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Ating what is being fabricated through the hindrances Seeing Spaciousness Practice Beginning to notice space07 An Understanding of Mindfulness Staying the hindrances Seeing Spaciousness Practice Beginning to notice space07 An Understanding of Mindfulness Staying Contact Practice Staying at contact Abstractions Concepts and Bare Attention Practice estioning abstractions and generalizations Practice Bare attention The Simplification of Attention A Wise Attention to the Emotions in the Body Differentiating the emotions present Focusing on just the vedan in the emotional body Practice Choosing a simpler object of attention Dot to Dot Practice Dot to dot 08 Eyes Wide Open Seeing Causes and Conditions Beginning to Understand Self Construction Blame as a Constriction of View Opening the Vision Conditions are inner outer past and present Guilt remorse and responsibility A web of inter dependence The way of looking is always a significant condition Practice Ending blame through recognizing the confluence of conditions09 Stories Personalities Liberations Respecting the self Something about stories Things Mother Used to Make uestioning self construction Imprisoned in self definitions Practice Examining and loosening self definitions Freeing the expressions of self10 Dependent Origination 1 Of sub loops and manifold connections A Map for Relieving Dukkha Recognizing sa kh r Attending to craving and to vedan Two strategies Practice A skilful tolerating of craving Practice Focusing on vedan to temper the force of craving Some other possibilities Softening the view Self and Phenomena A Mutual Construction The Need to Probe DeeperPart IV On Deepening Roads11 The Experience of Self Beyond Personality The Sense of Self A spectrum There is always some kind of self sense We need to comprehend states of less self construction Practice Noticing the sense of self The Conception of Self The teaching of the aggregates Possible conceptions of self12 Three More Liberating Ways of Looking 1 Anicca Noticing Anicca at a Relatively Gross Level Practice Awareness of change at an everyday level Perceiving Moment to Moment Impermanence An example The patterning of sound Including the distracted mind Attention can be both narrow and broad Other objects The sensations of the body and the other physical senses Vedan Thoughts Intentions The totality of objects Consciousness More to Mention About Seeing Moment to moment Anicca An invigorating practice The possibility of noting No need to press for a perception of rapidity Anicca and theltimate truth Practice Attending to anicca moment to moment The Heart s Responses to Impermanence Of Death and Vast Time Practice Viewing experience from the perspective of death and vast time13 Three More Liberating Ways of Looking 2 Dukkha Dukkha Method 1 Holy discontent and holy disinterest Letting go means letting be Practice Viewing phenomena as dukkha moment to moment Dukkha Method 2 Recognizing Craving Ways of Relaxing the Craving Relaxing the body Using other ways of looking An alternative approach Fully allowing welcoming More About the Second Dukkha Method Settling the citta Releasing craving is actually doing less Both wider and specifically directed attention are necessary Insights Emerging Dukkha depends on craving Deepening into subtlety Craving and the emptiness of self Practice Relaxing the relationship with phenomena14 Three More Liberating Ways of Looking 3 Anatt Developing the Anatt Practice External possessions The material body Gradually expanding the range of the practice Consciousness Even subtle phenomena Some Tips and Reflections about Anatt Meditation Two possible perceptions Skilful responses to aversion and grasping The curious problem of the kink in the carpet Engendering the perception of not self Strengthening the not self view Working with the Sense of Release in Insight Practice Practice Seeing what is external as not mine Practice Regarding the aggregates as anatt moment to moment Of Fear and Loathing in Emptiness Practices Three "Characteristics Three Avenues Of " Three Avenues of Unfolding15 Emptiness and Awareness 1 A Vastness of Awareness Supporting this kind of openness Practice A vastness of awareness Beginning to Inuire into Experiences This vastness of awareness is an object in awareness Openings of perception as skilful ways of looking An Alternative Approach Difference in Substance A few points about practising this second method Ghost of a Hanged Man uestioning conclusions Practice No difference in substance A Skilful Use of Views Two opposite views but both powerful both helpful Maturing through practicePart V Of Highways and Byways16 The Relationship with Concepts in Meditation Bare attention suchness and things as they are Attachment to not knowing Attachment to simplicityestioning predilections The demands of decisiveness The Transcending of Concepts PracticeInuiry Attitudes to Fantasy Faerie Erotica Collection - 8 Sexy Gay Stories of Romantic Vampires, Faeries, and Other Magical Lovers using thought and concepts in meditation17 The Impossible Self The Argument of the Sevenfold Reasoning Developing a Personal Understanding and Conviction Working in Meditation. Ough its precise instructions illuminating exercises and discussions that address the subtleties of both practice andnderstanding Seeing That Frees opens p for the committed meditator all the profundity of the Buddha’s radical teachings on emptiness This is a book that will take time to digest and will serve as a lifelong companion on the path leading