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Roperty office at Lime Street station in Liverpool along with Mother Not actually her birth mother though as that s a mystery to Martha who has been lost since she was a baby From the beginning she comes across as a happy hardworking and thoughtful young girl who at times is a little naive perhaps due to not having much of a childhood what with working in the lost property office with little help from MotherThe story follows Martha her best friend Elizabeth next door in the coffee shop a Roman soldier and a mystery man hiding in the tunnels under the station as they aid her in the goal of finding out who she is and who she belongs to but importantly documents that prove she is a legitimate person otherwise she may lose verythingAs the story goes along we learn Martha has a special gift relating to the objects she gathers that have been lost by various people here I find it to be wonderfully fairy tale like Every item has a back story some were meant to be lost while others weren t and Martha can t help but yearn for her own story as to how she became lostread the rest of my review here Martha Lost is lost Supposedly abandoned on a train from Paris as a baby she was taken in by a lady she calls mother A very strict almost cruel lady she controls Martha and makes her life miserable When tragedy strikes and facing Confederate Cities: The Urban South during the Civil War Era eviction Martha sets off to find out who she is Helped by thenigmatic Elizabeth her new friends and an anonymous person who communicates via a poster Martha must discover her real identity before she loses Convents and the Body Politic in Late Renaissance Venice everything she sver knownThe Finding of Martha Lost is a beautiful magical book that somehow manages to be both heart warming and heart breaking The setting of Lime Street station was brilliant and I loved learning about all the secret hidden places that the public don t normally get to see It was lovely to see the sense of community that Edicts of Asoka existed at the station and howveryone ralliued around and stood up for Martha The fact that her friends were all outsiders misfits from the station too was very heart warming to read about and I really Upgrade Soul enjoyed reading about Martha s interactions with them Martha is a great highly likeable character who goes on a huge journey throughout the book as she tries to figure out who she is It s not anasy journey for her and parts of it might make you cry but I so wanted her to succeed and have the love she wanted Her love of books was a particularly nice touch and it was nice to read about her thoughts on the books she s read I used to put books I really njoyed under my pillow too so that part made me smile There were times that she did frustrate me though particularly when she still believed mother s lies but overall I found her a very likeable character that I was sorry to leave at the nd of the book I also really liked Elizabeth who was such a strong kind sunny character who was always willing to stick up for other people Her kindness towards Martha and her friends and her Elizabeth I: Translations, 1544-1589 efforts to help them find themselves was beautiful to read about The author cleverly includes some of Liverpool s history into the story which I found fascinating to read about particularly the Williamson tunnels which I had never heard about I m a huge Beatle fan so I loved reading about them and their mysterious roadie Mal Evans I will definitely be finding out about him Thending was lovely and I must confess too having a tear in my Dolphin Confidential: Confessions of a Field Biologist eye at thend A great way to nd a truly fabulous book This is the author s second book but the first I have read and I look forward to reading by her Thank you very much to Hannah Bright Transworld Publishers and netgalley for my proof copy If you like magical coming of age stories you ll love this book We need to talk about how I found myself feeling about The Finding of Martha LostCause I for sure am not lost about how I feel about this bookYou could say I am finding myself with uite a strong opinion Enough of the puns Let s talk straight hereThis book had me hyped up about it ver since I got approved for it on NetGalley It offered a wonderful premise Martha was found in an abandoned suitcase in a train station grew up there and needs to find out who she is as time is pressing Secrets trains and unicorns Okay maybe not the unicorns so much This book had so much potential Books secret underground libraries lost and found items trains And when I say secret underground libraries I mean rainbow sorted libraries of lost books with dedications spiral staircases and forgotten histories in a train station God And yet I just didn t like it And it makes me sad I didn t like it I super duper guilt tripped myself for not liking it SO MANY TIMES I mean "BEING A BOOK WORM HOW CAN YOU NOT LIKE " a book worm HOW can you not like thought of secret libraries TRAINS I do feel like a failed bookworm nowHowever I have to say Martha the main character was just too daft Too crazy Too silly There is a big difference between being cute and naive and just being unrealistic And it s not just the main character The choices veryone makes in this book I struggle to find words for it Let me present you with some xamples Throughout the book the main problem Martha has is that if she doesn t procure certain documents concerning herself she will be Imaginary Runner evictedSo the normal course of action here would be probably to go to a certain government office and