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The Gods Games Volume 1 2 The Gods Games #1 2Lron which is handed to them by Kelakheva each time a mission begins and they chosen and known as path walkers Anea who vanished after handing over control to the demigod Kelakheva was shortly ollowed by his children but something is seriously amiss this time around as the three MC s Ben Teal and Malagant are constantly directed into harms way I was really taken with this antasy story which consists of many twists and turns but overall it s just an excellent read that contains one of the best cliff hangers ever at the end of Book One I Think One I think d be beside myself if the second novel wasn t think I d be beside myself if the second novel wasn t and I didn t even come up or air as I continued on read Book Two uil that would have been an EVIL ending having to wait The Book of Air for book two to come out would have been pure tortureBOOK TWO 5 STARSThere isn t a single second of time dividing book onerom book two It begins immediately rom where book one left off yet it s even action packed it s a touch shorter but harrowing and a real edge of your seat ride as the story ploughs on I can t wait to see where this series goes DNF chapter 3 I was ready to DNF reading the prologue but wanted to give it of a chance The prologue contains everything I hate about pretentiously written antasy books It s long and info dumps a ton of unpronounceable made up names and places and adds nothing to the plot so ar Because when chapter one starts the story does a complete 180 and it s set in the modern day with an unlikeable drug runner and his pure hearted immigrant roommate he wants to corrupt I initially thought this was supposed to be a graphic novel because of the description in the title but unfortunately not Just means that version of the book is explicit There s also a lot of typos and while written in third person it randomly jumps rom one character s perspective to another and makes it very distracting to read Anyways The Seduction of Miranda Prosper from what I ve read I m not interested in reading WHY ISN T THIS BOOK RATED AT LEAST 450Seriously Too underrated First of all the charas are interesting and lovable The dialogue between them is witty without even trying too hard Second I love the dynamic between the protagonists Iteels so natural and pure even though this is a graphic novel which makes it so The Warrior Princess of Pennyroyal Academy fresh The plot is a little predictable though I dunno maybe because the author gives a lot of clues especially with the identity of the main antagonists But perhaps that is to gradually introduce a plot twist to the readers Other than that the novels is pretty awesome This is one of theew MM The Pierced Heart fantasy novels I ve read that Iound really engaging and I VE READ UITE A NUMBER ve read uite a number them The good things about this book outweigh the petty issues I have with it FantasticI can t express how much I loved this antastic book So I won t even try uil Carter has an imagination beyond brilliant So it s hard to take in that this book was started when uil was a wee lad 14 years old Astounding Now I m rubbing my hands in glee looking orward to book 2 Gotta Elizabeth I find out what happens to Ben Teal and Malagant Not to mention King Erick Both of him humanother lol With the length of this book it could take several years and if so I ll be waiting. Iller but an odd young man with pointed ears who brings Ben to a new world that he’d neverathomed existedAnd all the baffling this strange looking young man is telling Ben that not only does he need Ben to help him save their kingdom rom a rebel king that rebel king is none other than Erick.

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There is little to no romance and I m 100%
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with that but there little of that suspense and tension I love in a good antasy bookuntil just before halfway and then this book will blow your mind It was such a thrilling ride and some of the times I was terrified It made me appreciate the beginning That uiet learning of characters the building of trust and riendship A reality of a prophecy the beginning That uiet learning of characters the building of trust and riendship A reality of a prophecy the a lot complicated than it seems If you re a an of dark antasy then give this book a you re a an of dark antasy then give this book a I have a The Everyman Book of Nonsense Verse feeling book 2 is going to be brilliant Oh uilHe knows so much of my effed up heart sometimes Theeel of this book is a lot younger than his Fallocaust world books despite its soul woven of gritty dark and gore I am looking orward to reading the next book I hope he never ever stops writing 5 STARS FOR BOOK 1 2 IN COMBINED GRAPHIC NOVEL EDITION There is also a non graphic meaning non explicit in this example of this novel too or younger readers If you love Ten Years Beyond Baker Street: fantasy then I doubt it matters as YA readers will have access to a less explicit novel BOOK ONE 475 STARSI absolutely loved uil Carter s new series The God s Games it s aantastic new high antasy series that uil has inally released After revising and refining it numerous times since he was 14 years old it was his irst attempt at writing and although uil s dreams of one day becoming a published author has already been ulfilled with the release of the Fallocaust series by releasing The God s Games to the public it s evident in the dedication which is written to the 14 yo uil by the way just how important the release of this particular novel is to him personally It was a nice touch and well done because it s not cheesy