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I love it when you read a book and not only discover lots of things you didn t know before but are also allowed a gli. This the of how over the course of a year Alys the gardening learns how to keep bees; and urban beekeeper learns to plant a pollinator friendly gardenPart beautifully designed coffee table book part manifesto this collection of enga.

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Mpse into a special relationship between two people This is a smashing book about two people teaching one another new. Ging letters emails texts recipes notes and glorious photos creates a record of the trials tribulations rewards and oys OF WORKING WITH RATHER THAN AGAINST working with rather than against of working with rather than against And along the way you will pick up a wealth of advice tips and ideas for growing food and keeping pollin. .
Letters to a BeekeeperSkills as their platonic relationship developsWhen book concludes both realise ust how much they the concludes they both realise how much they gained. Ators well fed Letters to a Beekeeper is for lazy gardeners novice beekeepers and everyone in between It is the best rule breaking wildlife friendly guerilla urban gardening insect identifying honey tasting wax dripping epistolary how to book you could ever hope to ow.