. .

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