apply for themNow I do understand that Martha is 16 a little bit naive and constantly abused by her insane fanatically religious mother butWriting posters and leaving them on the walls of the train station for a mysterious stranger to find does not seem like a solution You do not hope strangers who send you books will come up with your National Insurance number You also do not just do nothing for 30 days or so and hope it will somehow resolve More than that If it was just Martha But it really wasn t Gonna just spoiler tag this view spoiler All the others just stare at her when she makes the worst decisionsver Sort of From Cottage to Bungalow: Houses and the Working Class in Metropolitan Chicago, 1869-1929 even when thugs show up in her office with weapons Orven when she nearly gets in trouble with a total douche who s 20 years older hide spoiler What a sweet novel I m fascinated by our ability to suspend our disbelief for some stories but not for others Even though I could see the puppet strings I still Fresh Water enjoyed this novel very much Even though there were things that I thought were a bit too cutesy too convenient and at times unlikely I still got immersed into the story The majority of the plot takes place in 1976 Lime Street Train Station in Liverpool United Kingdom I must confess that I amxtremely fond of railway stations and trains French Daguerreotypes especially of those big old fashioned European Railway Stations I must also confess thatven though this is set in England all along I imagined the place lo I have to admit that the cover is one of the reasons that I was drawn to the book and of course the description of the book about a young girl that grows up in a train station after being abandoned in a suitcase 16 year old Martha has been raised by an over religious mother and she is told she can t leave the train station because it would collapse if she did that But when her mother dies verything changes And She Needs To Find she needs to find birth mother to be able to run the lost property place in the train station Then there is the lost suitcase that is said to belong to Mel Evans roadie to the Beatles The Finding of Martha Lost is an interesting and special book about a young girl coming of age Martha has grown up in a train station this is her world and she has never put her foot outside However verything is changing for her I loved the whole train station world with its odd characters from the old man with the bowler hat living below in the sewers to the young man in a roman costume And Martha is a special girl she can see verything she touches history from keys to hockey sticksThe Beatles part of the story was something that I did not completely fall for I was way interested in the train world than what happened with the suitcase and it didn t help that Max Cole the man that found the suitcase is an unpleasant person that Martha seems to fall for He s POV in this book didn t feel interesting I didn t mind the story about Mel Evens but I could not really find myself that interested in the storyline with Max and the second half of the story when Max shows up at the train station just felt a little bit less interesting because if that Still it a charming book I just wish I had been a bit taken with the story and perhaps that it would have been a bit magical realism in the story than Martha ability to touch and know things about objects past I want to thank the publisher for providing me with a free copy for an honest review. That someone keeps misplacingBut there is one mystery Martha cannot solve And now the authorities have found out about the girl in lost property Time is running out if Martha can’t discover who she really is she will lose verything.

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I m afraid I was a bit of a bibliomaniac book stalker about this title The world of book lovers are very Doris Salcedo excited about The Finding of Martha Lost but what really intrigued me was the way all the reviewers and bloggers confessed that they had found it impossible to review this Young Adult novel they had all struggled to formulate their responses and define the impact it had made on them Of course they all actually wrotexceptionally Twelve Days of Pleasure elouently and competently about it far better than I will manage today but I was suddenly desperate to get hold of Wallace s novel and find outxactly what had left these critics literally lost for wordsNow I have read it I totally understand their reaction How do you write about something so magical inspiring uplifting imaginative uniue and stunning Wallace s command of language is so masterful anything I attempt to put into words will be seriously inferiorThe Finding of Martha Lost is set in 1976 Lime Street Station Liverpool Martha was abandoned as a new born baby in a suitcase on the train from Paris in 1960 Sixteen years later she still remains hopeful that someone will come to claim her from the lost property desk where waits the station is her home and she has never ver taken a single step outside of it in all her life As she waits her life continues with mysteries to solve secret tunnels under the station to discover and a suitcase that might have belonged to the Beatles to deal with But Martha wants solve the mystery of who she is and who her birth mother is The authorities have found out about her hiding out in the station and her time is running out If she can t discover who she really is she will lose verything After all to have your happy Gustave Caillebotte: The Painter's Eye ending you have to have your beginningI don t think I ve read a book that is