Svarte Sekunder Konrad Sejer #6 (PDF)

Geometry Part 1: Quickstudy Laminated Reference Guide (Quick Study Academic) jForward As Inspector Konrad Sejer refuses to automatically rush to assign the blame at the door of Emil a man practically incapable of conveying his side of the story his diligent observation of a community in shock reveals that there could be to the situation than meets the eye Inspector Sejer is a earnest man with a lifetime of detective work behind him and he realises that rather than frightening or bullying suspects there is a lot to be said for reassuring and patient exchanges which can create a bond Most importantly of all he strives to understand the underlying reasons for a crime by placing himself in the situation of all the involved parties His comprehension of how people can often act on impulse and subseuently be left in the awkward position ofustifying their actions retrospectively is behind his humane approach to both Emil Johannes his mother Elsa and Tomme Rix Fossum s powerful psychological character study show the burdens of guilt the toll they can take on a person and the implications of a future bound in lies For sensitive and thought provoking police procedurals with an emphasis on the psychological insights Fossum is in a class of her own Black Seconds is another marvellous example of both her elouence the benefits of delving deeper into the origins of a realistic crime and of both her elouence the benefits of delving deeper into the origins of a realistic crime and thought processes of a detective *Intent On Understanding Despite *on understanding Despite a great deal about Ida readers never actually meet her but her presence looms over every moment of this heartbreaking and simply exuisite story My objection to this book has nothing to do with the subject matter I read a lot of really dark crime novels and everything to do with the shoddy police work What was actually a really obvious solution as improbable and absurdly coincidental as it was remained obscured until the end because the cops ust didn t ask the right uestions The Obvious Uestions To obvious uestions to It s several days into a child s disappearance before you bother to find out why her parents are divorced You can t know that s irrelevant until you solve the mystery I had high hopes for this book given the Norwegian ueen of Crime hype and I was pretty disappointed It did make me want to be a cop though ust because I would be better at it than these clowns This is a wonderful series I ve read two others but didn t realize that ALL of Fossum s books are now available on Kindle through my local library Wow I am going to start from the beginning and read them all Ida a beautiful precocious daring only child turns up missing Two threads are developed one of which leads to the killer in an unpredictable way It may seem strange to comment on the COLOR of a police procedural but the use of color in this book is striking and significant a yellow bicycle a red feather from an African grey parrot I think these colors stand out because the prevailing colors of Norway in these books are shades of black white grey Ida is a colorful character and these colors are associated with her whereas those surrounding her are less vivid Interesting in their own way but less vivid We never actually SEE or hear Ida speak we see her only through the eyes of othersInspector Sejer is incredibly patient with those he interviews and the way he relates to the near autistic 52 year old man is creative and productive Fossum s depiction of this character is masterful and uite moving the scene of his struggle to speak which he can only do when near a waterfall that drowns out his sound is unforgettable She s a masterful writer Karin Fossum knows well the edginess and anticipation her readers feel as they plunge into extraordinary crime She drives them to continue reading How and why did the event happen Who did it What are the inescapable feelings of the family and the accusedInspector Konrad Sejer continues to thrill me with his probing uestions Mild and assuming he puts a subject at ease He waits for them to fill the silence Then he pounces on their statements Not proud but correct and professional He s moralistic and will always tell the subject what they did was wrong Not satisfied with a conviction he wants only the truth If not to settle the case but to complete his searching curiosity Something terribly wrong was done and there must be an answerFossum euips Sejer with an intellect and ingenuity that are astounding in their simplicity It s very satisfying reading another Fo. Neighbourhood but there are no traces of Ida or her bike As the relatives reach breaking point and the media frenzy begins Inspector Sejer is calm and reassuring But he finds the case puzzling Usually missing children are found within forty eight hours Ida Joner