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Alist element to it In The Dark tells three tales of the mysterious code breakers at Unit 701 China s top secret intelligence unit taskedThe three stories share this common setting and a similar cast of characters all are linked also by their obsession towards codes and ciphers There is "the wind listener a blind man whose supernatural hearing enables him to discern even the sex of a " wind listener a blind man whose supernatural hearing enables him to discern even the sex of a dog there is an unstable maths genius who cracks the Kuomintang s newest best code but meets an unfortunate end at the hands of her lover s wife an old man so obsessed with codes he deciphers them in his dreams and lastly a tale of subterfuge and deception during the Vietnam War In The Dark is an enjoyable spy novel made special by its plot it s rare to see China play a main role in espionage novels so to see the Cold War s high stakes game of spycraft from the Chinese perspective is particularly noteworthy Me ha gustado definitivamente me gusta este autor Me resultan tramas atractivas y diferentes Putting the dreadful Decoded aside In The Dark is a much better prospectThe reader is lead through four short stories all of which involve people with unusual and genius talents which are to be used and exploited by China s Secret Service at mysterious cryptography Unit 701 Although Mai Jia s writing is sometimes uite surreal In The is very readable and moves along nicely Reading Chinese literature is always interesting because characters often don t react as we in the West would Perhaps this is because they are often portrayed as Party members all work no play and the Party comes first In The Dark feels as though someone like Haruki Murakami has taken Mia Jia over and written a Chinese thriller but then Mia Jia has regained control of himself and written what must be a pretty good depiction of China s repressive regime and the accompanying absurdity that often accompanies secrets and spyin. Dangerous mission from beyond the graveIn this story of conspiracies geniuses revolutionaries and terrible moral choices people sacrifice everything for a world of secrets until ultimately it destroys th.

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Will review later I was uietly won over by this book Cryptography is interesting and the characters surrounding it are as cryptic as the ciphers they are listening for solving and sometimes living I highly recommend this novel really four "Stories Joined By Theme And Subject Lis " joined by theme and subject Lis kryptoanalyysi Koodinmurtajan tapaan Siin miss Koodinmurtaja oli yhden ihmisen tarina a enemm n romaanimainen t m kirja koostuu nelj st osasta oista okainen kertoo yhden poikkeuksellisen yksil n tarinan Kaikki tarinat liittyv t Koodinmurtajasta tuttuun erikoisyksikk 701een In Deeper joka on erikoistunut salakirjoituksiina niiden murtamiseen Koodien murtamisen kanssa n iss kin painitaan Personlighetspsykiatri ja kuvataan ter v sti sit miten kryptoanalyysi on alaoka puristaa ihmisest irti kaiken mit irti on saatavissaAika kiinalainen uttu t m kin ep ilem tt l on saatavissaAika kiinalainen uttu t m kin ep ilem tt l kryptoanalyysin poikkeusyksil ist kerrottaisiin v h n erilainen tarina a kerrotaankin onhan se Turing leffa n hty this novel is a collection of four novellas loosely linked together they tell the story of a mysterious chinese intelligence service working in the mountains decrypting ciphers and codes as a matter of national importance even better it s written by china s answer to ohn le carr sounds fun right so i was pretty excited when i picked it up and it started off okay and it stayed okay and it ended okay and that was it it was basically the book euivalent of a flatline i think the language has been poorly translated because it s rather clumsy and the plot is pretty dull it got to a point translated because it s rather clumsy and the plot is pretty dull it got to a point i was so bored with it that i often dreaded picking the book back up again i have no idea where the le carr comparisons come from either le carr s novels are full of complex twists and turns as duplicitous people work for duplicitous agencies and through that there is a subtle or often overt criticism of said agencies their agents their shady actions and. 'Cracking another country's cipher is an undercover fight to the death'Hidden deep in the mountains the recruits at 'Unit 701' China's secret services operate in a dark shadowy world There is the 'wind li. Even the concept of nationhood so of course such a thing can t exist in a chinese book which would have been censored by the chinese state before it even got to a printing press in the dark is what you
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when you take espionage thriller and minus the intrigue plotting and duplicity oh and the espionage This book has so much potential but really the whole book would be better marketed as a short story collection There s no real link between each story It s almost ust a collection of 4 stories about people with variations of Asperger s syndrome That s a pretty parsimonious description but may seem uite prescient Once You Ve Finished The you ve finished the is a strange novel I picked it up for 2 at a book sale written by the supposed Chinese John le Carre and best selling author in China I got it in an attempt to further understand Chinese cultural differences secondly to see what stories people in China are reading these days and lastly because the blurb caught my eye The novel was undermined by either a sub par translator or the writer being unable to edit his own material To compare it to other authors I would say it was like a combination of Haruki Murakami and John Le Carre but written by an unskilled high school student that could have been a translation issue though a decent fantasy book tells China s secret agency Unit 701 comrades uniue stories during wartime This book told that lovepassion for someone or things can led a comrades uniue stories during wartime This book told that lovepassion for someone or things can led a to their death in strange ways Intricately woven and smart yet the pacing was furious and relentless I couldn t decide to take pause to ponder over some points or keep on flipping For some time I had stopped reading spy fiction since I could not stomach another of the LudlumClancy variety Discovering this book reignited my lo In China Mai Jia is the king of spy novels a Chinese euivalent to someone like John Le Carr but whose work has a distinctly surre. Stener' a blind surveillance officer who can hear sounds from miles away; the beautiful unstable maths genius who meets a violent end; the old man who deciphers codes in his dreams; the spy who recounts
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