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Amnesty By Dicho Ilunga DisashiAmnesty Dancing with Cannibals Book 1 Dicho Ilunga Amnesty DANCING CANNIBALS BOOK 1 IS THE FIRST VOLUME with Cannibals Book 1 is the first volume Dicho Ilunga’s 600 age Amnesty will be followed by the Cybercrime and Digital Forensics: An Introduction publication of Mastery Book 2 and Ancestors Book 3 “Everything was strange but everything was for the taking” In Dicho Ilunga’s epic historical novel Dancing with Cannibals the Congo is as dangerous for theredatory Belgians as the Belgians are for the tribes that live in the lush treasure filled region Young impulsive Jean Turken lays a rank are for the tribes that live in the lush treasure filled region Young impulsive Jean Turken The Meaning of Difference: American Constructions of Race, Sex and Gender, Social Class, Sexual Orientation, and Disability plays arank is thrust into One Small Step: An Anthology of Discoveries prison in Brussels by a heartless justice system In 1898 the Belgian king Leopold II realizes that he is falling behind the other Europeanowers in seizing the vast resources of central Africa To make up for this slow beginning King Leopold empties the risons of Belgium into the Congo forcing the inmates to serve as colonial agents Given limitless military support and the ower of life and death over the native eople an army of ruthless criminals sets out to fulfill the ambitions of a relentless despot With one year left of his sentence Jean Turken is reluctantly transported to Africa to make his fortune; the alternative is life in rison Jean Turken soon finds that in the. Congo all is not as it seems and that he must uickly learn to survive in a merciless world Dicho Ilunga’s Dancing with Cannibals brings an African erspective to telling the story of the most horrifying chapter in the European colonization of the African continent “Under Léopold II’s administration the Congo Free State was subject to a terror regime including atrocities such as mass killings and maimings which were used to subjugate the indigenous tribes of the maimings which were used to subjugate the indigenous tribes of the region and to rocure slave labor” Religious Toleranceorg In the course of extracting the natural wealth of the Congo the use of the native opulation for forced labor is estimated to have led to from two million to fifteen million deaths Never before has there been a novel about the genocide in the Congo Free State written in English by an African writer Dancing with Cannibals would seem to have been influenced by Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness which is also set in the Congo during the Belgian regime and Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart but Dicho Ilunga has not read either of those books Ilunga’s writing is largely absent read either of those books Ilunga’s writing is largely absent European context Ilunga describes his literary training as coming from the Zairian writers that he read in scho. ,

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by Brazilian Paulo Coelho who Ilunga says has an African style The source of Dicho Ilunga’s considerable literary Robot Programming: A Practical Guide to Behavior-Based Robotics power is his conviction that he should write what he knows Dancing with Cannibals takes its origin in Ilunga’s acuaintance with individuals who haveersonally confronted cannibalism a Perfect Phrases for Writing Company Announcements: Hundreds of Ready-to-Use Phrases for Powerful Internal and External Communications practice that not only exists in central Africa but that may be increasing due to the chaotic conditions that currentlyrevail there Writing with historical scope mature compassion and deep emotional Versailles perception Ilunga has devised a suspenseful story of travel adventure action and love Faced with intractableersonal and moral struggles JEAN TURKEN DESPERATELY TRIES TO HOLD ON TO HIS Turken desperately tries to hold on to his in a World Where Nothing Is Outlawed where nothing is outlawed every taboo must be confronted in the heart and in the soul Dicho Ilunga is the author of several accomplished unpublished novels Born in Zaire Dicho Ilunga fled to Rwanda as a olitical refugee only to become embroiled in the Rwandan genocide through his marriage to a Tutsi woman Dicho Ilunga now lives in South Africa where again he is a olitical refugee At this time he works in a warehouse to support himself Ilunga has no time to write and he has no laptop. .