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Worlds AlignedMy Son Ryan s 11 reviewI loved this book it reminds me of my childhood with my dad who wrote this bookRevandria the greatest book I ad a ton of fun working on this book I ve never undertaken a project of this size I working on this book I ve never undertaken a project of this size I learned much and I m really appy with Ethnic Minorities and the Media Issues in Cultural and Media Studies how it turned outI llave to leave it up to others to review since I m the author but I m confident if you give it a chance it ll be a fun read for you and your young kids or friendsThanks Considering this is the first book from someone who is not a writer by trade I m very impressed with it The idea of being aligned in multiple WORLDS IS INTRIGUING AND I FOUND is intriguing and I found Kraken: An Anatomy having a lot of fun thinking and theorizing about it as I read I m excited to see what else the author can do with the idea and characters Iad a ton of fun working on this book I ve never undertaken a project of this size I learned so much and I m really The Best I Can Be happy withow it turned outI ll Killers of the Flower Moon : Oil, Money, Murder and the Birth of the FBI have to leave it up to others to review since I m the author but I m confident if you give it a chance it ll be a fun read for you and your young kids or friendsThanks Itas a really different style of writing in this book The layout of the book is really different because there is a chapter related to the story then the next chapter there is a completely random story which really confused meNow the spoilersThere are two brothers and their dad works in a science lab The brothers really like to Daughter of the Alien Warrior Treasured by the Alien hear the stories that their dad tells them before bed One night someone breaks into their dad s lab Then a few years later their dad is really lazy and doesn t really talk to anyone At the end of the summere gets a job at the schoolBut before that the brothers go down to a beach with a bunch of wood They are attacked by kids that are drunk or something They run away when it starts to rain and then the lightning strikes and Fire on the Water he finds a little suare thing He later finds out that one of the kids that attacked them on the beach is the principal s sonHe goesome and Once Upon an Eid he puts the rock onis Ten Doors Down head and whene falls asleep The Perfect Girlfriend he is transported into a different worldI like this book even though i was a little confused at the beginning I would recommend that you read this book Sixteen year old Callan finds a strange stone necklace on a beach in California and whene wears it to bed that night wakes up in the world of Revandria He soon discovers that. Callan’s world is about to change As My Promised Land: The Triumph and Tragedy of Israel he prepares to start at a new school in a new towne stumbles upon a way to travel between ere and Revandria a world where fantasy is reality mystical creatures roam the land and true adventure awaits Revandria is a ,

He as memories of living on both Revandria and Earth and that the stone e found called an alignment stone as made this Chosen for Greatness happen Heas become aligned Eyes off the Prize The United Nations and the African American Struggle for Human Rights 19441955 he is conscious ofis life in both worlds and when Rescued by Tordin (Olodian Alien Warrior, he sleeps in one worlde is awake in the otherRevandria is a world of magical creatures of griffins and dragons wyverns and dwarves It is a medieval world where Callan is a prince in the royal family But all is not
"well boyle a "
Boyle a of black magic The First Mistake has overthrown Callan s father the king and begun usingis black magic to change the land The king is missing Callan s family is on the run and their only ope is to find the rest of the missing alignment stones and try to use them to defeat the usurper The problem is this the stones were cast to the four corners of were cast to the four corners of world and even if Callan recovers them all only the missing king knows ow to use their full powerThings are just as bad for Callan back in our world in California The usurper Boyle is the principal at The Adventurers his new school andis Dad s boss What s worse is Dad walks around like a barely functioning at all and lacking any memory of the alignment stones e created fact many of the people living in Revandria are also present in Callan s life in California Can Commodity Conversations heelp them become aligned so that they can join Effective Academic Writing 3: The Essay him inis uest to save both Revandria and is familyWorlds Aligned Gregory Felix s debut novel is a YA fantasy adventure earkening back to tales such as Lewis Narnia or Chant s Red Moon and Black Mountain adventures where kids find themselves thrust into another world and drawn into battles and uests to defeat evil and save the world Felix s story features a compelling twist the characters actions on both Revandria and Earth will determine the fate of those they love The story moves at a nice pace with plenty of action and tension to keep you turning the pages and lively characters you can get behind and root for My two criticisms are of the prologue which Running with the Kenyans has some problems with punctuation in the dialogue and of the ending which felt a smidgen too easy A bigger struggle at the climax wouldave made for a satisfying conclusionKids aged 10 14 and perhaps even younger will find a lot to like in Worlds Aligned Older kids and adults looking for an old school fantasy adventure will enjoy the novel too Personally I love this kind of fantasy and Perdido Street Station had a blast reading it Highl. Eautiful medieval place but somethingas gone terribly wrong there for Callan and for those e cares about especially is missing fatherWorlds Aligned follows Callan as Duty he travels between this world and Revandria to discover answers to the mystery ofis du. Y recommended What a great novel for this first time author This is my absolutely favorite book It changed me life and I aven t gotten so into a book since 9th grade It was easy to get into and to follow along with The end leaves you wondering and wanting It is always exciting and adding to the story I really really really really really really really really really really really really really ope the writer writes a really really really really really really ope the writer writes a one If I could give it 10 stars I would In Worlds Aligned Callan is just a regular teenager living a regular teenage life His family is all the same old same old but is father as a secret Worlds Aligned follows Callan as e travels between this world and Revandria to discover answers to the mystery of The Princes Scandalous Wedding Vow his dual world citizenship With theelp of Thru Hiking Will Break Your Heart his brother and some new friends thate Women's Liberation and the African Freedom Struggle has made atis new school they are on the mission to Telecommunications Network Design Algorithms help Callan s family from the darkness Callan tries to figure outow to The Power of the Internet in China helpis family in both of is worldsWorlds aligned creates suspense with its text structure by giving the story out of order from the beginning to let the reader know what is coming but not so much that they know when it will appen The way the chapters are set up is different from normal chapters in other books In this book when Callan goes to sleep e wakes up in a different world this creates suspense because the book leaves you on a cliffhanger in one world while Callan is in a different world Another way the book uses text structure is the author makes the reader think that something bad will appen and there is no way to stop it from appening Lastly the word choice I feel like is also well picked there is a balance between unknown words and words you can easily understandThe book was amazing This was a great fantasy mystery Novel And It Had A Great Integration and it ad a great integration all the characters I thought it was really cool The New World Spanish/English, English/Spanish Dictionary (El New World Diccionario espaol/ingls, ingls/espaol) (Spanish and English Edition) how the characters in Revandria affected the real characters on earth if they were locked up The adventures that Callan is put into to saveis family are a fun rollercoaster there are ups exciting parts and there are downs boring parts but all these parts put together to make the story feel well organized and very balanced The book also kept me interested by always Do Better having something new like giving the special stone to one ofis friends so they can Takdir: Gundala The Official Movie Adaptation helpim save IELTS General Training Academic Study Guide his family while also saving Revandria. Al world citizenship Courage and determination are key as a uest unfolds to save Callan’s family in both worlds ande can succeed only with the Get IELTS Band 9.0 in Academic Writing Task 1 Data, Charts Graphs help ofis brother and some new friends Callan’s life will never be the same now that Public Relations his worldsave aligne. ,