This was a terrific book the WORDS ARE VERY and easy AND EASY very simple and easy very beginning readers to sound out Pint might be the tricky one depending on their familiarity with longshort vowels But the illustrations the actual story is all in the pictures And what a great opportunity for a Small Person with a vivid imagination to be able to see what s really going on and explain it in their own words In that aspect it s practically a wordless book since you don t need the words to complete the storyBut the words are there and the way Paul changes ust one letter at a time makes it a fun challenge for the reader to see what s different and how adding or subtracting or altering ust one letter can change the entire meaning New readers and pre readers are so often frustrated that their imaginations take flight far ahead of their reading skills They want complex interesting stories and they ll be delighted with The Plan With ust one or two words on each page Alison Paul Barbara Lehman tell a story full of imagination through. As a father and daughter cope with a loss they rediscover an important piece of family The interplay between pictures characters and wordsA young child dreams of flying to Saturn and so it all begins with a plan A plane a map of the solar system her trusty dog Soaring up to the planets By the third page in maybe I m slower than your typical kid I realized that each word ust changes in maybe I m slower than your typical kid I realized that each word ust changes one letter plan becomes plane then plane becomes planet You can t read the story without spending time investigating the pictures What is happening What is the girl thinking about Whose plane is outside Why is a plane sitting outside at a farm But the words help move the story along too The word game adds intrigue and humor as readers try to figure out the rules of the gameWhat s magical is how the story has depth and feeling far beyond the words As the young girl discovers a key to a photo album we realize that her mother used to fly the plane but that she is no longer here As the story unfolds the father and daughter together plan to launch the plane honoring the girl s motherI ve been wondering about the age range for. Istory and begin building a new life Alison Paul and Barbara Lehman's innovative picture. The PlanThis book While I think it sings particularly well for new readers in kindergarten or 1st grade I think the story will resonate with older and younger children Pre readers will love being able to read the story developing through the pictures And the story will resonate with older children who will understand the emotional depth as well as have fun with the very clever word play In my ideal world I d love to have 2nd and

3rd graders create 
graders create stories that change word by word one letter at a time and see where it takes them A fun word chain book and see where it takes them A fun word chain book one letter of a word at a time to tell the story This is a brilliant book using only twenty words With Barbara Lehman s simple but detailed illustrations Alison Paul tells a story changing one letter at a time It s a story of a young girl her dog and her father some secrets some sadness an adventure and lots of oy I loved it I like that the words change by each letter on each page so it s fun to help a kid read I also like the story that s told in the illustration. Book collaboration proves the only difference between reality and a dream is a plan  . ,