the reader as it does progressively de. Seeing That FreesCreativity and fluidity in the practice Practice The sevenfold reasoning in meditation18 The Dependent Arising of Dualities No Preferences Practice No preferences Seeing the Emptiness of Duality 1 Recognizing How Dualities are Fabricated Exaggerating through clinging Artificially separating continua Solidifying what is not solid Developing a Liberating Way of Looking Practice Seeing dualities as empty because fabricated The need for sensitivity in practice a reminder 2 Understanding the Mutual Dependence of Dualities Practice Seeing dualities as empty because mutually dependentPart VI Radical Discoveries19 The Fading of Perception Cessation and reality A fuller nderstanding of dependent origination Insight into Fading Brings the Possibility of a More Powerful Way of Looking Emptiness and the Jh nas Understanding the jh nas as stages of progressively less fabrication Insights from the formless realms Using insight to access the formless jh nas Fading Opens Choices Of insight ways of looking and sam dhi The malleability of perceptions Seeing Dependent Fading Opens Up Emptiness as the Middle Way The Freedom of Different Ways of Looking Practice Viewing phenomena as empty because they fade dependently20 Love Emptiness and the Healing of the Heart The Colouring and Shaping of Experiences Of others Of the world Karma and the malleability of perception Emptiness and ethical care Deeper Insights From Love Seeing Fading Through Mett and Compassion Practice Directing love towards phenomena Fading Fabrication and Healing the Past A estion of catharsis The power of views and beliefs Shapeable pasts Open mindedness and levels of view21 Buildings and their Building Blocks Deconstructed The Illusion of Just Being The Emptiness of Clinging and of Mind States The Voidness of the Aggregates Mutual Dependency and the Emptiness of Cause and Effect Practice Contemplating the emptiness of clingingPart VII Further Adventures Further Findings22 No Thing Different Tracks to a Conviction in Emptiness An Inuiry into Parts and Wholes Practice The emptiness of parts and wholes The Emptiness of the Body and of Material Forms The Neither One Nor Many Reasoning Practice Neither one nor many 23 The Nature of Walking The Unfindability of Beginnings and Endings The Unfindability of Walking Resting in enjoying and consolidating the view Practice Analysing walking and finding it empty Subtle dukkha and sweet relief Beyond Motion Process and Change24 Emptiness Views and the Sustenance of Love "Opening Love Through Loosening the Self view Practice Deepening mett and compassion by fabricating less self The View of the Other " Love Through Loosening the Self view Practice Deepening mett and compassion by fabricating less self The View of the Other Searching for the object of negative feeling Practice Using the aggregates to recognize commonality Ways of looking at the other in mett and compassion practices Practice Viewing the object of love and compassion in different ways Voidness and the Spectrum of Love Giving and the Emptiness of What Is Given Dedicating merit Exchanging self and other Creative play in practice Practice Exchanging self and other Emptiness and EuanimityPart VIII No Traveller No Journey The Nature of Mind and of Time25 Emptiness and Awareness 2 Mind as mirror Vast Awareness as Source of all things Stepping stones to Deeper Insight Mind Only and the nfindability of mind Awareness is void for it is dependent on what is empty Mutual dependency a mystical groundlessness Practice Meditating on the mutual emptiness of consciousness and perception26 About Time Two Analytical Meditations This moment is neither one nor many Diamond slivers Practice This moment is neither one nor many Practice Diamond Slivers this moment does not truly arise Time and Mutual Dependency Interdependent notions Clinging and concoction Self things time Time is dependent on what is empty Beyond Permanent and Impermanent The True Nature of Things Practice Approaches to the emptiness of time27 Dependent Origination 2 The illusion of elements of mind Sa kh r and avijj Subtle dependent origination No ground no centre Practice Meditating on the voidness of attention and of the elements of mind Practice Meditating on the mutual emptiness of subject object and time Practice Contemplating the dependencies of sa kh r and consciousness Entering the Mystery of Dependent Co Arising28 Dependent Cessation The Unfabricated The Deathless Conceptions of the Unfabricated Words Pointing Beyond Words Skilful Conceiving Cessation and Insight Insight Is Empty Too Practice Meditating on the emptiness of insightPart IX Like a Dream Like a Magician s Illusion29 Beyond the Beyond Too Practice Meditating on the emptiness of insightPart IX Like a Dream Like a Magician s Illusion29 Beyond the Beyond all duality The nature of nirv a Skill in view Practice Viewing appearances knowing that avijj is void Practice Meditating on the emptiness of fabricating30 Notions of the Ultimate Beyond emptiness The coalescence of emptiness and appearances31 An Empowerment of Views The fullness of emptiness A radical openingA Word of GratitudeBibliographyIndex. Eper into the territory of liberation From the Foreword by Joseph GoldsteinRob Burbea in this remarkable book proves to be a wonderfully skilled guide in exploring the Blanco nocturno understanding of emptiness as the key insight in transforming our lives It is rare to find a book that explores so deeply the philosophicalnderpinnings of awakening at the same time as offering the practical means to realize it. ,