wholly set on a station before but it made me realise how well such a location lends itself to inspiring fiction Stations are full of people journeys secrets beginningsndings and things that get left behind and forgotten The building itself automatically creates a dramatic stage and Wallace ably Grand Illusion: The Third Reich, the Paris Exposition, and the Cultural Seduction of France evokes the atmosphere so that it isasy to visualise very nook and cranny You feel as if you are standing there pirouetting behind Martha and her group of colourful friendsIt s not just the setting and situation that are bewitching It is the character of Martha She is curious vivacious loving warm dramatic nergetic colourful and out of a fairy tale She spins and twirls across the platforms oblivious to anything but seeing the best in things Her infectious inuisitiveness seeps out of her highlighting her childishness and naivety Yet her observations about people and the objects in Lost Property indicate a perceptive mind than many adults Such observations often seem uirky and too fairy tale like but in reality they reveal deep insight and awareness Martha also has a special gift When I rub my finger over something that is lost I can tell how the item came to be lost However her real gift her real magic is being able to understand people s truths and hidden Great Plains: America's Lingering Wild emotionsYes this is a book of magic and wonder where fairy tales and real life intermingle producing an intoxicating brew which will leave you thirsting for Martha collects books which she arranges by colour to create a rainbow of secrets It is her library of found books as she wants to collect lost words and let them have a voice She is concerned with showing respect for the books and seeing their beauty Some of the books have inscriptions which tell me a different story to the one in the bookthese words weren t meant for me it s like I ve overheard a secret The inscriptions are a secret message between the book giver and the book receiver the reason for giving a book is another story of its own that interests her than what is printed on the actual pages Now I not only want to giveven books as gifts but inscribe Hard Bread (Phoenix Poets every book I will bestow in the futureMartha reflects on stories books and language throughout the whole novel The words lost and found are sprinkled across the pages as a constant reminder of Martha s need to find her birth mother and her own name Her responses to books are so innocent yet so original and astute I am jealous of the way in which she is able to view the worldMartha breaks all conventions Forxample of reading she says Sometimes I think it s ok to meet characters and then create your own story for them If a character is killed or hurt and I m not happy with that I turn back to just before the vents took a "nasty twist She is surely the most captivating and beautifully imagined character in children s fiction that I have " twist She is surely the most captivating and beautifully imagined character in children s fiction that I have across in a very very long timeAs her search for her birth mother name and National Insurance number continue Martha begins to receive books in the post with inscriptions just for her The books chosen are all brilliant choices to further illustrate the overriding themes of searching of lost and found for xample I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings Great Expectations and Stranger in a Strange Land And the uotes about fairy tales scattered between the chapters are Forgetful of Their Sex: Female Sanctity and Society, ca. 500-1100 euallyffective and from ually great literary voices But they are not overly worthy just gently reminding us of the continuation of Martha s fairy tale as she picks up the narrative and begins the next partThere is depth to the story than just a world of words and an nchanting sprite It is an xploration of trust friendship uestions and answers love safety protection being lost and being found To borrow Martha wise words I wonder if being lost is about waiting to be foundThe adjectives that follow The Finding of Martha Lost across Twitter are remarkable astounding compelling ndearingly breathtaking hypnotic surreal and simultaneously innocent and wise It s been a while since I ve seen such unrestrained passion over a new novel There were numerous blogs about this book and I can t list them all but three which I felt really captured the Wicked Loving Lies essence of Wallace s charming and whimsical book were bookaddictshaun Lindasbookbag and fromfirstpagetolast Have a look at theirlouent and thoughtful reviews This is a Young Adult novel but the La heredera del mar excitement andnthusiasm from the adult reviewers prove that children s fiction is pertinent to all ages and a great place to discover talented and innovative writersAs other bloggers also found this review took far too long to write and writersAs other bloggers also found this review took far too long to write and a real challenge Now as I come to an nd I feel bereft at leaving the world of Liverpool Lime Street and Martha s storyBorrowing words from the book I d like to nd by repeating what is said to Martha You bring delight to all who cross your pathI hope you also take the time to delight in Martha and her storyEnormous thanks to NetGalley for an advanced copy of this book in return for a fair and honest review A little over a week ago I shared a review for one of my Books of the Year so far In Her Wake I spent probably time than was needed deciding what to read next after finishing it because of the ffect