and a bit tongue in cheek The God s Game s also moves right away The Triangle of Truth: The Surprisingly Simple Secret to Resolving Conflicts Largeand Small from uil s previously published series which is an extremely dark and nastyuturistic dystopian world rom hell it s another amazing series thoughuil is also never short or words making his novels massive This is no exception to his rule either and is an epic journey about three young men one human and two elves Ben Teal and Malagant It begins on earth before the real adventure takes off and because he likes to take his time to unravel his stories he keeps them at a good pace maintaining your interest through character development and an excellent storyline This book reminded me of antasy novels I read growing up in the 80 s and it s just as good The three young men called upon to play this round of the God s games don t know each other and obtaining one of them is done in a nasty ashion but as the Taxi Stories from streets of NYC first two begin this uest the third comes along to their rescue pulling them out of a nasty situation one of many that theyace and that continue to get worse as time progresses They re given clues on how to go about The Wrong Side of the Bed finishing whatever their monumental mission is on Elron in a book the begins to mysteriously write cryptic clues riddles and poems once the games begin and given assistance by Anea s PA lol a demigod Kelakheva who was appointed by the Elder God Anea tourther assist them along the way to over throw any tyrant in charge of the land s or keep peace by stopping wars with the Jewel of Omes The Alvin Ho Super Collection: Books 1-4 face toace with a mysterious man with silver hair the same person who was last seen with Erick After a کاروان امید failed attempt to get answersrom him Ben becomes obsessed with کاروان امید: سرگذشت تری فاکس finding the silver haired man he’s sure killed his brother Though who he ends upinding isn’t uite his brother’s

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So good it been long time since I enjoyed a book so muchThe God s Game it s a high antasy epic magic setting a whole new world to be discovered enjoyed but it s also setting a whole new world to be discovered and enjoyed it s also and creepy in an amazing way making all the magic world way real by giving it to dark and raw side The plot starts a a little slow but it really worth it because by the moment all is settled it takes good pace and intensity becoming adictive The characters are just great really worth the reading just to get to know them really loved Anagin I need of him Malagant Ben and Teal are may babys their relationship is precious Well built and developed characters that I personally ell in love with well constructed and complex plot and really interesting wold building Dark interesting and adictive Absolutely recomend it Four and a half stars Started out really slow but by the last uarter of the Tempting Faith Di Napoli first volume it got so good that I stayed up all night toinish the book I just wish there wasn t a cliffhanger at the end since there is no date available or when we can see a conclusion to this story uil had done it again I never thought I would be able to ind another book series as amazing and imaginative as Fallocaust but he proved me wrong This book proves he s not a one trick pony The characters in this book have so much depth and character you will The Southern Belles of Honeysuckle Way fall in love with them both good and evil After reading the last book in Fallocaust series i have been eagerly waitingor uil s next book and i was worried that because it wasn t part of the alloucaust series i wouldn t enjoy it as much but i was wrong its just as amazing I couldn t put it down and I devoured it in a day i can I couldn t put it down and I devoured it in a day i can say it enough i love love love it I also like that there is a not so graphic version so i can recommend it to my The Confident Woman: How to Take Charge and Recharge Your Life friends So to sum it up READ THIS BOOK and thank you uilor starting a new series i can obsess about Chills Starting this book was hard It really jumps right into another world and leaves the reader eeling a little lost A lot of names of places people things and a lot to keep track of but don t worry uil does an excellent job of illing you in as the story progresses and boy does it ever The stuff that makes no sense in the beginning comes back in the most bone chilling ways and the riddles start to make sense The characters are well developed though not uite as well as those in Fallocaust but still relatable I will admit I was trying to guess where things were going the entire time and I never was right which I loved Predictable is boring and this book was anything but predictable It left me very excited or the next book Great job on another awesome book and killer series uil Wow wow wow I m going to be super honest here because this book deserves your attention I m going to start by saying I ind the beginning of antasy stories hard to read the new names places magic races warsKingdomsit always melts my brain until inally it starts clicking into place The The Way of Women first half of this book is super vague Ieel like I didn t learn much and the characters just kind of went about their lives learning how to be a part of their new world I was waiting or new information and I gotsome. Gay Dark FantasyWhen Erick disappeared it wasn’t that big of a surprise Ben’s drug addicted lowlife brother was always pissing off dangerous people so it was easy to assume he’d made the wrong person mad Sure it sucked but Ben got over itThen one night our years after Erick vanished Ben ,