seems to have vanished without a tra. I plan on giving all of my Karin Fossum reviews the same statement because I don t even want the hint of a spoiler on this woman s fantastic work Fossum s writing gave me my love of Scandanavian mystery writers and I seek those writings out Hands downthough Fossum s work is the best I have come across so far A young girl goes missing and Inspector Sejer is assigned the case Definitely not a high octane thriller but a well written though with an understated style tale of suspense set in Norway I had begun reading mysteries in about 1970 but it was only in 1998 when I began rating them for my own amusement being a computational mathematician I love numbers I did not rate all of the mysteries that I read but I did most of them A few days ago I looked my ratings up and found out that among about 1300 mysteries I have rated there are ust two that have received the highest rating of 95 out of 10 in my scale One of them is Karin Fossum s novel Black Seconds published in 2002 in Norway and the other is The Chill 1964 by Ross Macdonald I read Black Seconds for the first time in 2009 when it was published in the US and then copied my enthusiastic review from com to Goodreads Being a skeptic I believe that people are constantly wrong and that I am wrong often than others so I decided yesterday to read the novel again to check the extraordinarily high ratingI stubbornly stand by my opinion this is probably the best mystery book I have The disappearance of a young child and the ensuing police hunt is a well worn trope in crime fiction I ve read so many crime tales of this nature I no longer bother with them but I decided to make an exception for Karin Fossum s Black Seconds because she s an author I can trust to cover such a crime in a compassionate thoughtful wayIn the past I have read many of Fossum Creepy is an understatement when talking about Karin Fossum s detective series featuring Inspector Konrad Sejer and his colleague Jacob Skarre In Black Seconds readers get Fossum s detective series featuring Inspector Konrad Sejer and his colleague Jacob Skarre In Black Seconds readers get glimpse into a dark world not too many authors can create as powerful and troubling as FossumFrom the beginning of the series in Don t Look Back until now in Black Seconds Fossum knows how to create a believable and realistic sketch of her characters and their aging lives As evidence Konrad "Sejer is not the same man we have seen in Don t Look Back or even in The "is not the same man we have seen in Don t Look Back or even in The Bride He is vulnerable in private and in public life Behind closed doors we see his beloved dog Kollberg struggle with the aging process He can hardly walk any or find his cozy surroundings comfortable Late one night while Sejer comes home from work he sits in his favorite chair by the window and stares across the room at his dog who walks in circles a few times until he collapses on the floor His hind legs hit the floor first then his paws and finally his heavy head falls in front of him It is too difficult for Sejer to look his dog in the eyesAt work Sejer deals with a case that he finds most puzzling to date As he interviews Emil Mork and his mother Elsa Sejer discovers how rewarding and debilitating his line of work really is At one point in the novel when Sejer uestions Elsa about her son s anger management problems Sejer is seen as weak and scared for the first time He sees Kollberg in her story I think and takes her confession personallyThe end of the story is Fossum at her best with the writings of nature and the human condition Wonderful and haunting at the same time I look forward to Inspector Sejer and Skarre mysteries and hope we get a better look at Skarre S Personality And s personality and life I really like these characters and pray we get cases soon Not all crimes are driven by malice and some of the best mysteries are not whodunnits but rather the how and why This book crosses the T on that Inspecter Sejer with his calm and refined pursuit for the truth than the criminal is definitely one of the most charming fictional detectivesIda Joner a young girl goes missing along with her bicycle under the watchful eyes of her mother Inspecter Sejjer knows when a young girl is kidnapped the girl will turn up dead or alive very soon However when she does not turn up despite a volunteer search it becomes a puzzle The fact that you get to see the plot into the who and what does not still solve the puzzle and therein lies the book s charm The tension in the initial few pages after the kid goes mi. A little girl has vanished without a trace Inspector Sejer must find her before it’s too late another gripping novel in Karin Fossum’s acclaimed mystery seriesIda Joner gets on her brand new bike and sets off to buy sweets A good natured happy girl she is looking forward