that book had on me I picked up The Finding of Martha Lost because of an intriguing blurb and because I know Lime Street Station What I wasn t xpecting was to come across a book that whilst somewhat different to In Her Wake has had a similar ffect on me It is a story I ll never forget one that consumed me whilst I was reading it and one with characters who I think will still be living in my thoughts some months down the line It completely took me by surprise and already I am recommending this book to anybody who will listen I was talking about it to a girl I work with and I was practically hopping on the spot with xcitement as I tried to tell her what this book was about without spoiling it too much and that s the problem I have with this review it s such a difficult book to discuss specially when there s so much I want to shout aboutMy opener when discussing this book is to say it s about a girl called Martha Lost who lives in the lost luggage at Lime Street Station Now anybody who has visited Lime Street would ask how a girl could live in such a boxlike structure But The Finding of Martha Lost is set mostly in the 1970 s and rather than the station it is today Caroline Wallace has created the most uniue imaginative and magical place to set a story and in terms of setting alone it s the best I ve read this year and I thought to myself when reading it that I hadn t wished a place was so real and that I could visit it since Hogwarts Even this week I ve been walking through the station and looking at it differently as if those tunnels and passageways that Caroline brought to life in my mind so well are suddenly going to appear and offer me access The character of Martha Lost felt so real tha. Martha is lostShe’s been lost since she was a baby abandoned in a suitcase on the train from Paris Ever since she’s waited in station lost property for someone to claim her It’s been sixteen years but she’s still hopefulIn the. T I felt as if I was walking I m not brave nough to spin like Martha does Xenophon And His World (Historia Einzelschriften) every morning her path and that her legacy somehow lived on through the station For a character to notven feel fictional to feel like someone who actually lived is a rare thing for an author to achieve in a story but Caroline Wallace has with this remarkable piece of workI don t Geography of the Gaze: Urban and Rural Vision in Early Modern Europe even want to talk about the plot too much because the story unfolds in a way that you really need to know as little as possible about it before you pick it up Martha Lost has been lost since she was a baby told by the woman who took her in Mother that she was abandoned in a suitcase on the train from Paris and since then she s waited in the lost property at Lime Street Station for someone to claim her Sixteen years later and she s still hopeful Martha is simply the most delightful character with an outlook on life far beyond her young years and it wasn t that she was written older than she was meant to be but because the life she s led so far has forced her to grow up fast andven then there are numerous moments throughout the book where Martha comes across younger than she s meant to be because of her naivety and because she knows nothing of the outside world because Mother told her the station will crumble if she leaves it And so she builds a life for herself through lost property where she has a uniue ability to touch an item and find out its story and through books and her wonderful best friend Elisabeth who runs a cafe on the station and offers advice and Groove: An Aesthetic of Measured Time encouragement throughout the story to allow Martha the courage and strength to finally find out who she really is There are numerous other characters vital to this story but I really think readers should discover them for themselvesCaroline Wallace is a wonderful writer and behind all the magic there s a real story to be had here and it is certainly anmotional one in places as Martha finally starts to discover who she really is I could fill this review with some of my favourite uotes from the book but it was perhaps the ones from Martha that stuck in my mind the most I read somewhere that most four year olds smile four hundred times a day but then by the time they become adults they only smile twenty times a day I m not sure I want to be an adult People are always in a hurry They only realise the worth of something after they lose it Martha Lost isn t a character I could relate to as such but Caroline allows the reader to connect with her to understand her and as the story progressed I felt as if Martha was offering hope to my own life Showing that there are ways to get through those difficult moments that we sometimes have in life and that s one of the great things about this story I think people are going to take so many different things from it Martha s love of books is perhaps one of the things book lovers will One Wild Weekend enjoy most about this bookspecially when they discover something about where she stores them If I had to compare Martha with somebody I think it would have to be Matilda Both her outlook on life and her upbringing Her passion and love for books practically made the book glow in my hands and what it also did for me was make me think about the stories of books beyond the words within them Forgetful of Their Sex especially second hand books that have been passed around many different peopleI lived and breathed this novel whilst reading it and I was close to bereft when I turned its final page Carolineffortlessly captures the Naturally Naughty Wicked Willing era this