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Now I need to see if there are any solo stories with these there are any solo stories with these Te superspy and a magically minded librarian triumph over a villain aligned with the forces of soul crushing doomUnknown ThreatsIn a world teeming with mystic and mundane dangers ignorance is no defense but even a little knowledge can be deadly The only way to survive is to amass enoughScary IntelScary Intel is a 41000 word thriller which teams JA Konrath Ann Voss Peterson's electrifying Codename Chandler superspy series with Kaysee Renee Robichaud's creepy The Bookworm Brigade paranormal adventures The result plays like a high octane

"X Files Sexy Sassy And "
files sexy sassy and This thriller A bit like X Files than Bourne But a fun exciting read. Fast talking mentor with a supernatural secret Venkat must retrieve De Vermis Mysteriis a five hundred ear old black magic spell book penned by a necromancerUnspeakable EvilIn addition to vast wealth and unsavory criminal resources the megalomaniacal Jeeves Peabody has access to otherworldly allegiances and horrifying allies He is a formidable opponent one neither Chandler nor Venkat can succeed against aloneUnlikely AlliesTwo women from wildly different worlds must band together against THIS COMMON FOE CHANCES ARE common foe Their chances are working together how can an eli. .
Another fun Chandler Team UpI like the new characters introduced in. Unstoppable AgentAn ultra covert organization has taken up a contract for a nigh unkillable madman who masuerades as a philanthropist When elite spy Chandler has the target in her sights success lays just one sueeze of the trigger away or so she believes Instead of her mission ending things are about to take a weird twistUnsuspecting BookwormVenkat has been dreaming of becoming a field agent for the Malleus Librum Society a secretive organization DEDICATED TO RECOVERING ANCIENT GRIMOIRES THAT DREAM HAS JUST to recovering ancient grimoires That dream has just true but at a sanity threatening price Shadowed by

characters Scary Intel (Codename: Chandler; The Bookworm Brigade #0)

Scary Intel (Codename: Chandler; The Bookworm Brigade #0)