to her tenth birthday. Ssing is affecting and is a credit to the author There were some parts which I felt were not linked back once the plot started developing but then I am ust being picky Loved the familyaccused interrogations done by Sejer and Skarr which seemed to have a basic care in the tone and non threatening A clean police work that is eual parts methodical and clever Good non gory mystery Black Seconds is the sixth instalment in Karin Fossum s outstanding series featuring Inspector Konrad Sejer and Jacob Skarre and begins with every parent s worst nightmare a missing child Released in Norway in 2002 and only available in English translation in 2007 this novel is a police procedural although its immense power stems from some BREATHTAKING PSYCHOLOGICAL INSIGHTS AND THE COMPASSION psychological insights and the compassion the investigators The crime itself is very simple and sadly an everyday occurrence yet Fossum s sensitively observed and painstakingly precise recounting is heartfelt and truly compelling The unhurried and measured pace of the novel means that Black Seconds will not appeal to readers who demand pulse pounding action especially since the perpetrator is fairly apparent from the early pages In the novels of Karin Fossum the crimes are never open and shut cases and assigning blame is not the sole focus Her realistic characters are very much seen as a product of their circumstances and empathetic and assured Inspector Konrad Sejer is a man who understands the futility of attempting to examine an event in isolation For life is never so easy to unravel and Inspector Sejer recognises that sensitivity is needed as he gently probes and gives the involved parties an opportunity to speak whilst never udging Readily sympathising with predicaments that might not have been instigated by any malevolent intent and yet had hideously unfortunate repercussions Inspector Konrad Sejer fosters a rapport with almost all of those he encounters in the course of his workBlack Seconds focuses on the disappearance of angelic looking cheerful and rather precocious nine year old Ida Joner as she counts down the days until her tenth birthday She sets off on her distinctive yellow bicycle to buy a magazine and chewing gum and mother Helga watches her from the window as she turns left on route to town and Laila s Kiosk Ida s mother forty nine year old Helga is an nervous and overprotective parent and her beautiful daughter means Kiosk Ida s mother forty nine year old Helga is an nervous and overprotective parent and her beautiful daughter means to her Helga s anxiety at the void created by Ida leaving the house immediately sees the first prickles of fear settling in the pit of her stomach and long after Ida should have returned home she clings to a fragile hope After pacing back and forth to the window making plea bargains with God and promising to allow Ida the pet she craves if only she returns home safe and well Helga finally has to acknowledge that Ida neither arrived at Laila s Kiosk or has made it home safely Calling first her sister Ruth Rix five years her unior and a mother of two and subseuently alerting the police Fossum captures the harrowing search for Ida from the motivations of those that turn out for the search parties to the sudden implosion of a mother s world As the search labours onwards and days pass without any sign of Ida Ruth is relieved of her obligations to watch over Helga by Ida s father Anders and returns to her home and her eighteen year old son Tom Erik Tomme and twelve year old daughter Marion However Ruth is distracted by her son s low mood his reluctance to talk about Ida and his car prang on the very same night as her disappearance The news that Willy Oterhals an older boy with a disreputable past and suspected links to drug dealing intends to aid the repair of the dented and scratched Opel does nothing to stem her feeling of disuiet Simultaneously Fossum also introduces mentally handicapped Emil Johannes Mork a fifty two year old man whose gruff appearance strange three wheeled vehicle and stubborn refusal to engage in conversation beyond saying no is well known locally Despite living on his own with his African grey parrot Henry Emil is marshalled by his seventy three year old mother Elsa who cleans his home and handles matters that she feels are beyond his comprehension As Sejer is losing hope of successful resolution the discovery of Ida s body dressed in a beautiful nightie and ensconced in a white duvet provides two vital clues that point the way. Thirty five minutes after Ida should have come home her mother Helga starts to worry She phones the shop and various friends but no one has seen her daughter As the family goes out looking for Ida Helga’s worst nightmare becomes reality and they contact the policeHundreds of volunteers comb the. Svarte Sekunder Konrad Sejer #6