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Aged by the repetitiveness of it Noah Repeatedly Had To Defend Himself Even Before had to defend himself even before circumstance arose to uestion him I understood the need Alexa felt to do so but it became shall I say annoying I also don t feel that Alexa went through a process of growth She kept her same insecurities up to the end and if the occasion arises after in their imagined story it will rear it s ugly head Other than that the connection between the characters was there I enjoyed the little things that made them and their story uniue This series was better than I thought it would be so much so that i bought all Deborah Bladon books and I ll read all of them This was the first Deborah Bladon book I read didn t realise there was an order as such as some of the characters appear in each of her books Was a fantastic read and got me hooked I have bought most of the paperbacks read Obsessed saga and am now on the Exposed saga Brilliant uick story to loose yourself in Vain Book 1 4 StarsWhen Alexa offers to drop off a delivery for her friend she has no idea that she would be knocking on the door of the famous recluse photographer Noah Foster When the. H an unexpected reality Part ThreeAlexa Jackson was falling hard And Fast For Noah fast for Noah The world renowned photographer had woven a path "straight into her heart He offered her another chance at love and she offered him the path to "into her heart He offered her another chance at love and she offered him the path to world that he no longer believed existed for him That all ground to a startling halt when Alexa came face to face with Noah's past Not everything is as it seems and as he helps her piece together the puzzles that exist within his world they both realize that their needs might not match what's best for either of them As Alexa begins a new life away from Noah she's faced with new opportunity past reminders and an uncertain future He can't face what's happened to him She can't face a life without him Will they finally discover a way to help one another find love agai. ,

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Vain Vain #1 3The plot and the characters were good I guess I ust hated how it was divided into three super short books when it could ve been one regular length book There were a lot of umps between chapters and sudden conversations that wasnt contextualized before Second time readingI read this story 3 years ago and it has haunted me "AND I FINALLY BROKE DOWN AND READ IT AGAIN "I finally broke down and read it again Forester is unforgettable I was transfixed from the beginning to the end I thought Vain doesn t even come close to describing this guy Alexa makes you want to scream say something do something you are better than this A great emotional rollercoaster ride I will read it a third time I am sure Vain is simply a great light read There s no twists or turns or surprises that comes out of nowhere but its a good read none the lessI first listen to Vain as an audio and I really liked it and many months later I tried to remember who the bad boy sexy photographer with the god like unk was and the author Glad I found out that is was Vain by Deborah BladonThey say the key to ensnare your readers from the very start is to have something that captures them and Deborah ce. Part oneSexThat's all Noah Foster wanted when Alexa Jackson showed up at his apartment After returning from a semester in Paris Alexa is back in her hometown of Boston and looking for anything but the drama that surrounds Noah He's intense gifted famous and a bastard through and through Alexa doesn't take life too seriously Noah doesn't do calm and easygoingTheir unexpected meeting sets them both on a course towards an unlikely connection As Noah embarks on a ourney to teach school teacher Alexa the ways of his dark and mysterious world she's fighting her own demons and the memory of a stranger in Paris When Alexa's past suddenly becomes her present she's forced to face the reality of whether the passionate moments she's spent in Noah's arms in his bed and in his life mean anything to him or ,
Rtainly did that with her very first sentence Your staring at my dick Hey what can I say I was hookedThe hero of the book is Noah a bad boy who hires hookers that only are "Eyed With Long Blond Hair And "with long blond hair and when go to his apartment he decides to either fuck them or photograph them It Vainaptly titledI liked this series but didn t love itI had a hard time connecting with the characters I would ve liked to have dived into their relationship a little Nonetheless still a good read and especially since the series is so cheap Really liked it It had many moments where it tasted alot like Sylvia Day s Crossfire series But this story line characters were down to earth and the story line didn t drag on forever gotta love those damaged beyond repair couples andthe ourney they take to find fight for their HEA sIf you liked Crossfire books you ll love thesetamped down realistic versions ScarredAlexa is sent to deliver a sandwich when she meets her future There aren t clothing rules pertaining to a paying customer Alexa and the renowned photographer Noah Foster must work through problems I enjoyed the series however I was discour. As it all been in vain Part TwoPosing nude for the illustrious Noah Foster seemed like an exciting escape from Alexa's life No one was supposed to find out but when the one man who owned her Heart Discovers Her Secret discovers her secret changes Alexa is not only caught in a compromising position but in a situation in which her past and present collide Determined to build a future for herself she takes on the dual task of focusing on her career and burying her past regrets It's never that easy though and Noah Foster doesn't give up when he sets his sight on something or someoneAs Alexa chases after her own dreams both men in her life pursue her in a reckless fight to the emotional finishWhen one man offers her a proposal almost too tempting to resist she makes a decision that brings her face to face wit.