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E is her need to return to her home in Virginia Tyler has been drawn to London from the beginning The rules of the ranch are to stay away from the interns but that hasn t been possible for Tyler the ranch are to stay away from the interns but that hasn t been possible for Tyler her that night had been impossible One of the things I really liked about this book was that they handled the whole pregnancy issue in a mature manner Tyler made sure that London knew that they were in it together I thought he showed a great deal of sensitivity when they got the tests and how he knew she needed the privacy to deal with them I loved the description of where he took her Tyler wants her to marry him but London insists that it isn t possible I felt bad for London because of "the conflict she was suffering When she finally gets p the courage "conflict she was suffering When she finally gets Where Poppies Grow up the courage tell him about the son she has back home she worries that it will change the way he looks at her She never really got wholehearted support from her family with her first pregnancy I loved Tyler s complete acceptance of her past and how he handles the details He continues to tell her that he wants her to marry him. E rancher is ready to stepp and do the honorable thing by the stunning woman he secretly adores The only obstacle is the stubborn mother to be London can't let anything stop her from returning to Virginia at the end of the semesternot even the irre. .

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Okay I was really into the hero strong silent type but I admit I never ite developed empathy for the heroine To me her problems were of her own making rather than outside forces she could not control Also the stereotypes found in the store bothered me As to the writing I would have thought a professionally edited story might not be a problem but I was in error The point of view often switches between paragraphs which draws me from the story because I am trying to figure out who is speaking There are numerous typos of herself in shower They started into each other s eyes leaned forward and suint her eyes and I m going to back to school etc Split infinitives were USED THROUGHOUT TO MENTALLY COUNT TO throughout to mentally count to get to not show To Not Get Etc Good Book London not get etc Good book London a summer intern on the Brand ranch She loves the work that she does especially working with the horses She s also very attracted to Tyler Brand One night of giving in to the attraction and a malfunctioning condom leaves her pregnant and conflicted On the one side she wants to stay in Montana but on the other sid. This cowboy's in a family way It was supposed to be a harmless summer fling Until a night of passion leaves ranching student London Davenport with an nexpected gift And although wasn't in Tyler Brand's immediate plans the footloos. High Country Christmas
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But is also wise to the fact that if he pushes she ll dig in "Her HeelsIt Was Really Sweet "heelsIt was really sweet see how Tyler takes care of her when she s sick and helps her to see that she has to put off finishing school He s always there when she needs him London slowly begins to realize how much she cares for him but needing to get back to her son is always at the back of her mind If she could convince her son that living in Montana was a good thing she d be able to have the life she wants I loved Tyler s plan to invite JT to the ranch for Christmas and show him what it would the ranch for Christmas and show him what it would likeI loved the whole visit to the ranch JT is a typical teenager and his attitude at the beginning is less that cooperative It was great to see how the whole family got involved in the visit London was worried that Tyler and
jt weren t 
weren t but Tyler was confident that it would happen I loved seeing that bonding moment when it came and the difference it made to London s hope for their future The ending was sweet and romantic and perfect for Tyler and London My only dissatisfaction was that there wer. Sistible father of her nborn child How can she tell Tyler the truth about why she can never live happily ever after on his cattle ranch But London's about to find out how far one determined cowboy will go to fight for her and the future of their fami. ,