One of the best books I ever read on this often difficult to grasp this abstract notion Brilliant I think a good way to live one s life might be to exist in a constant state of readingre reading this book I ll make it a goal to have my thoughts alight on it at least a little every day as often as I can This is an exhaustive insight meditation manual and set of philosophical reflectionsexercisesTo explain the often as I can This is an exhaustive insight meditation manual and set of philosophical reflectionsexercisesTo explain the meaning of sunyata emptiness to someone is not so hard But to Jake Millers Wheel understand emptiness and begin tonderstand how it affects our entire experience of phenomena is another Burbea starts at the beginning and works his way through phenomena ntil there is literally nothing left The book assumes the reader has some level of samadhiThis book could be read in order front to back but the proper place would be on the side of the cushion to se as reference for practice This book gave me a lot of gifts but the primary one is the ability to be creative and experimental as one learns to drop the script The amount of logic Simpsons Comics used in this book is exhausting But it s okay between the details and sheer length of it all is the guidepostinsight isany realizationnderstanding or way of seeing things that brings to any degree a dissolution of or a decrease in dukkhaIf you re ready to give p stress to give p the stories you tell about your Life your self and especially if you re ready to give p the idea of What It All Means so you can sort out What It All Means then read this bookRecommended for daily sitters people who dabble in non dual reasoning This is THE book for the modern secular dharma practitioner to practically modify their perceptions of reality and liberate their mind Unlike many other books which merely talk about emptiness or liberation this book provides many practices with detailed instructions on what to do to realize emptiness sunyata for yourself Leaving no stone nturned rob burbea addresses all the nuances unturned Rob Burbea addresses all the nuances contemplative practice and the many subtle traps along the way This is for the serious student of the path 20180724 20200106ContentsBurbea R 2015 Seeing That Frees Meditations on Emptiness and Dependent ArisingForeword by Joseph GoldsteinAbbreviationsPrefacePart I Orientations01 The Path of Emptiness is a Journey of Insight Voidness the roots of suffering and the way things seem to be All phenomena are empty of inherent existence Realizing voidness dissolves dukkha Voidness and impermanence Emptiness is the Middle Way Seeing emptiness opens compassion Entering into the mystery02 Emptiness Fabrication and Dependent Arising Dependent on the mind Fabricated therefore illusory Challenging assumptions The mystery of fabrication03 All is Void Initial Reactions and Responses Disbelief Worries of meaninglessness Fear of annihilation Using dukkha and immediate experience as guides Doubts about our own capacity Developing insight graduallyPart II Tools and Provisions04 The Cultivation of Insight What is Insight Insight and the Four Noble Truths Modes of Insight and Ways of Looking The Inevitability of Fabrication Insight into Voidness Seeing the Emptiness of Things A Range of Means 1 A gradually deepening inuiry into fabrication of the self and of all experience 2 Realizing the impossibility of inherent existence Intuitions and intimations of emptiness05 Sam dhi and its Place in Insight Practice I The Blessings of Sam dhi A Resource for the Whole of the Path The confidence to let go Countless gifts beyond meditation The Significance of Sam dhi for Insight Practices Preparing the soil supporting insights to take root II A Wise Relationship to Sam dhi Practice So much is being cultivated seeing the bigger picture Tending to the elements which support sam dhi Playfulness and experimentation are key A wise attitude to the hindrances III A Few More Subtle Points about Sam dhi Practice Common Difficulties Subtle hindrances Feelings of tightness Modes of Attention Probing and receiving Playing with the intensity of attention Sensitive to the whole body Working with Feelings of Pleasure and with the Subtle Body Encouraging feelings of well being Towards nification Steadiness of feeling is important than strength Suffusing and saturating the whole body Unblocking and smoothing out the subtle body energies IV The Relation Between Sam dhi and Insight Insight brings sam dhi A fluid balance between sam dhi AND INSIGHT SAM DHI AND FABRICATION insight Sam dhi and fabrication of AttachmentPart III Setting Out06 Emptiness that s Easy to See Social Conventions The voidness of countries Conditioned views of worth Including body and emotions in reflective practice Practice Opening to freedom and strength through reflection Seeing the Holes in Things Deconstructing differences Different ways of looking discerning what is helpful A way of looking is than a reflection Practice Beginning deconstruction The elements of experience What Was That All About Practice Investig. In this ground breaking and seminal work esteemed Buddhist teacher Rob Burbea lays out an original and comprehensive approach to deepening insight Starting from simple and easily accessible nderstandings of emptiness Burbea presents a niue conception of the path along which he escorts the practitioner gradually through the careful structure of the work into ever mystical levels of insight Thr. ,

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