book is set in and those sights and sounds the music and the city come alive on the page I wasn t ready to leave these characters or the setting behind but thankfully it lives on in my mind and this isn t a book I ll only be reading once but one that I will return to again and again and I can definitely see it becoming a favourite of mine and I m almost certain it ll be on my Books of the Year list come December It s one I think I ll read again and notice different things and it ll become one of those books where it s like meeting up with old friends The Finding of Martha Lost is a remarkable magical perfect novel that completely took me by surprise and offered me one of the mostnjoyable reading F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby experiences and journeys I havever had in a book Please if you have this book on your TBR or think you would like to read it do not Walled (The Line, even hesitate to push it right to the top of the pile because it s a decision you will not regret There can t be many writers who can turn an ordinary train station in the centre of a busy city into a magical world of wonder and discovery but Caroline Wallace has done just that The Finding of Martha Lost is a book that I have looked forward for many many months I heard the author read from it at the Transw 5 Words Lost family love truth lossThis book was full of wonder and whimsy and I found it only tooasy to suspend disbelief and plunge head first into Martha a magical worldMartha is a bit of a weird one but from her story it s Cruel Attachments: The Ritual Rehab of Child Molesters in Germany easy to see why She has a bit of an old soul a way of looking at the world that goes past the surface At times she seems so worldly Then something happens and you remember that she isn t she s just this scared little girl who has neverven left Lime Street Station never felt the sun direct on her skinI did like that I was never uite sure of Martha I was never sure what was in her head and what was real what she saw in her visions or with her yes When she first described George Harris I wasn t sure what she truly meant and it was only when properly introduced that I started to trust Martha As insular as Martha s world is the author has put so much into the setting Sights and smells and colours and people The descriptions were sometimes so vivid that I ven felt a bit sick at times sorry William I loved the music and dance and the passion of the characters Except Mal No one likes MalThere are lots of small mysteries but there is also huge a thread of mystery throughout the story and I have to admit that I hadn t worked it out until just a few paragraphs before the reveal It was a great feeling coming to the same conclusion at the same time as the characterBut what about that suitcase in the basementThis was a wonderful wistful whimsical read an nchanting story The Finding of Martha Lost is a coming of age tale about a sweet innocent and caring teenage girl who was found in the station as a baby left in the lost property office but was never claimed Martha grew up in the train station living with the woman she was brought up to call Mother and helping to run the lost property office She never dared to leave the station as Mother told her it would crumble if she did so she would not step outside the station for fear of destroying the only home and people she knewBefore reading this book I never would have thought It Possible For A Train Station To Feel So Homely possible for a train station to feel so homely magical This story is filled with friendship love family secrets hope magic and self discovery Who would have thought so much could happen in a train station I will be people watching and looking for the magic myself next time I m waiting for a train at the station Perhaps I ll ven do a little spinI adored Martha s love of books and her belief that a book is than just a book but has a variety of stories connected to it Her motional connection with books really struck a chord with me as books have played a big part throughout most of my life If a book s been found the least I can do is read it Then it won t feel lost any longer Martha is the main character in this story but there is also a wonderful mix of other characters that are a part of Martha s little world There are some lovely characters that I couldn t help but love On the other hand Martha s unpleasant mother reminded me a little of the scary mother in Stephen King s CarrieI wasn t really interested in The Beatles side of the story as I m of a Rolling Stones kind of
girl but I do understand importance considering the location of the train station It is for this reason that I give this book an overall 4 star rating as this aspect didn t hold my attention or feel as magical as the other parts of the story I believe in verything until it s disproved So I believe in fairies the myths dragons It all xists ven if it s in your mind Who s to say that dreams and nightmares aren t as real as the here and now John LennonI think this will mostly appeal to fans of magical realism and young adult fictionI would like to thank the publisher Random House UK Transworld Publishers Doubleday for allowing me a copy of this book via NetGalley in One Giant Leap exchange for an honest review We meet Martha a sixteen year old and supposedly Audrey Hepburn lookalike who works at the lost Meantime there are mysteries to solve secret tunnels under the station a suitcase that may have belonged to the Beatles the roman soldier who appears at the same timevery day with his packed lunch Not to mention the stuffed monkey. The Finding of Martha Lost